Red Leaf


Outfit Details:

Red leaf print dress: thrifted
Woven belt: my moms
Kork Ease platforms: thrifted

Keeping things short and sweet! I'm back in California and I suppose traveling the world really does make you appreciate home--at least for me it does! I will still be doing Europe posts until I've posted all my photos but it's back to regular outfit photos and things of that nature from here on end. I'm also working on a massive update for my store so that should be done hopefully by Friday or Saturday.

Anyway, isn't this dress great? I was a little hesitant to buy it because the print was  louder than I'm used to but I think it has that sort of summery resort look. I wanted to wear this when we went out to Coachella/Palm Springs a month or so ago but I'm glad I didn't because 3/4 sleeves have no place in California's low desert!

Also, for your viewing pleasure here is a small video of Grant and I taken by Ed at the Trevi Fountain. Um... let's just say that these misadventures are a regular thing for me. That is all.



  1. I love the print of your dress!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. that is such a stunning print! perfect for summer.
    Enter my giveaway!!

  3. I love that dress!
    and haha...oh no! you missed! But at least you got it the second time ;)

  4. Haha, hilarious! That sort of thing is twice as likely to happen when there's a video camera!

  5. hello girl!!! It's nice to have You back here.

    Nice throw... ;) .....but it can happen to anyone :)))) This is certainly not bad luck. :)


  6. This dress looks beautiful on you and look great with those shoes. That was cute on the video.

  7. that lip color looks gorgeous on you!
    cute video : ) i laughed when after you missed the fountain all these "oh no" comments were happening in the background!

  8. what a beautiful dress, it looks so great with your skin and the lipstick!

    xx Anna

  9. The dress is lovely! Beautiful print. Oh and I like the video- these kind of things always happen to me too haha. x

  10. Who looks that good after jetlag? You look so beautiful!

    That video is so hilarious. xx

  11. trevi ftn is my fave spot in rome :) and i love that dress!

  12. Aww the video is funny! And the dress is super lovely.

  13. That dress is fantastic! I love how bright the print is. And those kork ease wedges are great! I've wanted a pair for so long now.
    Also, that video is adorable! I could totally see myself having a similar mishap haha.

  14. waaaah! i want to steal your dress! i die. also, welcome back to california! it was fun reading about all of your travels!

  15. Your outfit is AMAZING!
    Your blog is,too!
    I'm following :)
    Follow back? :D


  16. That video is hilarious...I could see myself also doing something like that. Sweet dress and your lipstick color compliments the dress quite nicely.

  17. you thrifted those sandals??? nice!

  18. This dress is stunning. Beautiful!

    Miss Bias

  19. Sweet video :) Good to see I am not the only one with amazing throwing skills although I don't think I would have dared the trick shot you were aiming for ;)


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