Outfit Details:
1970s blue gingham peter pan collar blouse: thrifted
1960s coral sweater: thrifted
Wide leg trousers: Old Navy
Kork Ease sandals: thrifted

This day we went to the driftwood beach near Cambria in hopes to find the perfect piece of wood to complete the succulent terrarium that I've been thinking about in my head (perhaps a DIY to come?) and guess what? We found not one but three perfect pieces--success!

 Someone had made a driftwood hut on the beach which was neat and some sort of square driftwood pyre/table thing...I'm not too sure what its purpose was.

I love that the beaches here have wildflowers that grow basically on the beach, it's the perfect mix of desert and seaside and it makes me glad to live in a state that has such a diverse range of scenery.  Also, I always have to comment on how nice the air smells in this part of the world. The flowers and coastal sage and greenery mixed with the scent of the salt air is a favorite of mine, there's really nothing like it.

In hair news, I'm seriously contemplating cutting it all off. I had short hair (chin length) around three years ago and the lady gave me a bowl cut and I swore never again would I succumb to the temptation. Well I suppose time heals all wounds because I'm starting to think that an Alexa Chung-esque cut (real imaginative, I know) wouldn't be toooooo bad. What do you guys think?


  1. Oh my , I'm not sure how I feel about you cutting your hair. Your long locks are gorgeous, but I totally feel you when it comes to that point when you wanna just have a major change with hair. I say, go for it...minus the bowl cut.

    These photos are amazing! I seriously thought you were maybe at some desert and got kinda confused when I saw the waves crashing on the shore. And that little driftwood house...I'd love to play inside that thing. Unless it collapses on me.


  2. so dreamy...


  3. Hmm I think shorter hair for summer might be a good change, but uhh don't try the bowl cut again? Hahah.

    I love your oufit (: And your boyfriend? Husband? Man-friend? He's pree cute hahah.

    So much driftwood O.O I gotta make my way down to the beach soon. Can't wait to go wading in the water on a hot day. Or.. just walk around and enjoy the sun.


    (P.S. $25 Giveaway to Apothica (an online cosmetics boutique) on my blog! Just doin' some shameless advertising.. no big =.=)

  4. What a beautiful location! Whatever you decide on doing with your hair, I'm sure it'll look awesome. :D

  5. Darn, your hair must grow like wildfire if you had the misfortune of a bowl just three years ago! I love your long hair but I am sure you'll rock a short cut too :D

    I want to explore the driftwood shack.. so cool :)

  6. I love this 70s look you have going on! So cute. :) And I think you would be adorable with short hair. Your face is so pretty, you honestly could be bald and still be perfect. xoxo

  7. i was in your exact situation back in February of this year. I had long pretty hair but was tired of it and so I cut it to my shoulders and then a month later cut it again to about where it is now. liked it at first. but now I'm waiting for it to grow to a length where I can put it back in a bun again. no bueno. but hey, sometimes we just need a change so if you're feelin it go for it. it will always grow. and at the very least you'll appreciate it when it's long again.

  8. i think you would look so lovely with short hair, its just that the shape of your face is perfect for it xD

  9. Go for it! It's hair, it grows back. Plus, I think it'd suit you quite well.

  10. I always end up chopping off my hair really impulsively. Especially in the summertime. I'm debating doing that now too, actually. Though I've been wanting to grow mine out, since I never lt get actually LONG.

    Anyhow, loving your collared shirt + sweater combo. And lovely photos as usual :D

  11. oh my god, the collar on that blouse is so precious!

  12. your outfit is just lovely. i love the color combo. the scenery is in deed beautiful. i think an alexa chung(type) of hair style would look fab on you.


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