Random left over photo post time! Let's see...the photo of that delicious looking sandwich is actually of a vegan reuban from Native Foods and let me tell you, it's so good! I don't think I've ever eaten a real reuban but i've had a few vegan ones and they are usually gross and dry and sad tasting. Not this one! Fully sauced and that potato salad that you can purchase is a definite must. Besides that, do you see that pretty lady to my left in the last photo? Well, that's one of my best pals Natalie and she is moving to the land of the rising sun (yes, Japan!) on Tuesday for a year to teach cute Japanese children English and I will miss her so much. Sigh. I'm already planning the care package I'm going to send her. Natalie, I know you read this blog so this is a direct shout out to YOU! hey gurrlll ;-*

In other exciting travel news: I LEAVE FOR EUROPE ON MONDAY! I know, whatttt?! I've taken note of all your suggestions (thank you!!) and I do plan on making the effort and updating this blog while i'm there but suffice to say posting will probably not be as frequent but what it lacks in quantity it will for sure make up in quality. If you regularly read my blog you probably get that I like to take lots of photos of everything so rest assured that every European post will be a MEGA POST ! !  Be prepared for that. Sadly, I will only really have time to update this blog and check my e-mail so i'm going to have lots of  blog reading to catch up on when I return :)

Anyway, here is a list of food things that I have decided I will need to eat in each country. If you know of any delicious specialties then let me know! I'm not Andrew Zimmern adventurous with my eating habits but we'll see how I feel once I get there..

- Food stuffs made of lingonberry
- meat balls
- Havarti cheese
- Danish (for sure not what they're called over there but you get what  I mean)

- Some sort of sausage
- A pretzel
- Sauerkraut
- Something topped with streusel

- chocolate
- cheese (swiss?) gruyere

Rome/ Sardinia
- CACIO Y PEPE (Thank you Anthony Bourdain for searing that dish into my mind. Big ups to google for helping me track down the "secret" restaurant that served this dish in the episode)
- pizza (duh)
- gelato
-every pasta dish known to man
-seafood in Sardinia
- some sort of coffee/ espresso thing

-A crepe
-Something with goat cheese in it
- Macarons from laduree (i've already braced myself for the whopping price tag)
- various cheeses
- a fresh baguette
- a hot chocolate

- fish and chips
- indian food
- afternoon tea (yeah, I know. A total tourist trap but whatever, I'm a tourist!)
- a pasty? is that what they're called?

Food is one of the few things I'm okay with spending money on so I'ma make it rain all over the European continent. Also there are still a few days left to enter the Malibu Native Swimsuit giveaway! Oh yeah, I will be making my last post before I leave this weekend so stay tuned for that!


  1. Hi girl!
    You MUST eat creme brulee when You will be in Paris, la torta di ricotta in Rome and kartoffelsalat in Berlin :)
    Your journey will be great. It is a pity that you will not visit Poland. :) You'll be close to my city, when you will visit Berlin. :)
    I can't wait to see all your posts from travel! :)

  2. One more thing.
    Your photo with the lake in the background is amazing!


  3. I know that everyone will tell you what you should eat, especially in Paris, but you have to try the Pierre Hermé macarons when you're in Paris. It's right down the street from Ladurée, so you could even taste-compare. I eat way too many of both since I work in the area. But right now Hermé has some awesome flavors (rose and quince, olive oil and vanilla, violet and licorice (way better than it sounds, I swear)).

    Anyhow, your trip seems like it's going to be awesome. Have fun, and I'm looking forward to your travel posts!

  4. Good luck! Have fun! That close up of you in awesome; you look beautiful.

    Hope to see you in London--if you're up for that pleeease remind me of your dates so I can make a point of being there, as I'm going to be all over the damn place for the next two or three months!

    But most of all... have an awesome time!!

