Three Feathers Vintage Valentine's Day Giveaway! [CLOSED]

So in honor of Valentine's Day I thought I'd do a little giveaway to my vintage store, Three Feathers!


A few things...
1. This giveaway is open to everyone---International friends, this means you!
2.  Yes, yes I will pay for shipping :)
EDIT: 3. Be a follower of my blog, via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin' just let me know which (I can't believe I forgot this step! haha).
4. Leave me a comment and tell me a random fact about yourself (I love reading through these!) and be sure to include a way in which to contact you should you win.
5. Extra credit: Reblog this giveaway (be sure to include the snazzy little banner I made) for a chance to get three more entries, just leave three additional comments in the comment section. Ooh and make sure to show me the link to your blog entry!

Giveaway starts January 24th and ends midnight February 14th. Winner will be announced on the

In other news...
Okay so not news at all, but here is an outfit I wore to hang around Pasadena the other day with Grant!
Photobucket Photobucket
Details:  Mustard 1950s hand knit wool cardigan (find it at my STORE), Navy blue ruffled blouse: gift from a family friend, seersucker skirt: thrifted, socks: F21, shoes: thrifted
One of my favorite ways of dressing is mixing prints! I think as long as you keep the prints all the same scale and color family you're good to go. I especially liked how the braiding on the cardigan added another layer of texture and echoed the braids in my hair---I live for little details like that :)

Photobucket Photobucket 
I couldn't find the thinner elastic I use when I do these braids so I had to use regular ties. I don't do these braids too often because my hair is pretty heavy and refuses to cooperate past an hour. Do you like how you can see how old the ends of my hair are? They're almost a different color from the top of my head.


A favorite shade of blue, I forget what it's called but it's by Sephora x OPI. This is the longest my nails ever get, I HATE the feeling of long nails--they make me cringe. Plus my fingers are already pretty Mr. Burns-esque so I don't need the added length at all.

Extra extra credit:
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  1. Random Fact: I listened to nothing but classic rock until I was 9 or 10, since I just borrowed my dad's CDs. :D

  2. FUN!
    I love your hair and nails in the photos :D
    Hmm...random fact: I hardly ever brush my hair...haha

  3. hi..random fact: my favorite color is pink

    ps. this is gonna sound really creepy but i read your blog because you kinda look like a cross between me and a friend of mine..like eerily similar, haha. that or my mom (shes half filipino too, i remember reading that you were)

    ok ok ill stop being creepy now haha

  4. ooh giveaway!
    random fact: i still have all my dolls and toys from when i was younger. i don't really want to get rid of them!
    i'm of course a follower, through google friend connect!


    I LOVE this outfit. so adorable! all of it. :)


  5. Your outfit is awesome and your hair is even MORE awesome. I cant believe the amazing things you manage to find in thrifting!

  6. Hi! Long time reader, first time commenter. I just started following you formally through Google Connect. You seriously have the best finds in your store. Anyway, I'm not an active blogger, more of a reader. A random fact about me is that I was born cross-eyed. Also, I really wish those red oxfords in your store were my size!


  7. Hi pretty lady! I've been following your blog through Bloglovin'. A fun fact about me is that I love ice cream. To be more specific, I love really hard, completely frozen ice cream. I don't care if it's a struggle for me to spoon it out. I just really dislike soft/melted ice cream. I fantasize about having a solid ice cream cake for my dream wedding one day. If not, I am definitely doing an ice cream bar!

    On long nails, I couldn't agree more! I cannot stand long nails. It just feels really uncomfortable for me, especially when I type.


  8. Adorable blog!! I'm following you on Bloglovin :)

    *A random fact about me: Today for lunch I ate a home made egg salad sandwhich and tomato soup!

    Tee hee :)

  9. very sweet, your style reminds me of one of my friends - mustard cardigans, spotted skirts....

  10. Once again, lovely outfit.

    Random fact: My friends call me a granny because I drink tea, knit and do needlework.

    I follow both ways.

    Embracing Style

  11. Hi! You know already that I love Your blog. :)I following You through Blogspot.
    Your store is great. So many unique clothes. For example black and white striped cardigan. :) I love it! :)

    A random fact: When I was in highschool I kissed a girl few times and it was always excited. :p But don't worry. I prefer boys! :D

    My Private Spot

  12. Lovely outfit.. gorgeous colours..
    Totally obsessed with your bright yellow cardi
    Lee x

  13. Bangin outfit! I love the slouchy socks. Also I'm very jealous of your braids, it's such a cute look but I can never get them right.

    Charlotte from ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES

  14. for some reason I don't like giveaways, so I never enter! :)
    but I love this little outfit... the braid is perfect even though the colour of the ends of your hair is slightly different from the top! You've combined the socks, skirt, plaid shirt and the cardigan very well!



