Outfit Details:
Floral top: made by my grandma
Wool trousers: thrifted
White leather sandals: thrifted

I kind of think that photo of me laughing really hard looks beyond fake but I swear it's not. I guess I was doing some sort of weird pose and Grant called me out on it. I'm glad for this. Sometimes I come across a fashion blogger doing the most insane, cringe inducing pose and I think to myself, "Who Okayed this?" (Side note: to whoever thought that the "squatting" pose seemed like a good way to show off an outfit: are you blind? It looks like you're pooping. There. I said it.)

Anyway, I've been a fan of the relaxed wool trouser pant style for a while but I've only found maybe one or two pairs that fit well and are cut nicely. These pants fit like pajama bottoms almost, which I support. My only gripe is there are no back pockets but I figure since they are loose enough it's not a big deal. Usually, If I don't see a back pocket, I ain't bitin. Pants without back pockets remind me too much of middle school, Contempo Casuals, bedazzled 98% Angel t-shrits, and scented roll on body glitter.


I didn't post this here, but come check out my latest thrift haul video if you have 8 minutes and 36 seconds to spare.

AND one of my other thrift hauls made it onto an episode of StyleHaul. StyleHaul is basically THE fashion and beauty channel on YouTube. I'm actually signed with them so I get to share my videos with lots more people than I could have ever imagined. I always joke that my YouTube channel is, ironically, the internet hobby that I put the least amount of effort in...and it's by far my most popular pursuit.  Here's the episode:


  1. Woohoo for featuring on StyleHaul! Thats so exciting! xx


  2. LOVE this outfit!!!! That top is amazing
    Also love your youtube videos, watch them all the

  3. The third photo is so lovely! It doesn't seem fake at all. And I agree 100% with you on that squatting pose! Haha whenever I see someone doing it I laugh :)
    Great outfit btw :) I love the print on that top.


  4. you look lovely in the video! (the blue gingham top is really pretty) I love your natural laughing pose, hehe I know what you mean by the really OTT poses! xx

  5. Love how the pant was made more relaxed, by the white sandals.
    You look lovely
    Solar Falcon

  6. Ps, your 'laugh out loud' photo is captivating!

  7. i looove the floral top!!

  8. I love your top. Grandma did a very good job! The pattern is amazing too.


  9. I love that top!!!
    (and HAHA! Those do look like people are going number 2)

  10. Hey there, first off I noticed your cool nail polish care to share the brand and color? Also another use for toothpaste is for pimples to go down. I know that way weird by I learned about it of TV eons ago. I've honestly been looking for mustard sweaters in my thrift stores. your so lucky that you keep finding one.

  11. haha totally agree ab the squatting pose! love the wool pants!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. haha sooo true! I posted a pic on my facebook of outtakes and it literally looks like I am pooping...it's become my thing lately I will just squat...I'm even squating in todays pictures...twice!haha love the top so cute...

    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  13. awww don't criticize the poop squat! i've never seen it actually, but i don't go on too many blogs yet. also, did they ever announce the karmaloop contest winner? i want to read the entry that won.

  14. I totally dig your top! and thanks for the video. I'll check out the stores you mentioned! xoxo


  15. No way, the poop squat is terrible! Nothing redeems it.

  16. I love your shirt. It is so unique and very beautiful on you. :)

    Cute video. Thanks for the toothpaste tip. I am definitely going to keep that in mind the next time I go thrift-store shopping!

    Love the button collar you made as well. Great job! xoxo

  17. aww, i love that your grandma made your top. that's so very sweet.

  18. I loove your top! The asymmetrical print is super cute!

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  19. what a cool shirt!!!!!!!


  20. ah i meant mostly the criticizing part, not the squat itself. to each his own, i figure. :) but, you are absolutely right, in any case, about the squat. haha i actually stumbled across a blog with a pose like that for the first time coincidentally. not in the least flattering. also, i do like your laughing picture! :)

  21. love the print of your shirt and the retro look of the outfit overall. i'm quite a fan of the no pockets for me it adds less junk to the trunk if you know what i mean. you mentioning contempo totally brings me back. i know what kind of pack pocketless pants your referring to. i like ones more on the lines of cropped and tailored fit with no pockets.

  22. you totally made me laugh and nostalgic with the scented roll on body glitter, I had a strawberry one i got in 6th grade from delia's.

  23. That top is incredible. Your grandma has some serious skills.
    I'm sorry we couldn't meet up too, but I know how it is in NY. I run around like a crazy person 99% of the time.
    Also, blogger poses kill me sometimes. I just want to remind them that they aren't an American Apparel model...the sexy poses skeeve me out.


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