Last of Paris


More Paris for your eyes to feast on. This day (our very last) we visited the oldest part of the city and even saw the two oldest houses (pictured next to two modern houses) that people still live in. Hope they have air conditioning because looking at those houses made me feel sweaty. Besides that, I kept being reminded about the little town in Beauty and the Beast--a much more charming scene. Other than that we stumbled upon a really awesome spice shop that had every sort of candied edible that you can imagine. I didn't try any of the candied items but I bought a little box of mints that were in the cutest tin (again, a sucker for pretty packaging). Eventually we made our way over to the Seine and partook in the time honored tradition of sitting on the island and looking out into the water with lots of other canoodlers, pups, and friends. Quite romantic. After that we went over to the bridge and it was going OFF. So many people were having picnics on the bridge and it was nice to see people actually enjoying being outside. I know I take it for granted and I live in a place that has nice weather all year round AND I live by the beach...sort of.

I didn't know that putting a lock on the bridge to symbolize eternal love or whatever was a thing so Grant and I didn't get to do that. Maybe next time? I think afterwards we ended up in the Les Halles area and ate dinner and then ate dessert at a very cute french restaurant that was decorated with so many cute cat items. The photos I took were too blurry so I'm not including them but that place was tres mignon (eh eh?) and I had a very good creme brulee.

We walked for a bit and got to see the tower all lit up and sparkly for a minute and then afterwards we walked along the Seine again but by this time the camera in my battery died so no photos. Again, lots of people on picnics and hanging by the water. I want to be a picnicker next time!

Next stop: London!


  1. Lovely photos! I'm so lucky, my boyfriend and I got to add a lock to the pont des arts!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  2. That puppy is devastatingly cute!!

    You have made me want to go to Paris so badly now, it looks amazing! It sounds like you had a wonderful time too.


  3. Love this "Grand Tour" of Europe you're on. Lovely lovely photos. I hope your camera's charged for London!

  4. I love creme brulee. :P
    So, so great photos. The one with puppy is so sweet :)
    ...and I like this with padlocks. This is because in the foreground you can see my name "Asia". This is Polish diminutive of Joanna.
    I subscribe here as "Aśa" but it's hard for me to explain why. It's breaking the rules of grammar...somehow it sounds boring ... :)


  5. Nice pictures

    xx Viktoria


  6. I love your looks and your photos! You've got yourself a new fan. :)


  7. So pretty! I looove Paris and want to go back so badly, especially since my dude is English. the UK is so close! Glad you had an awesome time!

  8. ah, gay ol' Pareee...i was there about 10 years ago and you're pictures are making me want to hop the next plane back!

  9. I've seen the lock thing in other places too but I have never done it. I really like the way you have captured so many little moments and memories in your photos instead of just all the obvious landmarks. It seems to give more of a feel of the place like this. I so want to go back to Paris soon!x

  10. the picture of the little dog laying down is ADORABLE!
    awesome post! <3

    greetings from New York!


  11. gorgeous

    this city just radiants artistic vibes

    u captured some fantastic shots here

  12. Fabulous photos. I just adore Paris and your pictures just remind me how beautiful is it especially during the summer days or nights

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