  16. hi! i'm following through google friend connect over on the right side.

    my random fact is that i'm randomly fascinated by the french president sarkozy and his wife, the italian singer and model carla bruni. i even have her album! i have no connections to france or anything, i just think they're interesting.

    i'd love this gift certificate!

    La Rizada

  17. I love your hair braided up like that!

    Random fact: I just arrived in a small village near Burma after riding a motorcycle for 5-6 hours up a mountain. We also had a minor crash where I got fairly scratched up, but not broken enough to stop the adventures.

    xx Thanks for the giveaway! :]

  18. I love your milkmaid braids so much. My favorite book AND movie as a child was Heidi. So yeah.

    Also, um. Random fact? My paternal grandparents are from the Canary Islands.

  19. The hair! The nail polish! The sweater! Gahhhh! You are so fabulous it KILLS me. :)

    And what an immensely fabulous giveaway! I love it! I'm a follower, of course.

    My random fact about myself: I drink a cup of black tea every evening at 5 p.m. exactly. It's a habit I picked up from my dad who picked it up from his parents in India. :P

  20. Gorgeous look darling!
    I love your mustard cardigan and that nail polish.. Stunning!



  21. I am absolutely in LOVE with your outfit! The sweater, the shoes...too cute!


  22. Ooh, count me in! I follow you in every which way, and random fact:
    I'd never heard a Beatles song until I was 14. Then, I was performing in a play, and in one scene we had to dance to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." The first time it played in rehearsal, I said to my mom afterwards, "That was the Beatles, wasn't it?" Osmosis...

    P.S. If I hadn't already done quite well by you for mustard cardigans (ahem, wearing it now) I would probably have to make that new one mine
    P.P.S. You should tooootally go to Vancouver, especially in the summer which is awesome, and especially for the fireworks festival which is the most awesome of all!

  23. i loooooove this! cutest sweater ever!

  24. I love the hair! I can't wait until my hair gets long enough to do that. Although I am the worst at manipulating hairstyles and mine probably won't even last past the half-hour.

  25. such a fun giveaway! def joining :). and you should do a tutorial on how you braided your hair!! it's amazing.

    following you on GFC, Blog Lovin', and Tumblr :).
    Email: kcmurillo1990@gmail.com
    One random fact: I walk super fast even when I'm not in a rush -- to know how fast I literally walk, my dad says he has to jog right next to me to catch up lol.

    hope you're having a good week girl! and thanks so much for the sweet comment. your style's so inspiring! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  26. Nice idea for a giveaway.
    Random fact: At 5'8", I'm the shortest in my family!

  27. Random fact about me... I'm always itching to do something creative. I make pinback buttons as a side business but I hope to do more!

  28. Entering for three more entries! I posted your button on my entry here: http://www.mrschong.com/2011/01/milkteeths-vintage-giveaway.html

  29. Thanks for the giveaway! Have a good day - you look good in the yellow sweater.


  30. I am following you on Bloglovin' already :)
    And your nails look super-cute.

  31. pretty braids. i think I am following you on google connect. you have a dress I like on your shop that I really like!

  32. Really really pretty blouse, very unusual skirt and a cardigan that is very much in style makes this outfit rock. :) You have such a good eye for vintage it's unbelievable.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  33. Love those heidi braids on you :)

    I can't snap my fingers. I know how in theory, but I can't get it right. On the other hand I can do this really weird, loud undulating yell (a sort of a-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya) I've heard tribal women make the same sound in documentaries :D

    I follow via google reader. :)

  34. Love your outfit (you already know I like the cardigan).

    Random fact: Since it's Wednesday...I really dislike it when people refer to Wednesday as "hump day." It's bothered me since I was in elementary school. It's just dumb.

    I'm already following:)

  35. that sweater is adorable! :) you look great!


  36. I would LOVE to win. Um, a random fact about meee....I don't get the whole audrey hepburn obsession. I haven't seen any of her movies. Is that bad? I follow on tumblr and gfc :)

  37. following via google! fruitandcream at gmail.com

    random fact: I hate sweaters they all make me itchy

  38. Love your hair and yellow sweater!

  39. in the future I recommend trying to tuck the one end underneath the other braid. . if you use a very small hairtie it will stay perfectly hidden and not hurt either. ;)

    I'm a follower through google and bloglovin.

    Oh my gosh I'd love to win the giveaway!

