Outfit Details:
1970s mustard yellow cardigan: thrifted
cream silk blutton up: thrifted
Brown leather loafers: thrifted
Sunglasses: thrifted

The last batch of my photos from Cayucos. We took a bit of stroll on a semi private beach near town and happened upon a hurt sea lion. You can't really see, but there is a long barb through his snout. Luckily, there was a marine life rescuer person who had been looking for him so hopefully he got the help he needed.

Other than that, we did lots of bike riding while we were in town. We ate at Rudells; they have the best smoked fish tacos. Sort of unusual but they put very thinly sliced apple in the taco and it shouldn't work but it totally does. Delicious! After dinner we headed over to the Shanty and got dessert. Pictured is the cow patty sundae that Grant and I split (which was a half order, if you can believe it) and it was great. I've been on such a sundae kick (fact: up until three years ago I had never had a milk shake because I thought they were too plain and would always opt for a sundae instead) and the cow patty did not disappoint. It had chocolate cake in it and toffee bits with lots of hot fudge and caramel. A+


  1. I love how comfortable and relaxed you look. Your bike is beautiful!

  2. cats and the beach? you are awesome!

  3. This set of photos looks like a 1970s-style advertisement for living in California-- love the beach setting, your goldenrod sweater and the KITTY. Also, that sundae sounds so delicious. I miss fish tacos, I haven't found a good one here in Chicago. :(

  4. Thanks for your comment and your book tip :)
    Great pictures.

    xx Viktoria


  5. I'm glad you got to do a lot of bike riding - that is just my favourite thing to do! Also mustard yellow suits you SO well xx


  6. That is one adorable kitty! I do love the casualness of your outfit.


  7. a kitty, boat shoes, mustard cardigan, ice cream, and bud - an epic post.

  8. That sundae looks delicious! Lovely blog! I love all the photos and your style! Following you! :)

    <3 Kelly

  9. Good lord, I want to marry that sundae, it looks/sounds mouth watering!

    You look awesome and what a cool bike too!

  10. I don't know what I like the most. A cat, a seal, You on a bike?! :)))

  11. I think that yellow cardigan was meant to be worn especially while riding that yellow bike :)

    xx, TFV

  12. amazing photos, love your casual outfit! your cat is soo cute, it reminds me of a cat i used to have :)

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  13. aww my heart aches for that sea lion he's so cute, i'm glad it looked like he was going to get some help. love your basic getup. what a great trip you took. smoked fish tacos with apple sound delicious.

  14. Cute outfit !


  15. I really need to buy a mustard colored cardigan ASAP!


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