Outfit Details:
Short sleeve peter pan collared blouse: thrifted
Swingly circle skirt: thrifted
Swiss dot tights: Target
Keds: thrifted

Finally, some photos from Paris! What's there to say about Paris that hasn't already been said before? The city lived up to its hype, everything was super quaint and if wasn't quaint it was incredibly chic. We stayed at the Hotel Bonne Nouvelle which is near the Pompidou Center (which a few of these photos are from!). I'll be real and say that it was really just a glorified hostel (which I fully knew when I was booking it, the place was pretty cheap) but it is near the Bonne Nouvelle metro station in a part of Paris that certainly isn't far from the main attractions. This day we checked out Notre Dame, the Pompidou Center (quite possibly one of my favorite museums ever. That free photobooth thing is awesome! Nobody did the giant picture...although I wanted to. It would have been a hassle to carry around a rolled up poster of your face for most of the day anyway), Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, and the Marais. Montmarte was so pretty (and the view was beautiful!) and of course I kept thinking about how I had seen it in Amelie. I think Grant and I ate a minimum of two crepes a day while we were there (nutella and banana) which is definitely fine by me. If only every day could be a two crepe day.

On a current note, Grant and I saw Midnight In Paris this afternoon. Verdict? It was great! If it's playing near you definitely go see it. It was a very whimsical movie (which I definitely didn't expect from Woody Allen) and I had a smile on my face from beginning 'till end.

Edit! Firstly, thanks to Angie at my work for formatting my placement so nicely ;-) I'm in this month's 944 Magazine (with a cover by Shepard Fairey, no less!) Check it out: Photobucket


  1. I love Paris in the springtime... Yes, it does indeed live up to its hype. And aren't you the sweetest thing ever in your Peter Pan collar and princess sleeves?

  2. I don't think I ever did Paris right... somehow it didn't really grab me, but it could have been all the tourists + travelling with a friend with a broken ankle that did it...

  3. The first stripe photo! Oh lord, so adorable!

    Paris is my favourtie city in the world. I have been 8 times now and am still not tired of it. I brought my sister for the first time a few years back for her birthday. She was beyond excited to actually use the phrase, "Ou est le centre de Georges Pompidou?" which we had learned over and over in school. Haha!

  4. Your outfit is amazingly perfect for a day of sightseeing in Paris- so sweet. For the week that I was in Paris I made every day a two (or more) crepe day- ham and gruyere followed by a sugar, butter, and lemon one- yummy!

  5. Super cute outfit for walking around Paris, you lucky duck! The photos are gorgeous, and I always think about Amelie when I think of France as well. Now all I can think about our crepes! haha.

  6. seeing your blog for the very first time right now.. very nice:))


  7. Wow! Paris! If it succeeds, it will visit this city in the spring.

    Have you heard about the dominant bacteria (E cola)in Europe? 26 people died. Mainly in Germany near Berlin. I wonder if not to cancel my trip to Berlin, because the media are saying that the matter is serious.

  8. Oh I love visiting Paris! I haven't been for two years though so I should definitely go again soon! It's so easy on the eurostar. I think the Latin Quarter is my favourite area just for wandering around. I really like your Paris outfit too! And thanks for your comment on my blog :-) x

  9. WOW that first photo belongs in an art museum itself!! :) You look so breathtakingly beautiful and that outfit is adorable.

    I love all these photos, really. I'm so happy to see you are having a magical time on your trip to Europe. I hope I can visit that continent one day! xoxo

  10. Paris is wonderful and your outfit is perfect, love that skirt, so chic =)

    Fashion and Cookies

  11. so much artistry in the post, me likey so much! and that outfit of yours is just too precious! <3

  12. Congrats! Very nice pictures. Two of my friends went to paris and loved it. I really wanna go!

  13. Wow! I love the variety of photos! That looks like a very lovely time!

  14. aaah that top is lovely. paris looks like a dream and a half.

  15. Hi :D

    I absolutely love this outfit. So simple and clean like always. And I think it's because of you, but I've been wanting to try and start wearing the one pair of sneakers that I own because of you. You make them look so damn classy.

    Beautiful photos as usual too.

  16. wow Paris!
    looks like tons of fun
    so jealous!
    and your peter pan collar shirt is too lovely!

    also, congratz on your feature in the magazine!

  17. You've made me really, really want to go again! And I love your first outfit picture!

  18. I looooooooooved Paris. I really want to go back. Paris and Cinque Terre were my favourite places I went.

    Today I was just telling Keith how much I miss eating crepes every day... ha. They just aren't the same when you make them at home!

  19. These pictures are awesome and you look so freaking adorable! Really love seeing these random pics of Europe. These are definitely the kinds of pics you can't see on travel sites!

  20. Ahh the Pompidou! So.much.fun!!! Love all your Europe pictures! :)

  21. I love your skirt, it looks such a great shape and weight, always the most important qualaties when looking for skirts.

  22. I have a feeling you are the cutest thing that Paris has seen. You look so great. Glad you had a great time!!!


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