Rome II


Outfit Details:
Striped Lacoste shirt: thrifted
navy blue high waisted trousers: thrifted
cardigan: thrifted
Keds: thrifted

Some more Rome coverage. We spent a day at the Vatican which was awesome, I guess a few weeks ago Pope John Paul II (JP2) was beatified so there were literally thousands of pilgrims in Vatican City/ Rome...let's just say I'm glad we missed out on that crowd. We decided to hit up the Vatican Museum which houses the Sistine Chapel. Of course all the art and the chapel were quite beautiful (no photos allowed, and I—ahem-- obeyed that rule) BUT the crowd was out.of.control. I seriously think they should put people movers or make some sort of tram ride inside the museum because squishing up against hundreds of people in such a narrow space is so counter intuitive for actually trying to stop and appreciate all the art work. You really can't stop to admire the artwork, you have to keep moving forward. If they had people movers or whatever at least they could prevent those who take it upon themselves to stop at every bottle neck to take a photo (with flash!) and hold up the crowd from flowing freely through the museum. Unwashed masses aside, after the Vatican Museum we went to St. Peter's Basilica and it was so beautiful and grand and awe inspiring, which of course is its intent.

Rome Observations:

Rome, has, hands down the scariest driving/scooter/pedestrian situation. Since last year I've developed a phobia of crossing busy streets (thanks to being hit by a car while using a crosswalk) and a basic all encompassing fear of cars in general so walking around Rome was pretty much conducive to having anxiety levels that were through the roof. Being inside a car via a Taxi really isn't much better, I swear those painted road divider lines are really just a suggestion in Rome...and to think, I thought driving through LA during rush hour was bad!

This is such an American thing, but after dinner or any sort of meal....we just wanted to leave. Scram. Hit the road. Get a move on. Not stay for another hour to shoot the breeze and drink coffee. I'm sure if any of us smoked cigarettes that we'd be more inclined to hang out for a while but none of us do. Conversely, I'm sure when Europeans visit America they're probably surprised at how promptly the check comes, as if the restaurant is saying: get out. Which is partly true. It's also pretty much illegal to smoke anywhere in the U.S. these days so there is also that.


  1. It's so crazy to be able to see a lot of these things through your photos, since I've studied them in Art & Architectural history classes. I can't imagine the grand scale of those places.

    Great photos and style as always.

  2. I visited Italy last summer, Rome is absolutely beautiful! Reading this post has made me want to go back! xx

  3. wow i love your pics :) especially the ones with the two kitties and the sunrays filtering in thru the dome!

  4. lovely pics. I was also amazed at the amount of cats hanging around Rome when I went! x

  5. we went to the vatican a few weeks ago - and the sistine chapel and yes, i HATED the crowds, it was awful :(

    and so true about dinner here! i think i've converted though, we sit at dinner for for-ever...

  6. Haha, Barcelona is the same with the bill. Your first beer comes immediately, it takes ages to get your second, and heaven help you if you want the bill... ; )

  7. the cats picture is the best! :) grant always has the same face... send me a postcard!

  8. i love being able to see your travels through your photos. but i know what you mean about improper setups for high volumes of tourists. there needs to be something set up for that so you can enjoy yourself.
    my sister is a waitress in texas, and she was telling me about how she hates when people just stay even after they've paid the bill. sometimes i really like staying. i wish it was more acceptable.

  9. oh wow the cathedral just looks so majestic! and you pretty lady lookin so cute with your pigtails! You really make me wanna travel!!

  10. I've been reading all your posts, I'm sorry for not commenting. Your photos are so gorgeous and I love reading your takes on what you've seen. I've never been to Rome, but in Europe in general they think Americans are very brusque in a lot of strange ways. Good for you for not picking up smoking in Europe...its so tempting!!!
    PS-your outfit with your fuschia/purple tights...AAAMAZING.

  11. I 100% agree with you about the Sistine Chapel! I mean, the artwork was incredible, but it was really hard for me to enjoy it in such a over-populated place, and i was so annoyed at how many people blatantly disobeyed the camera & noise rule... I would of loved to be in there when it was peaceful so I could really appreciate it.

    The whole suuuuper leisurely dinner thing is definitely weird too. I really like it most of the time, but there's time's when i really just want to go after eating & i can't get the waiter's attention! i guess it's just very european though, because when i visited a friend in France we literally ate dinner (and wine, and coffee, etc) for hours and hours.

  12. Kallie: Brusque Americans=pretty spot on ;-)

  13. I am scared of Italians on the road in general but Rome's got to be another beast entirely. :D

    My Austrian friends are always telling me I am rushing around. I think England runs a lot faster than the continent. I do miss cafe culture though, with everyone sitting reading the news or chewing the fat for hours while nursing a cup or too.. and having a fag of course. I've gotten so used to no smoking indoors since it as introduced a few years ago the rest of Europe seems like visiting another planet in that respect. Mind you, a lot of places are getting stricter smoking regulations now.

    Beautiful photos!

  14. uhm.. just thought that fag might be British slang.. just in case: I meant cigarette :S

  15. I'm sorry it was so crowded when you were there! I guess I lucked out because it wasn't crowded at all when we went. It was October though, so I guess that's a less touristy time to go. Anyway, your photos are bringing back memories! Don't even get me started on people who use a flash on priceless artwork despite there being a billion signs everywhere saying no flash. Also, I laughed when you talked about waiting for the check; that's pretty standard all over Europe. Waiters don't rely on tips (like in America) so there's no incentive to hurry you out. Plus, it's a cultural thing to sort of make a night of it when you're eating out. And yes, the drivers are insane. In Paris and London too. Just cross with the pack and you'll be fine:)

  16. Such amazing shots as always!! I am sooo jealous! It looks gorgeous there :D

  17. These updates are so great! Rome is definitely one of the places I want to visit. Do you ever feel there is some disconnect when you are visiting a place like the Sistine Chapel, trying to imagine what it was like in its prime, etc. and then having large crowds, cars honking, all that stuff all around?

  18. I went to rome in 2009,m and oh how i miss it so!! you've taken some really beautiful photos! xx


  19. These are some gorgeous pictures to be sure! I'm traveling now too, but just within the states. Your classic outfit is just perfect for exploring such a beautiful city. Be careful on those crazy streets my dear, I know you will be. :D

  20. I had two bumps car during your stay in Italy. Italians are terrible drivers.
    But they have the best ice cream in the world!
    I do not have to much time lately for blogging but I have been following your posts carefully.


  21. I enjoyed these pics and I am also enjoying your observations of all the cities. They're very useful!

    Sorry to hear about the traffic situation that caused you anxiety. I've been in two car accidents in a year, so I think I could relate!

  22. Go John Paul! The polish call him Papa which I think is so lovely.


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