  40. This outfit is lovely; the colours are brilliant, and your hair is just darling. I absolutely love it. x

  41. Hello, hello,hello compliment to you, I happen to adore the outfits you put together and show on your blog(s) Sometimes I even try to find similar pieces in my own closet and improvise. Hehe

    A Random Fact: When I was in my kindergarten stage I went to walmart with my mom and saw a cage full of pillows. One of the pillows was made out of a smiley face fabric so I begged my mom for it, but as I got older I realized that it wasn't a pillow made for humans, it was for dogs. But I still kept it anyways cause I liked the idea that I was and am still am now a 17 year-old that uses a dog bed as pillow. :)

  42. I love this giveaway :) Random fact about me: I JUST recently decided to major in interior design at my college!

    Email: ambamx@gmail.com

  43. [: Hi! I gave you a fat fan-crazed comment in your ask box on your tumblr a few weeks ago. [: I saw this concert a completely hopped on!

    Random Fact: I have a BIG Glee fetish (more than anyone you will ever know) and I always wish I could be a background character just walking through the halls just to have a chance to be on screen with them. :3 Nerdy, I know.

  44. [3 more posts, I posted it on my blog as well: http://ohbonjourbeau.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-favorite-blog-is-having-contest.html]

    I followed you on bloglovin' too! I totally forgot to mention.

    Random Fact #2: I spend countless hours in thriftstores even if I don't have money just to see what I would have been able to buy!

  45. [2 more posts, I posted it on my blog as well: http://ohbonjourbeau.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-favorite-blog-is-having-contest.html]

    Random Fact #3: My wall is completely filled with no empty white spots. It's straight photos everywhere or scrapbook paper. I hate blank walls.

  46. [1 more post, I posted it on my blog as well: http://ohbonjourbeau.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-favorite-blog-is-having-contest.html]

    Random Fact #4: I have to wake up at least an hour earlier just to figure out what I want to wear for the next day.

    Have a nice day Ashley [:

  47. Sorry, I'm totally clogging up your comment section. I forgot another thing, how to reach me. E-mail is fine, ashley.bulayo@gmail.com

    K, I'm done. Promise, sorry!

  48. Ak, first I have to comment on the sock andf shoes combination, naturally! But then I wanted to comment on the ace colour iof nail varnish. But I REALLY wanted to comment and say Yes! SparkNotes is great! And it has saved my book club (yes, I am am nerdy enough to have a book club)
    Sarah xx

  49. Geez louise, you are the cutest. Love the braids and the nails and the cardi and the GIVEAWAY :)

    I'm following through bloglovin' and GFC.

    Random fact: I just started driving this year (I'm a junior in college haha) but I bought my own car and conquered my fear of the road :)


  50. i love your blog!cute stuff!
    i just start to follow you:-)

  51. Following on bloglovin' - I love your shop and this blog is pretty great too!

    A random fact about me: I don't really like many sweets. It's the Asian in me, I think.

    I'm also addicted to Tumblr, but during the school year I don't have enough time to look through it as much as I usually do. Most of my time is spent reading news articles, readings for class, and watching my [many] tv shows. AHH! 24 hours is not enough!

  52. i want to enter! i want to enter!!!
    hmmm random fact. when i'm making something in the microwave i have to press "stop" right before it gets to zero.

    ps. already following you!



  53. Random fact: I have double jointed thumbs! Not bot me but they're genetically inherited like blue eyes, you can only get them if both your parents are carriers for the gene!


  54. *not about me.

    Sorry for my bad grammer.


  55. I also hate long nails, it drives me crazy! I loveeee that mustard colour with your skin tone, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  56. I just found your etsy shop and fell in loove! I'm following you via google connect.

    Fact: I consider myself a city girl (& a coastal girl), but deep down I would love to live in some random, small desert town.

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  57. This is awesome! I have you in my Google Reader and following!

    random fact ... i came to this country not knowing nodding and shaking your head meant the exact opposite of what i have been taught!

  58. Man, I have been so out of the blog loop!! It feels like it's been ages since I've checked my google reader. Haha. So glad I saw this though! (Oh and I just voted for you for that contest! Hope you win, girl!)

    Um, I would LOVE a 25$ towards your shop, haha. Right now I have no cash money at ALL and I need to get some (fast) so I can pay for my plane ticket to Paris & buy a new camera so I can take some photos there!!!!!!! So, having 25$ and being able to buy something saaaaaaah-weet (I've never actually said that before... strange!) to wear in Paris would be awesome.

    Random fact... let's see... I can write the word "blood" with my hands. Like, move my fingers to spell out the word. Ha. Yeah...

  59. Ummmmm I just went though all the comments to this post and can't see my name!!! (please delete this if you find it!)

    Enter me - enter me! Great giveaway!

    I following you via Google.


    Random fact - I will eventually turn into one of those old cat ladies. Guaranteed.

    xx christie


  60. I am a follower through Google.

    Fun fact: Until last June, my last name was OUTLAW. I got married and now it's Lewis, which is not nearly as badass.


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