Sardinia I


Outfit Details:
Silk turquoise top: thrifted
Red skirt: thrifted
Yellow flip flops: Old Navy

Sardinia is outrageously beautiful and relaxing.  After all the hustle and bustle of traveling through continental Europe, heading off for a short island vacation before plunging back into the belly of the beast is just what the doctor ordered. These photos are from out first day there when we explored around Palau and Maddalena. We couldn't rent boats this day but that didn't stop us from driving around (we had a rental car) and taking in the breathtaking sights. For this leg of the trip we stayed in a legit hotel (Hotel For You, highly recommended and pretty affordable for such a nice hotel!) in Olbia and after hanging around hostel upon hostel, that certainly was a nice change. Anyway Sardinia, is seemingly,  all brightly painted houses, friendly neighborhood pups, freakishly clear water, and beautiful rugged mountains. Seeing the foothills made me a little homesick because they look very similar to the desert-y hills we have in Southern California. Grant and I both agreed that it was so nice to see plants like succulents and cactus that remind us of home.

Also, as you're reading this i'm actually going to be on a plane back home! So next week I'll be reopening my shop and mixing in more current outfit photos along with my Europe coverage.  I'm typing this post from a hostel in London and people are going crazy in the streets because of the big Manchester Barcelona game. Ole ole ole!

Anyway, see you guys Stateside!


  1. I love the photo of you and Grant. What a gorgeous couple you two are :) It sounds like a great trip overall, but I know what you mean about being sort of homesick (or things reminding you of home).

  2. Gorgeous skirt - you fit right into the scenery :D Such a beautiful place :)

    Have a good journey home!

  3. I realy need a big trip!!! :D
    Such a lovely couple of you and Grant :)


  4. Beautiful! Now I know why my ex-flatmates were so obsessed with home. They were still morons though. ; D

    I was on the Barcelona side of the Champions League madness. The Catalans went pretty nuts. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your time in London...

  5. Hope you have a safe trip home!

    Myself and my boyfriend and our daughter are hoping to go to Sardinia this September. So excited! Thanks for the hotel tip!

  6. These pictures are so beautiful, I went to Sardinia when I was young, isn't it amazing? Also, that is the nicest skirt I've ever seen!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. Your vacations lately have me nearly seething with jealousy. Nearly! And you managed to look great at the same time, wow wow wow.

  8. love that turquoise top of yours and how everything is so colorful there!

  9. Gorgeous photos as always and I love the skirt. It looks like you have had an amazing adventure. Hope you had a safe journey back home. x

  10. Ooh I love this outfit and it looks amazing there!!!
    awww...sad that you're going home because that means the vacation is over...but YAY for going home so you can sleep in your own bed :)

  11. what a beautiful location. that must have been an amazing vacation. Oh and your skirt is lovely. I love the pattern and the bright red color.

  12. I just got back from my Europe trip and I amazed at your ability to post while on the go (tiyaga! ;P). Usually I was so tired out at night I'd flop into the bed as soon as I could. Love the photographs and looks like Italy ought to be on my next travel wishlist.

    And I'm glad Barcelona won. ;P

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  13. Great location - so beautiful! xx And I love your skirt !!


  14. I love love love the colors on your coords, specially your bright yellow flip lops! have a safe trip back home!

  15. lovely outfit! I love how you paired the seafoam blue (is that what that shade is called?) with red.

  16. Ahh! Ed and Deanna? Must be Ed and Deanna Templeton!

  17. What a beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL skirt. I love the new header. it makes me smile.

  18. The island of Sardinia offers white or golden sand lapped by bright turquoise water, vineyards and olive groves sprouting from red-coloured soil, sun-blonde plains backed by low hills cloaked in cork trees, pine forests.. I miss Sardinia so badly

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