Outfit Details:
Dark green button up blouse: thrifted
Shorts: C/O BB Dakota
Leather loafers: thrifted
Navy blue polka dot silk scarf (worn as a headband): thrifted
Cat eyes: F21

Oh you know, just bein' sassy in my backyard...the usual.

For all you style bloggers out there, here is a question: do you ever get embarrassed taking photos of yourself in public? Because I do. I don't usually "plan" outings in order to take photos (unless I'm asked to collaborate on some special sort of project with a brand or company and I want my photographs to look extra nice), in fact, it seems as though the stars have to align in order for me to get shots that aren't in front of this glamorous cinderblock wall you see before your eyes. I have to 1. be with Grant or a willing friend who will  take my picture , 2. have put actual, discernible effort into the way I look that day (I don't think anyone really cares to see me in a pair of ancient skinny jeans and an oversized vintage tee--although I think that look is awesome), 3.have zero people in the immediate vicinity.

The last part is the hardest--there's always someone around! So when that happens, I hurriedly take the photos, look around, take a few more and then call it a day. When that happens I really only have a handful of photos to choose from and in probably half of them, I have a pained / embarrassed look on my face. Sigh. You'd think I wouldn't care by now.  Perhaps i've always been a little too self aware for my own good; I guess it's just something I'll have to live with.


  1. There is that kind of stressed death-glare that can happen to a face when it's self conscious of taking pictures of itself. I've definitely been having this issue lately, as Albs is elsewhere and we don't have a yard so I keep dashing out to hopefully quiet and photogenic streets! The other day I was mid photo shoot when I realized there was somebody sitting directly behind me having a cigarette. Nearly jumped out of my skin. After that though, I kind of care less!

  2. I used to be super self conscious, but now I really don't care! Often my brother and I will wander over to the park across the street, because our house is so damaged from the earthquake that there really isn't anywhere left to pose that isn't littered with cracks and rubble! Other people always wander by and I'm sure they're slightly confused and amused, but it seems like my fashion sense itself gets enough attention alone so I don't mind the occasional stare.

    However, because my bf lives in the countryside, and because we've had so much school/uni cancelled recently (quakes, again) we've been exploring the lovely countryside around these parts and had the opportunity to get some beautiful photos. If I know I'm going somewhere super pretty and scenic, I'll always make sure I've got my camera on me and am looking nice so I can get some shots in!

    Phew, what a novel! Anyway, I love your outfit, especially the little bow. Mine never look that perfect!

  3. Haha I am the SAME exact way!! The only time I leave the confines of my backyard is if I have a feature post on a store...hahaha...I HATE being near people, its awkward XD
    And I love this outfit! :D

  4. I'm the same way! I still only have a select few who I'll let take my photo, and I can't take them if there are people around. It's so embarrassing. I'm trying to not care as much but it's so hard!! ha

    Love your lil headband scarf. :)

  5. I have the same problem. I never make special plans to take an outfit picture- usually if I want to do an outfit photo it's because, on the way to somewhere, I suddenly decide I like my outfit and want it on my blog! So my boyfriend takes a picture of me but then I just feel silly as there are always people around and I'm convinced they think I'm really vain or something! And we don't have a back yard so there's no where quiet to go. Sometimes I think maybe I should carry round cards with my blog address on and then just give them to anyone who gives me funny looks when I have my picture taken! haha!x

  6. haha i feel the same way. though i've become maybe a tiny bit less awkward. but it's still super weird to me. :) i love this look! the first photo is my favorite, too ...oh so sassy! ;)


  7. yes! i feel silly taking outfit pics in front of people that is the truth. but i do it anyway because yes, i'm vain (all style bloggers are vain-- there are a lot worse traits to have anyway) and the older i get i don't care quite as much. when there are people around i try and mentally block them out and i tell myself there's a lot weirder shit going down on the streets of S.F. than me and my outfit pics! but all that being said, i do try and scope the places with as few people around as possible which can be hard to find sometimes.

  8. I really do not like to pose for pictures in public. I feel uncomfortable, impatient. And usually I have a strange expression on his face. And a dozen photos, maybe one is good.

    You can tell your mom that I was just at a concert of Sting "Syphonicities" It was great. She must go, if she will have the opportunity.

  9. You are drop dead freakin' gorgeous!!! Work it girl!

    And hey.... you did just have a sh*^ ton of amazing Europe scenery and photos recently, so I wouldn't worry about seeing the same backyard wall over and over again for awhile :)

    p.s. gimme yo shoes!

  10. You look so beautiful. I love your shoes. And when I used to do outfit shots, I hated taking them in public! I used to get so embarrassed when people caught us in the act. Lol. I would always look away or give this shameful smile like, "yeah, I'm a big dork taking a photo of myself for no reason!" :P

  11. haha. Well I am first starting to get into this style blog thing, and I am currently using a Dell webcam in my little bedroom. Eventually, I do want to upgrade into utilizing a nicer camera and a more, I guess, "exciting" background. But I think that having other people you know being involved in the photo shoot makes it less awkward when strangers just happen to be giving you interesting looks as you take photos of yourself.


  12. i feel the exact same way, i could never be the kind of girl who can set up a tripod and go to it with people all around. im much too shy. but seriously lady from my point of view every single picture of you thats ever taken is wonderful and shows you looking like a goddess <3


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