Outfit Details:
Feather print short sleeve button down: thrifted
striped linen skirt: thrifted
gray loafers: thrifted

And jsyk, Grant's outfit (minus the pants) is entirely thrifted too ;-)

So this is what we did this evening. Parked the car across from Frog House and meandered around the beach for a spell. I love the beach right before sunset, sometimes the sea mist gets suspended in the atmosphere and makes everything very glowy but soft focused. Reminds me of a Terence Malick movie, in fact (which I don't hate one bit). I just had my little point and shoot on me so I couldn't quite capture the amazing sunset this evening. The sun was huge and it was setting behind palm trees. As we sat stopped at the light we could smell the smoke from the beach bonfires. Honestly, there isn't a smell that I love better and that reminds me more of summers past than the smell of a beach bonfire. I'd say it's the very perfume of summer.


  1. Sunset at the beach sounds perfect! Also - That is one VERY big stick. lol.

    xx christie


  2. Nothing like a good summer sunset on the beach. I never find it's really possible to photograph a sunset anyway, but the light is great for portraiture. : )

  3. i love your feather-print blouse! when i go home to ky i'm going to thrift my face off - it's just not the same here in new york. no vintage!

  4. LOVE. seriously, love, your skirt. so much! neutraly stripes are my favourite.

  5. you look gorgeous!!! and i love the new blog look!
    allister bee blog

  6. you are so pretty! i love all of your thrifted finds... amazing outfit, really. :)

    hope to hear from you soon!


  7. It's official. I want your life.


    You look gorgeous in these photos and I love the pics you took with your bf. You two (and I know I've said this before) are a beautiful couple! xoxo

  8. i totally agree. in fact i couldn't imagine living anywhere for a prolonged period of time that isn't next to the ocean.

    p.s. what a thrifty little couple you guys are-- that feather print blouse if a score!

  9. Your blog is so wonderful, I have been following from afar for a little while and am always admiring your style and photos! Cannot wait to read more x

  10. Your pictures always make me want to travel down the 101 and visit Southern California! I haven't been down South for fun in so long. It's so funny that it seems so far away yet is only five hours or so from my front door. Loving the pattern mixing- so summer perfect. And yes, a meet up is a must if you make it up North!! I can dream up some fun thrifting/dinner/happy hour adventures for us! Let's make this happen (or me coming down there:)

  11. Beach bonfires are certainly nostalgic. Reminds me of Summer camp bonfires at the beach. Your blouse is amazing and you guys are adorable. Glad you had a chill evening.

  12. Summer bonfires sound lovely!I will definitely have to have one next time I am visiting California...I don't have anywhere to have one in London. I think over here bonfires remind us more of Autumn because we have 'bonfire night' (Guy Fawkes night) in November. Everyone has to wear a lot of layers as it's cold and we have huge bonfires and set off fire works....and sometimes people burn Guy Fawkes dolls....so yeh not quite the same as a lovely summer nights bonfire hahaha but fun all the same! :-) xx

  13. very nice photos...I love combination skirt and blouse:)



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