A Day in LA


Outfit Details:
Southwestern Cape: Etsy
Navy blue blouse: thrifted
Black jeans: Levi's
Leather lace up boots: thrifted

On Saturday I grabbed one of my best pals Chelsea and high tailed it to LA for an afternoon of pampering. The event was put on by The Doves Studio  and Style Wax Poetic in Santa Monica and it was such a blast! Chelsea and I got our hair and nails did and let me just say that I could not believe the state of my hair afterwords! Sonya, who is co-owner of the salon, gave me a blow out and my hair looked unreal. Like fake hair good. I really don't do much with my hair (no products and I let it air dry so it usually has a bit of a wave) but man, if I only had the gumption to put a bit of effort in my routine...

Also, to further expand upon my embarrassingly low maintenance (read: cheap) habits, I had only ever had a manicure once prior to getting one on Saturday so I really wasn't expecting much. I don't like manicures because I generally don't like people prodding at my cuticles and other sensitive bits but what's more, I don't see the point in them. They usually only last a few days at most without chipping so why not just do your own nails? Well, I'm happy to say that the manicure I got on Saturday was pretty awesome. They were by Orly and I think they're called gel fx manicures but anyway, the end result is literally chip proof. It feels like I have a super shiny protective gel shell over my nails and the results are supposed to last like 2 weeks. Whhhattt!

Other than that, Raen Optics was showing their glasses off and I was so.close to nabbing the frames you see on my face but it was a cash only deal and I, of course, refuse to carry any currency on my person (a terrible habit). I loved the modified cat eye shape and the color! Such a pretty sea glass green.  Also, the lovely delicate necklaces hanging on that jewelry tree we're by Caitlin Nicole Jewelry and Chelsea actually won a necklace at the raffle, lucky duck! Aaaannnd of course I am a fool for any garment with a peter pan collar so I had to snap a photo of that pretty dress from AI For AI.

A big thanks to Staci for giving me a holler to get out to LA for this fun event and to Chelsea for snapping some photos during the event :)

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  1. Niiiice. I've only ever had one manicure and it chipped within a day so I wasn't best impressed, but that sounds pretty excellent. Love your cape as well, amiga. : )

  2. Sounds like a lovely afternoon out. I've never had a manicure but I would love to try it out one day, when I have the money and time. Your cape is gorgeous by the way, such a great pattern.

  3. wow your hair looks amazing & so do your nails - ive never ever had a manicure.. needless to say i would love to get one done eventually! that is such a cool cape too.x


  4. WOW, a cape with a Southwest print! It's so your style, and it looks fabulous on you.


  5. this cape is amazing. those sunglasses are pretty sweet! beautiful photos as usual!

  6. nice pics, sounds so great!

  7. First - love the outfit!! :D
    Second - yayyy for a day of pampering!! I've only gotten a couple manicures too...I prefer to do it myself since it's cheaper...haha

  8. That cape is AMAZING!! You look absolutely gorgeous in it! I love trips with the girls getting pampered. So much fun and worth the treat every now and then.

  9. Your cape is amazing and so are those glasses! It sounds like such an awesome day. I've only had a manicure once too. :)

  10. Love the red nails! I'm like you; I've only gotten manicures a couple of times (each time I was in a wedding). But I've never gotten a pedicure and probably never will. The idea of people scraping and prodding at my feet gives me a horrible feeling in my stomach - the stuff of nightmares! How do people like that? Plus, I've heard so many stories about foot infections and gross stuff from getting pedicures at places (even expensive ones) where they don't do things properly. And apparently, you can't tell just by looking if they're on the up and up. Ewwww.

  11. a manicure that lasts two weeks?!! thats awesome. I never get my nails done because, like you, I just dont see the point since it only lasts a few days but 2 weeks, sign me up!

  12. That cape is just fantastic. Not many people would look fabulous in it, to be honest, but you pull it off remarkably well! And there are those shoes I adore...sigh. ;)

  13. Such a stunning cape :)

    I remember going on a language course one summer and there were always a few girls who would give the rest the most amazing manicures - doing intricate motifs using pin heads to apply the varnish. Crazy amazing but I always hated the cuticle torture too :D Two weeks - heck, even one sounds like magic!


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