Hi, everyone! I'm Belly B and I blog compulsively over at B for Bel. I'm so glad that I get to guest post on Ashley's blog while she's away!
The first thing that attracted me to Ashley's blog, was the URL. I'm not kidding, I thought it was super adorable. Who can resist going to a blog that is so reminiscent of such a warm childhood memory? And boy, was I happy I did. As I'm sure with all of you, I couldn't stop clicking on the archives. I love all her outfits, not only because they are gorgeous, quirky and vintage, but also because they have a resounding nostalgia to them that exudes exclamations of comfort and familiarity but that also radiates with individuality.

So, while she is away enjoying her trip, I'm here to bring you a couple of accessories that also portrays a kind of sentimental attachment with a quirky twist!
It goes without saying that this unique piece will make a great conversation starter. When I first saw it, I was gawking at my screen for a good 30 seconds at how creative fashion can be. It makes me feel that I'm a bad citizen for throwing anything out.

I'm sure Modcloth doesn't need any introduction in the Blog world. Every single one of their accessories makes me jump up in an ecstatic frenzy, because not only are they capable of putting any girl into a heel-clicking, lip-smacking mood, they make so much sense I wonder why I didn't think of it before.

Aren't these just Darling? I can just imagine myself pinning these on my Peter Pan collared blouse before I go for my first day of class, just to get me in the mood. I just love anything that can be personalised and re-personalised.

I've always found that jewelry made from the most unexpected things get the most attention. With these, I'm sure I'm right! 

Really? Forget engagement rings, this will be the way to propose. Bend the house key of the spankin' new apartment we're going to live in with our 3 dogs and put it in a box. Now that's a real promising future! I'm just kidding, but these will make a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection and, also, another great ice breaker! :)


  1. Hello, Belly B! Your writing makes me smile. And I am LOVING these finds! I can't stop staring at the lens cuff too. And the key ring...what the heck! I wish you could still bend the key and use it for an actual door. haha It's kind of like how when I had guitar pick earrings, I would always consider them using as back-up picks.


  2. The pencil shavings necklace is amazing, what a great idea! x

  3. This is a great post! Your an awesome writer and I loved all the pieces you shared, especially the lens cuff & the pencil shavings necklace! I will definitely be checking out your blog. :)

  4. Wow, these are so cool! Love the lens cuff! xo

  5. the lens cuff is my favorite! I should give one to my photographer friend :)

  6. Like Dahhlayne said, it would be fun to make more use of it. Like the measuring tape bracelet.. it would show the girth of your hand too!! hehee.. Fun post!



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