Golden Hour

Photos by Grant

Outfit Details:
Dress: BB Dakota
1950s slip: thrifted
Silver and turquoise necklace: Rosebowl Flea Market
1980s white leather sandals: thrifted

First of all, I have to say that all of these photos are unedited. No fancy shcmancy photoshop filter necessary, just beautiful light courtesy of mother nature (and a great photographer). Being in this little field reminded me so much of the movie Days of Heaven by Terence Malick. That whole movie was basically filmed during early sunrise or sunset so that he could utilize the golden hour light, a fleeting span of time when the world is bathed in the most perfect, golden light.  If you've never seen that movie I highly suggest it, if only for the stunning cinematography. Take a gander of at this clip (the actual movie trailer is rubbish, do not look at it!)

In other news, my trip to NYC is coming up. Less than a month and i'll be puttering around the offices of Refinery29 for a week. As always, NYC eatery suggestions are always welcomed.

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  1. such pretty pretty light! I HAVE seen Days of Heaven. Twice. such gorgeous cinematography. I just barely moved to manhattan, so I don't know the area super well yet, but I had some great vietnamese food on Bedford in Brooklyn!

  2. I will watch this movie, for sure. :)

    Such pretty photos!

  3. you look so beautiful! That outfit is my perfect outfit.

    Amazing golden photos

  4. LOVE these photos! You look sooo pretty!
    and yay NYC! :)
    [now Fields of Gold by Sting is in my head...haha]

  5. Gorgeous shots. It's my favourite time for photos.. well, blue hour too. If only they were really whole hours :D I guess just how fleeting the magic is only adds to the effect

  6. beautiful! now aren't you glad you haven't cut your hair? those braids look great on you. :)

  7. Such lovely photos and you look great! Such beautiful lighting.

  8. These photos are soo gorgeous. Beautiful sun & beautiful lady! :] I love that dress.

  9. These pictures are just sooo lovely!! The light, the place, your look... Love it!!
    Nice to meet u!!

  10. Oh, oh, OH! These are such gorgeous photographs Ashley. Grant did a great job. I too love the golden light at those special hours. Dawn and dusk are also when you're more likely to see deer grazing and walking about so I love it for that reason too. I'm such a nature and animal fan.

  11. dang girl, you really are a golden goddess! these are something else entirely. and ps: i vote for you to keep your long hairs! although i think you would look killer with a sleek shorter do, i'm forever a romantic at and always an advocate for long hairs these days.

  12. These photos are sooooooooooo beautiful! so summery and perfect, here in the Uk we are having such horrid rainy weather that it makes me look at these photos with envy!!


  13. the pictures in mine were unedited too!

  14. Beautiful dress !


  15. Does Grant know how lucky he is!?

    You are stunning....

    The surroundings aren't bad either :)


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