Geneva & Lausanne


Outfit Details, Lausanne:
Orange striped Lacoste blouse: thrifted
Navy blue corduroy jumper: Old Navy
Orange tights: Target
Keds: Thrifted


Outfit Details, Geneva:
Green cardigan: thrifted
men's short sleeve button up: thrifted
Black jeans: Levi's
Keds: Thrifted

Because I felt like it, here are two posts COMBINED!


We made it to Geneva! After a really long train ride (that somehow felt even longer than it was...if that's possible) we got scooped up by my relatives and whisked away to their place right on the lake. The bulk of my family lives in the Philippines and I almost never get to see them so it was a special treat to be able to see my Euro cousins! I got to hang out with my godson Jeremy(I know, what?! Me, a god mother? In Filipino culture I think it's traditional to have several godparents so i'm one of many) and my cute baby cousin Jelai. She is so funny. Such a little princess and a MASTER poser, Miss Jay from ANTM has nothing on her. She loves the camera and when someone whips one out she instantly, no matter what she is doing, will stop and like put her hand on her hip, angle her face downward, and give a huge smile. Too flippin cute.

Anyway, it was kind of rainy in Geneva but we managed to check out the United Nations building (meh) and the botanical garden which was really pretty. It had plants from all over the world and a mini zoo with peacocks, flamingos, little deer, and the craziest looking duck i've ever seen. We then took a stroll around the lake and it was all very nice and relaxing, not a bad way to spend the day at all!

Some observations on Geneva:
The buses are always on time and very efficient
I forgot that St. Bernards were a swiss thing, they are EVERYWHERE.
Geneva has the cutest tourist tchotchkes so far


A quick day trip to Lausanne! Lausanne is also situated along the shores of Lake Geneva, it's around 45 minutes away by train. Lausanne is very French and VERY hilly. The locals must have great calves. We checked out this old church which was beautiful (but then again, all old churches are pretty to me) and had a nice view of the city. Grant spied a Space Invader tile on a wall by the church which was cool but something that is even cooler is that Lausanne has a Laduree! I was so excited to see it. I've read that the Laduree in Paris has such a long wait (and I hate, abhor, detest, loathe, etc.) waiting in lines so having to wait for zero minutes to get my macarons was amazing. I bought a little box with four macarons for around 14 chf ($15) and I thought they lived up to the hype! Not that i'm a connoisseur but they had a nice crispy outside with a chewy inside (but not too chewy!), which I think is traditionally what you should be looking for in a macaron. I got dark chocolate, lemon, raspberry, and pistachio and my favorite was the lemon and dark chocolate. So. Good! Of course I will be saving that little box they came in (I'm a sucker for a pretty package). Also in Lausanne there is this super old fountain that you can drink from and from which locals have been wetting their whistles with since the 1700s. I was kind of skeptical at first (in my mind drinking from a public fountain=sketchy) but the water was really good! Super cold (and i'm fast learning that beverages, unless explicitly specified, are never served cold in Europe) with a very clean taste. Much better than the bottled water I am currently drinking, that's for sure.

Next stop: Rome!


  1. It sounds like a fantastic trip (especially traveling by train)! I love your outfit too; the jumper is so cute!

  2. Haha, I can't believe you wore milkmaid braids in Switzerland! You look greeeeat though, as do the macarons, and I like Grant incarnation as the glowing man! Have fun in Rome!

  3. I am so glad you got to go to Lausanne and Geneva! Lausanne is fantastic! The Swiss actually make their own version of a macroon called Luxemburgerli's...and they are perfectly the bees knees, if I say so!
    Did you love all the tulips blooming in Ouchy in Lausanne?
    The Swiss trains are the best, bar none...

  4. lovely photos! i love your hair with the braids!

  5. Love all your outfits!!
    It looks like so much fun! :)
    and EEP! Lauduree!!! I can't wait to get my hands on a box of those : D

  6. aw! I grew up in Geneva! these pictures make me so homesick- Switzerland is the best. LOVE you outfit with the jumper!

  7. Hi! I just saw one of your pictures on calivintage.tumblr.com. A friend of mine went to Northwood with you and I just felt like sharing how awesome I think you are. Lovely blog!



  8. I wore my hair up in a wrap over plait a couple of days ago too, joys of long hair! xx

  9. I really like your Lausanne outfit! And btw, was the water good? I actually have a friend living there, must pay her a visit soon eeek!

  10. I just got back from my 2-week trip to the Philippines-- what part is your family from? My mom's family is from Batangas City so we stayed there a majority of the time but also visited other areas.

  11. such a beautiful city , i wonder when i will have the chance to visit there

    i adores your braids , i wish my hair is long enough to wear it that way :( haha i cant even braid my hair properly

    but it was really nice to see all the photos , at least i can get the picture in my head on how Geneva will be like



  12. The dress, stripes and braids are such a fantastic look :)
    Jelai is quite the poser! :)

  13. Yummy macarons! Switzerland sounds really cool. St Barnards everywhere, ha!

  14. love the photo... mmmm macarons! Also your hair looks super cool with the plaits! xx

  15. i love it ashley. you have such cute cousins. i like your braids, lady!

  16. I'm so jealous! It all looks so gorgeous. That stone wall in the very first photo is to die for, would kill for something like that here in SoCal. :)

  17. You look very sweet in the first photos, loving that hairstyle :D

  18. Aw I love your jumper & striped shirt! So cute. These pictures are great. We just drove through Switzerland a few days ago. We were going to stay in Lausanne but we decided against it & went to Annecy, France. We did have a lovely picnic in Lucerne though! Anyways, looks like you're having a great time. I love seeing your photos! Your cousins are wicked cute. :)

  19. I love love your Lausanne pics - I was there in February, in the very same cathedral with the coloured lights dancing on everyone's faces! I was visiting the music university, which is an art deco paradise, with trees inside and a beautiful chocolat chaude cafe on the top floor.
    (and yes, my calves were KILLING ME after one day walking those hills!)
    Sarah xx

  20. I Love the pinafore dress! You look like you are having such a fun time!


  21. Gorgeous photos! Loving those outfits, too.

  22. yes, Lauduree macarons are scrumdiddlyumptious!

    avoid the shop in Paris though. Full of obnoxious meatballs.

    Thought you'd appreciate this post! http://diaryofaladybird.blogspot.com/2010/06/little-macs-cheeseburger-macaroons.html

  23. awww your family looks so nice. That is great you got to see them!! That is cute that you're a God-mother too.

  24. This is such an awesome post. I visited MY Filipino cousin in Switzerland as well. :)) There are actually a lot of Filipinos in Zurich (I was surprised) and if my career as a lawyer fails I'm going there to sell bagels and learn German. I think we must have been like ships passing in the night, I stopped in Geneva on a train from Paris. Awww!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  25. I looove your jumper outfit... the one you wore with braids. Just darling!

  26. I'm so jealous of your travels. I never knew you were Filipina! Are you mixed?

    Also, your hair looks glorious.

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