Photo by Neil Krug

1. American Girl-- Tom Petty
2. General Specific-- Band of Horses
3. Wagon Wheel-- Old Crow Medicine Show
4. Oceanside--The Decemberists
5. Holland, 1945--Neutral Milk Hotel
6. Sun Was High (So Was I)--Best Coast
7. The Way We Get By--Spoon
8. Don't Change--INXS
9. Where Do You Run To--Vivian Girls
10. A Sweet Summer's Nigh on Hammer Hill--Jens Lekman


I've been wanting to post a mix up for ages and ages and I finally got around to it! I present to you a small collection of songs that remind me summer. Enjoy (Also, this is the first time I've posted up a mix so if anything is acting weird, let me know and I'll try to fix it)

As always, if you like a song go out and support the artist who made it ;-)

P.S. I caved and made a little FB page for this blog which you can find on the right. I figured since I have so many internet hobbies that warrant updates, a centralized e-location to alert anyone who cares would be nice. I'll be updating that page with info on new store items, new blog posts, new youtube videos (did you know I'm strangely popular on youtube? the internet pursuit that I spend the absolute least amount of time on too, go figure...), and other junk.


  1. I love your picks. I just downloaded them and I can't wait to hear it over this weekend. I didn't even know you had a Youtube channel. Def will subscribe.

  2. Fab playlist! I posted one back in spring, and you've reminded me that it wouldn't be a terrible idea to get a summer one in place! (I also can't stop listening to Best Coast-they're just so damn summery and fun!)

  3. Great playlist. I'm gonna ride my bike and listen to this.

  4. awesome playlist. this will keep me going for the rest of the work day. :)


  5. How funny you mention YouTube because that is where I actually first found you. I always fell in love with your little vintage and thrift finds. :)


  6. Awesome playlist! I'm listening to Best Coast right now. :)

  7. Doesn't surprise me - your vintage haul vids are always fun to watch :)

    Now I am off to youtube your music pics..
    have a great weekend!


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