London Calling


Could I have thought of a less predictable post title? Obviously not. Anyway, some photos from our first full day in London. Of course it rained (I think I would have been sad if it didn't rain at least a little on my first visit). We walked a lot this day. We walked from Piccadilly Circus across the bridge, past the eye, checked out Big Ben, walked back towards the Tate, went into the Tate, walked past The Globe, then through the clink, and to the tower bridge.

I really liked the Tate and the little cafe they had inside. Nobody was hungry so I  went to the cafe and had a cheese and pickle sandwich by myself and let me tell you, I'm a fan. Didn't think I would be but I am.  Everyone always bags on British food but I seriously love it.

Since we've been back home for a month now my memory is failing me but I liked that I saw. What I did not like was how expensive everything was.  You Europeans should be flocking to America, you'd live like Kings and Queens over here!

More London photos to come

PS I added more items to the store! Take look?


  1. Yes those pounds to transfer well. Love your sweater. Haven't ever been out of the airport in London...lovely photos.

  2. Great photos! I think walking is the best way to see London. My sister lives close to Tower Bridge and takes a stroll across it most evenings, just because she can! The exchange rate isn't great at the moment, but I'm sure it will change one day...

  3. Haha I know living in London is a nightmare I can tell you that much. Shame it rained though :S I personally hate pickle! x

  4. These photos are so beautiful, I feel inspired to go see loads of tourist sights now! You look so stylish too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Ah, London. Can't say I really miss that place but it is pretty cool and there's so much to do!

  6. Hi friend!
    I just got back from Berlin. The city did not make too big impression on me. It's fun to go there for a party or shopping with friends but nothing else. I saw more interesting places. :)
    I have just started a long holiday. I hope that I can travel some.
    London is always so great!!!
    And yes, Europe is so expensive :///

  7. Eeeep! it looks so amazing!! I can't believe I'm going to be there in less than 2 days! *dies*

  8. LOVE these pics. what fun traveling around....i'll enjoy the sites via your blog.

  9. awe - i wish i could travel. my boyfriend and i are saving money for marriage!!!!! but i'd love to go some place lovely, like london. but until then i will live vicariously through YOU!

    great pictures. great post!

    allister bee blog

  10. Nice pictures of london. Never been up there!

  11. These photos are gorgeous. I have always longed to visit England. A pickle and cheese sandwich does sound good. I actually happen to like British food. :P

  12. i go to Ireland almost every year as my husband is from there so I imagine the cuisine is similar to that of England. i think i'm just spoiled from all the choice we have in california, cause I almost always come back feeling like I have scurvy and need to eat lots of fresh veggies & fruits!

  13. Yay London. I think you have to experience at least a little rain when you visit! Sounds like you had a very busy first day! Walking is definitely the best way to see the central part of the city. I hope you've been making some cheese and pickle sandwiches since you got back to California! Did you try Yorkshire pudding? That's one of my favourite British foods! Well that and apple crumble! mmmm. Looking forward to seeing more of your London pictures- it's fun to see the city from other peoples points of view. Oh and yeh it is very expensive here..definitely one of the downsides! :-) xx

  14. So amazing! I'm completely at awe with all of the photos you've taken during your trip (I've been keeping up, I'm just a bit slow with commenting since I at blogs before going somewhere!). Everything looks so breathtakingly beautiful. I have to get myself over there. Somehow, someday.


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