Fair Daze


Outfit Details:
1970s blue gingham blouse: thrifted
Coral skirt: Three Feathers Vintage
Navy blue ankle strap sandals: thrifted

The Orange County fair is an institution; one that marks loud and proud: summer is HERE! I like going to the fair namely because it's a real treat for the senses. Seeing the brilliant colored lights, hearing the shrieks of little kids as they ride the super sketchy fair rides, smelling the myriad of different fried foodstuffs and choking on the smoke from the dozens of barbecue vendors, feeling the prick of hay and sawdust in my shoes...

I think this year's theme was "Let's Eat" so the amount of food and the creativity in preparation (deep frier+ anything remotely edible) was seemingly greater than in years past. Grant, who had pie eyes by the time we reached the entrance to the fair, opted for a deep fried avocado as his starter of choice. I'd say this was probably the healthiest deep fried thing you can get but let's just say he paid dearly for his decision. Besides this, we gorged ourselves on hotdogs, corn dogs, lemonade, roasted corn, and a caramel apple (that was gross). If I weren't so cheap I would have probably bought more food but I hate paying ATM surcharges.

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  1. Is that a BBQ chicken sandwich with Krispy Kreme glazed donuts as a bun?!

    And a chocolate dipped pickle?!

    The fried avocado seems so normal in comparison. LOL!

    Your county fair puts my good ol' midwestern state fairs to shame. I mean, we have fried twinkies and alligator on a stick, but you all out there...WOW.

  2. I saw the fried avocado sign and was dubious... ; ) These pictures are awesome though... I'm not a big fair person but I'd make an exception for this one!

  3. Wow that looks like soooo much fun!!! :D I wish we had fun stuff like that where I live, haha

  4. Fairs are so much fun it's been ages since I've seen those swings. My deep fried treat of choice is funnel cake.

  5. totally fried! haha. looks like fun. such a cute outfit!


  6. I've always wanted to go to a cool fair like this...envious, ha! It looks like so much fun, and eating all that fattening (yet yummy) food sounds good :D

    ps. You are my new favorite blogger <3

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  7. Your description of this fair has made me nostalgic enough to hit one in my area, stat.

  8. those photos are dreamy...they make me nostalgic for an experience I never had! I'm going to LA next week, I'm excited.


  9. I am at once intrigued and completely sickened by the idea of fried avocado! I know I would have to try it if I saw it! x

  10. WOW,these pictures are adorable!!!Your look is so lovely, simple yet chic!

  11. That thee sounds awesome, I've never heard of deep fried avocado...in scotland they deep fry pizza which is pretty wierd.

    I love the colors in your outfit today lady. They suit you well

  12. ummm why do we always have the same posts! :) i just went to the fair friday and have a oc fair post too! :) we should have met up!

  13. oh this reminds me of that old school, summer fair, love, corndogs and cotton candies, so nostalgic! <3

  14. i love these colorful photos. you had the perfect fair outfit on too. aren't you the smart one to stay away from the fried avocado!

    p.s. hope your bf's show went well. he seems pretty talented to me :)

  15. i'm linking your blog post to my fair blog post right now :)

  16. Such a perfect outfit for the fair! I'm saving my pennies for the LA one next month instead (more food options and more animals to pet!). :)

  17. I love these photos and am strangely intrigued by all the deep fried stuff (crispy kreme chicken sandwich(!) and chocolate covered pickles sound especially novel) You can get deep fried mars bars some places around the UK but that's about as far as they'll go with unusual deep frying..

  18. i love the fair. and i love even just looking at the different food concoctions they come up with. it's amazing.
    your outfit is perfectly fair-esque.

  19. Love the blue gingham with the pink skirt. that is so cute. I think fairs are so much fun!!!


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