  5. Loooove your pink skirt! Wow how exciting you're leaving so soon! Yes they're called cornish pasties, enjoy! :) xx

  6. Loving these shots!
    And WOOHOOO for Europe! Sooo exciting :D

  7. Yes a Cornish pasty!! Mmmmm. Afternoon tea might sound touristy but it is delicious so worth it. If you drink then you should get a proper pint of beer or try pimms and lemonade- or pimms and ginger ale which I prefer (delicious!) and am making this afternoon! I'll post it on my blog tomorrow! Also perhaps a British roast with yorkshire pudding! Have a great trip!xx

  8. I'm in love with your first outfit, it's so divinely demure! Also... you always have the nicest photos of food. I'm so hungry right now.

    x x Michelle

  9. Ha! You are so silly. With your megaposts. But in the best way. I love looking at people's photos. And for some reason, I am apparently amused by your lists too. Hope you have a lovely time in Europe. I can already tell I'll be drooling all through your posts of food. Thanks.

  10. Awesome photos! I looooove the one of the flowers (perfect colors!), & you look so gorgeous in that close-up one!!

    Have SO much fun in Europe! It's funny we're both going over at the same time & hitting completely different spots. (: I love that you're really excited to eat because that's exactly what I get excited for! Your lists look pretty good to me, although you should add a religieuse to your Paris list.. Best pastry ever. Safe travels!! xo

  11. Oh Ashley I can't wait to read about your adventures! I've never been to Germany but I've eaten German food and you must try spatzle! Its an egg noodle and when I've had it, I've had it with gravy and Wienerschnitzel, which is a pan-fired pork :) You're a girl after my own heart and I love that you're taking the time to focus on what new foods to try!!

    Safe travels and happy trails! <33

  12. Love this random jumble of photos! That vegan reuben looks and sounds remarkbly delicious. I also love your list of foods to try. You're the luckiest girl in the world! xo

  13. oh yesssss, that skirt and those loafers. perfect.


  14. yay! postcards from most of these locations, please :) i want to travel so badly! i was going to go to a fiction workshop in scotland but couldn't afford it. :( have fun. be safe, bring back tons of cute stuff. how long will you be gone? i think i'll dig up your address and start out parcel penpal exchange that was supposed to happen a long time ago :)

  15. have so much fun in europe girl! with your sausage in berlin, you should also enjoy a beer and fries with mayo. looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  16. lovely photos! looks like you had a great time!


  17. Paris-pain au chocolat. England-bacon butty/sarny (sandwich!) seriously, bacon sandwiches are delicious and the Brits do it up RIGHT. much preferred to pretty much any pasty out there. this coming from a generally vegetarian lady marrying a carnivorous Brit. also, hit up little m&s deli type shops if you want delicious food for cheap. have so much fun!

  18. Tehse pics are beyond gorgeous! So glad I discovered your blog.

  19. i LOOOVE all your outfits here Ashley!! and omg such aaamazing exciting news, you're going to europe?! i hope you have an amazing time girl! def take lots of pics and take us there w/ you by sharing your europe-themed posts ;).

    <3, Kathleen.

  20. beautiful photos!


  21. For London get a nice Sunday lunch or a plain pub lunch. But fish and chips are soooo good, make sure you go to a scrummy place :)

  22. Oh my god, that food looks SO AMAZING. Yum, I'm so hungry now.

  23. how exciting! getting your summer vacation on early and I am quite jealous. and your cat sweater is great!

  24. love that skirt. have fun in europe.

  25. i hope you have an amazing time!!! sounds like an incredible trip :) gorgeous pictures xoxo


  26. Sounds so fun! But what about BARCELONE?! The funnest city ever!!!

  27. wait, what are you doing??/ so not moving? but visiting?? ENJOY SWITZERLAND AND WAVE TO LUZERN :) :)

  28. Awesome photos (those flowers and matching skirt are like a spring breeze and that sandy beach had me fooled - for a moment I thought "snow? surely not snow" doh!)
    so exciting about your travel! :)

  29. definitely go to Borough Market when you're in London. Thursday-Friday's only. Foodies heaven! Enjoy! =)


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