Last of London


Outfit Details:
Navy blue peacoat: C/O BB Dakota
White silk button up: thrifted
1960s wool skirt: thrifted
Magenta tights: Target
Brown boots: Target
Leather saddle bag: Rosebowl Flea Market

Well it's finally happened, I've exhausted ALL of my Europe photos. We were in Europe during the month of May and I just now finished posting. Sheesh.

This post is actually a few days worth of photos, not everything is taken on the same day! Let's see...we went to the Natural History Museum which was fun. I really like these sorts of museums because of all the taxidermied animal displays and I definitely was not disappointed. I AM, however, sad that we never got to check out the Victoria and Albert museum which looked really cool but I guess that will be for next time, right? I had to make the executive decision of either going there or getting tea and the tea won out. Obviously a pretty touristy thing to do but I was a tourist so it couldn't be helped. I'm not above sight seeing and engaging in corny activities such as standing in front of any sort of foreign landmark...as pictured in many of my Europe tagged posts.

The Orangery at Kensington Gardens was recommended to me by my friend Cailin and originally she was supposed to come with but due to some sad technological misunderstandings I ended up going  without her (it's all good though since we're meeting up when I go to NYC next month!). Anyway, I thought the place was cute and decently priced and the scone and clotted cream and jam...geez louise! If they had that here I would eat one every day. The closest I've ever seen is a scone from Starbucks and they  always look sad and gray and rock hard. Gross.

 Other than that, if my memory serves me correctly we spent time at the National Portrait Gallery which was very pretty and opulent. During our time we also took a short jaunt to Neil's Courtyard where Ed said his friend saw Morrissey just a few days before. He was ascending some sort of secret private staircase and his friend who was the only other person using the stairwell, desperate to share a few words with him, asked him how he was doing to which he replied (in textbook Morrissey fashion, filled with haughty disdain and ambivalence), "Average" as he sashayed up the stairs. How good is that?

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  1. a photo of you in front of the red telephone booth is super cute. xo!


  2. Love these, especially that first one!

  3. The top photo in front of the portraits is stunning.

    A x

  4. Don't worry my friend you have SEVERAL tea options in L.A. (I used to go fairly frequently). My favorite is having tea at the rose garden at The Huntington in San Marino. Also, if you just want to get tea service and not pay to go to a museum/gardens I highly recommend the Chado Tea Room near the Beverly Center!

    So jealous of all your London photos, I've been wanting to visit the city for so long.

  5. Ha I love the Morrissey story! That is just how I would want Morrissey to respond to me if I saw him on some stairs in Neil's courtyard! The V and A is a great museum but if it's a choice between going there and having a proper afternoon tea then I think I would choose the scones too! You should try and make scones at home. They are not too difficult and so delicious!! x

  6. Soooo much fun!!! :D :D I love that first shot with all the portraits :)

  7. Tea wins over museums every time, though museums are awesome of course! Love the Morrissey story. ; D

  8. that Morissey story is just great. love your trip photos. it's nice to stop running around drink tea and just take it all in.

  9. europe, museums, high tea... all the things i love!

    looks like so much, thanks for sharing :)

    cins - design3rd

  10. Awesome shots :) I'll have to pay the national history museum a visit some time. I have a creeped out-love relationship with taxidermy :D

  11. that is one pair of tight troosers on Mick Jagger!

    Next time you go to London make sure to visit the V&A. I make sure I go everytime I go to London. It has never disappointed. You will love it!

  12. oh goosh girl you look so cute with that big blue coat and bright purple tights!! <3 and the food photos are aweyum!

  13. Oh gosh I miss this city. Your pictures are awesome! I love that portrait of Mick Jagger like way too much. That Morrissey story is awesome. He showed up at my friend's restaurant in LA and my sister-in-law got to talk to him. I almost died when I heard.

  14. aww I love these shots. seems like you were very tired but had such a nice time completely.


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