Light and Day


Outfit details:
1950s day dress: thrifted
red leather belt: thrifted
gray loafers: thrifted

Living in the suburbs suits me just fine. I like to open my window and smell the laundry exhaust coming from my neighbors house, I like to take super serious photos of myself on my driveway and in the privacy of my backyard, but most importantly, I like that I live five minutes away from not one but two In-n-Outs.

Also, remember how I won that Refinery 29 contest? Well everything is squared away and I'll be working over at HQ in NYC August 15-21! I'm already making a list of all the food places I want to eat at--where are your favorites?


  1. i love that belt. especially with that dress!


  2. such a cute downtown outfit. love the touch of the coloured belt.x


  3. If you're a burger girl, and I know it seems overrated (I thought so too, until on my most recent trip I had their mind-blowing fries, and apparently they also make their own brew, which I am kicking myself for not trying) but the Shake Shack in the Madison Square Park is really good. My boyfriend lives in an apartment that overlooks the park, and there is usually a line (try to go early before the rush hour of lunch around 1PM or really late at night, seeing as its open to around 11PM...or even at an odd hour -- honestly, if you come across it, just observe the line and how fast it moves, I wouldn't say it's worth the hour+ wait) and the park itself is exceptionally beautiful, so enjoy that too! It's right near the Flatiron Building on 23rd Street, and its honestly one of my favorite places in the city!! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to hear/read about your trip...

    Oh yeah, your legs are awesome and I love the super-serious photos :) You're so chic and badass at the same time!

    Also, I'll try to think of more places...my boyfriend is recently loving Pinkberry, which has locations all over the city -- <3

  4. I love your belt!!! :D

    And oooh! That's so exciting that you'll be in NYC ! I'm only a train ride away, haha. Sadly I don't know any good places to eat though...

  5. what a cute outfit! you look especially lovely in the 4th picture. so graceful!
    but NYC! how exciting! always wanted to visit there :)

  6. Denise the ExplorerJune 17, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    1. Cafe Mogador (Falafel & Hummus Platter)
    2. Clinton St Bakery (Pancakes)
    3. Lula Sweet Apothecary (you sure can't tell it's vegan ice-cream)
    4. Rai Rai Ken (Ramen)

    1,3,& 4 are within walking distance from each other,around St. Mark's.

    2. L.E.S.

    Never fails to impress and deliver.

  7. yeahhh!!! Thanks for all the tips so far guys :D

  8. I love your blog! such a find :)

  9. carnegie's deli (across from carnegie hall for the pastrami & insane mile high cheesecake. russ & daughters, best jewish deli that i found while there.

    i completely know what you mean about the laundry exhaust. it always makes me try & match the softener scent whenever i run to target because i'm out of it. i never get it right though. ha!

  10. ps. russ & daughters is on houston st...in SoHo (south of houston street)

    golly...i can go for a bagel & lox right about now. good eating when you go, ashley!

  11. i love the last pic!

  12. So exciting :) I've never been to NYC, but it seems lovely. I love the soft neutrals and the pop of red. You are the classiest :D

  13. you wear the sweetest and most simplistic but beautiful outfits. really.


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