Outfit Details:
Blue button up: Mango
Shorts (altered grandpa slacks): thrifted
Cable knit cardigan: borrowed from Grant ;-)
Brown leather loafers: thrifted
vintage sunglasses: thrifted

This day we drove to Cambria which is another cute little town near Cayucos. We've been before but I wanted to go back especially to eat at Lynn's which has the best pies! I got a slice of peach-blue (a la mode, of course. There's really no other way to eat a slice of pie...) and Grant got the ollalibery, which is what they're known for. Not pictured is the delicious veggie pot pie we both got with a side of mashed potatoes. I think I could eat mashed potatoes everyday and never get sick of them.

As we drove through the hills Grant and I spotted a mama deer with two of her babies just nibbling on some grass, it was too perfect.

In other news, I have a bunch of DIYs lined up--can't wait to get started on them (crystal bullet necklaces, driftwood terrarium, how I salvaged the most amazing 1940s silk floral day dress that I found thrifting in San Luis Obispo for $3--best find of the year), and other fun things.

P.S. I updated the store with lots of cute skirts and blouses (and methinks I'm going to do a store credit giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!) Check things out HERE


  1. looks like a lovely weekend. can't wait to see your silk dress!

  2. Ooh, I love that outfit! Such a classic color combination.
    And these photos make me want to go to the beach so badly. I haven't been once this summer!

  3. Love that outfit & how you buttoned your blouse up all the way to the top. :] It reminds me of a British schoolboy or something (and I mean that in a very good way!) Those pies sound amazing. I am especially interested in the savory veggie pot pie. I could live off of pot pies & mashies. So good!

  4. I think the best part of getting dressed for the day is seeing all of my animal brooch friends on my dresser! They always put a smile on my face. Oh, and how I love all of your photographs! You always have the best pictures of pretty things, all making me want to return to Southern California.xx

  5. These photos are lovely. The background (Cambria?) is the perfect place for not only any photo shoot, but for this outfit in particular. It has such a rustic, casual feel to it...

    The last photo is especially awesome. :)

    And omg veggie pot pie sounds freaking DELICIOUS. I love turkey shepherds pie (probably similar to what you had, but with turkey, haha) and it's my obsession.

    Also, you have no idea how much your sweet words meant to me (from my last blog post). It made me feel honored. Thank you.

  6. Wonderful day-trip pictures, as usual. And man, I love pelicans so much... I want to get that close to one!

  7. Amazing pics! That pie looks delicious... Though not sure I'd get that close to the Pelican! :p x

  8. I love your sandcastles. That's what my little bro and I generally spend our summer beach days doing, us against the raging tide and all that.

    I also missed the V&A twice (captured by dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and got there at closing time) before finally managing a proper day out. I know how you feel though, because I forgot to try out a bunch of London restos while I was there. Next time for both of us! :D

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  9. Lovely shots - make me long for a hot, hot summer :)

  10. I think the outfit and location look perfect together! I so want to go to the beach...not such great beaches in London though haha! Did you decide about cutting your hair? Your hair looks lovely long but I reckon it would look pretty cool around shoulder length too..no bowl cuts though! My hair is really annoying me at the minute so I'm also contemplating cutting it short...it's a hard decision to make and mine isn't anywhere near as long as yours:-) x

  11. i was just down in that area too last weekend and saw the the sign for the pie turn-off but ended up having Mexican food instead. oh well, will have to try it next time, it sounds like it was worth it.

  12. i love your boy meets girl look!!

    once again, super chic

  13. Hi friend
    After several days of absence it's nice to go back to your blog.
    I like your portrait with the sunset at the background.

    I am glad to hear that you send me some surprise. Waiting for it impatiently. It wasn't necessary of course.


  14. you do so many fun things :)

  15. aww such a cute sight! i love the cardigan that you are wearing and gosh you such an adventurous soul!

  16. Ok, this is real weird, I just realized I saw you last weekend in Cayucos. I think it was right by Nelson's Autoshop, you were riding a bike, I'm pretty sure. All I thought at the time was "dang, I like her style."

    Now I feel like this is starting to sound like one of those "missed connection" things. Aaaaand I'm weirding myself out.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear you had such a good time in Cayucos and Cambria. Too bad you didn't stick around for Cayucos' fireworks, they were pretty great this year.

  17. Ahhh... I love it when you find beauties like that for 3 bucks. I just found a black velvet sheer Laura Ashley dress for $3, talk about heart palpitations.

    Your grandpa cardigan looks super comfy.

    p.s. I love your etsy store, that mint accordion skirt is dreamy.

  18. Cute outfit!
    Plus that pie looks delish, i really want some! Off to American in a couple of weeks, i might see if i can make a detour ;)

    Loving the blog, following :)


  19. Stylish ! Love it !



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