Outfit Details:
San Diego shirt: thrifted
polka dot skirt: thrifted
saddle shoes: payless, DIY

Something that I love is an old, thin, vintage t-shirt. In fact, there was a time when I would strictly only wear vintage tees, a cardigan, jeans, and a pair of high tops (I can now say that I only dress like this every other day). Suffice to say I've amassed quite the collection but this shirt is my most recent acquisition. Even though I'm not a San Diego loc, I still appreciate all of the "destinations" that this shirt illustrates. This shirt reminds me that  I haven't been to the hotel Coronado. I'd like to go--they say it's haunted. 




  1. I must say, I really do love your t-shirt :)

  2. Love this casual mix. Cute tee. Great skirt.

    Miss Bias

  3. I don't think Morrissey would find this funny :P But, hey, I'm a veggie and I had a giggle ;) Meat is murder, kids.

  4. we went to the hotel del coronado for our honeymoon! i didn't notice any ghosts floating about but it sure was beautiful so still worth a trip.

  5. hahhaha @ the last photo!!

    i seriously love this outfit though. that's such a cool vintage tee & it looks really great with that skirt. sometimes i have trouble styling up t-shirts but this look marvelous.

    Also, The hotel Coronado is so cool! I stayed on coronado for a week once & we rode bikes down to the hotel beach everyday. :)

  6. Poor Moz. Hehe. ;)

    I love your outfit. That thrifted shirt is adorable. I love finding quirky t-shirts at thrift shops. My favorite finds I wear all the time are a Cheers (tv show) sweatshirt and a Facebook t-shirt. So random!

  7. I'm not culturally educated enough to get that last one, but I do enjoy an old t. My sisters and I still regularly dip into my mom's collection from the past to satisfy our need for "Muskoka Jazz Jams" "My Karma ran over your Dogma," and so on. ; )

  8. I can't believe you are trying to feed your Morrissey t-shirt some bacon! Outrageous! Actually it's pretty funny and basically just reminded me that I haven't been listening to The Smiths enough lately..so I'd better go do that..thanks! :-)x

  9. I totally agree. Vintage T-shirts are the best. You can style them in oh so many ways, and they always look fantastic.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I say, go visit the Coronado!! :) Lovely shirt. And I too used to always wear that exact vintage tee/cardigan/high-top look.


  11. Love the shoes! What Morrissey doesn't know won't hurt him. Actually, that's not true. He's probably singing "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Nooooow." How dare you Ashley ;)

  12. I already commented on this post but I just turned the TV on and Morrissey is live at Glastonbury!! Let's see if he mentions the bacon haha :-)

  13. I've been to Hotel Coronado but I didn't see anything haunted about it haha and I went both in the day time and at night time. Thank goodness! I wouldn't want to see or feel anything creepy. Cute shirt btw.

  14. Long time no visit my dear! I love soft vintage t-shirts too... new ones never feel as nice, even if they're made to "feel vintage"! Hope all is well! :)

  15. you look great. especially with those facial expressions, but feeding morrissey bacon? he'd slap you with some gladioli for that, haha.

  16. you look lovely..I love your skirt:)...last photo is super


  17. Love vintage t-shirts, so much more unique! San Diego being a favourite place of mine and morrissey being a bit of a legend makes these tshirts extra special!

  18. Love the DIY saddle sneakers :D

    To be honest, you were one of my inspirations when it came to including a pair of sneakers into my 30 for 30. Because I don't usually wear them, but you always make them look so classy and pulled together.

    This outfit strikes the perfect balance between casual, pulled together and vintage.

  19. Easy and adorable outfit. Nostalgic of the 50's, too!

    xx, TFV

  20. Morressey is vegan isn't he? I'm sure he'd "love" that bacon. hehe.

    You look adorable.

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