Paris, Again!


Outfit Details:
Sailor top: thrifted
Gray shorts (that were originally a pair of grandpa trousers): thrifted
Orange tights: Target
Keds: Thrifted
Sunglasses: thrifted

During our stay in Paris I requested that we make a trip down to Deyrolle and I am so glad we did! That place was insane. From the street it just looks like a fancy gardening store but once you climb the rickety wooden staircase...BAM! Taxidermied animals every which way. Deyrolle actually has a no camera policy so Grant and I had to be extra sneaky (that's why there are only a few photos. I would have taken a photo of everything If I could) and the only photo that Grant took of me, luckily, turned out to be a winner. Sadly, I did not have the artistic foresight and I took a picture of Grant against a plain wall. Oops.  On a different note, the over all color palette of that store gets an A+, definitely something I'd like to recreate one of these days...

Besides that, we lurked around the Louvre and the gardens. Grant, after some coaxing, stuck his hand out for the birds to perch on. No pigeons landed on him (thankfully) but some cute little birds did! We eventually found ourselves in a courtyard overrun by kinderfolk playing amongst the striped pillars. It's always fun to watch little kids play, they always get into silly fights. Eventually a little kid DID fall face first into the cement (see the look on my face here) but he seemed okay. What a sport.

Lastly, we made our way over to the Eiffel tower during the ~golden hour~, we took photos at the Trocadero and sadly the only photo of Grant and I at the tower are on his camera so I can't share it but it was very cute (trust). I actually thought the tower was smaller than I had imagined but that certainly did not detract from it's beauty! We didn't go up it (because I really didn't care if I did or not--I just wanted to see it up close!) but maybe next time if I buy my tickets in advance and can be ushered to the top VIP style...I'll consider it. A girl can dream, no?


  1. Your outfit is AWESOME. Especially in that park with those black and white striped things. (So eductated; hehe, Paris kind of bores me, but I know I'm in the minority there).

  2. Loving your outfit too, that taxidermy place certainly looks intriguing. x

  3. Amazinggg!!! It looks so so so amazing *dies* :)
    awww, such cute birdies too, ha ha :D

  4. Your outfit is SO cool. As are these photos. I love the one with all the birds swirling around Grant's hand, and that first one of you the most! Paris is so amazing. These make me want to go back.

  5. So jealous! It looks like you had a great time and looked great while touring around!

  6. I look at your pictures and I know you have lots of great memories from trip to Europe.
    I envy you the trip to Paris so much! ;)))
    These cute little birds are sparrows :)))


  7. What a beautiful artsy city. You caputred it perfectly. Love your white jumper.

    Helen, X

  8. I love your outfit! The bright tights with the grey looks amazing! You should totally do a post on how to pack well when going on a long trip as you seem to have managed to take so many cute outfits with you! I could do with the tips I'm sure!x

  9. you're always so cute. i love the orange tights. SO cute!!

    allister bee blog

  10. Ashley, How did Grand get that bird to become his friend? These pictures are beautiful! I love you!

  11. cute sailor girl shirt! nice your boyfriend is funny he made friends with the bird.

  12. I just love the pictures of that first shop. Incredible! Plus, birds landing on hands? Too good.

  13. These photos are amazing! I love the taxidermy place, especially the shot with you in it and your sailor top is sheer brilliance amongst the stripes :D The bird in the hand shot is pretty darn awesome too :D

  14. cute outfit!:)


  15. warg I love Deyrolle! I bought a butterfly from there. its such a beautiful store!

    I want to go back to Paris so baaaaad!



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