Too hot for culottes


Outfit details:
White button up made by my grandpa grandma!
Mustard floral culottes: Three Feathers Vintage
white leather sandals: thrifted

Ahh culottes, if they were made with any other less sturdy fabric they'd really just be goucho pants which are hideous, yet were confusingly popular while I was in high school circa 2006.

Anyway, these photos are from when Grant and I hoofed it up to LA to spend the day going to photography exhibits and roaming around the West Side. We ate at Nook which I highly recommend as a good place near Westwood/ Santa Monica to sup at. Moderately priced ($10-14 for lunch) but really delicious. Grant got this ahi sandwich that had a fig and apple chutney on it and I'm still thinking about it (I got the mac and cheese which was good too, though!).

Afterwards we went to the Annenberg which has a really "fantastic" (in quotes because I normally hate that adjective) exhibit going on called Beauty Culture. Emphasis on the cult part. It is an exhibit meant to delve within the inner psyche of fashion, beauty, and celebrity and explore the dangers inherent within a culture that puts such a high premium on seemingly unattainable beauty standards and how these standards effect and inform modern society and a woman's perception of self. I really liked it so if you live in LA you should see it. Bonus, it's free!

Then we went to M+B and Grant was excited because they have a Leroy Grannis exhibit up. They also had some Barry Obama proof sheets sitting on a filing cabinet but I didn't catch the photographer.

We ended the day in Westwood with a stroll through the farmer's market and persian ice cream from our favorite middle eastern ice creamery Saffron and Rose. I got the date ice cream with a liberal dousing of sour cherry sauce; Grant got the soy saffron and pistachio.

Then we sat in traffic for two hours and made it home -____-

P.S. You can get 15% off at the store right now with code "BIGAPPLE" in honor of my trip to NYC next week to blog for Refinery29 ;-)


  1. oh god, those pants are still popular where I am now. and I love that your granddad made you that shirt. that's super sweet of him!

  2. Maybe it's funny but I like the stairs You sitting on. I love such details. Moreover, such ornaments associate me with Portugal. These tiles can be seen on almost every building. I have a great fondness for Portugal...

    Nice turorial in the previous post.


  3. Man, you are posting up a storm recently! I love these culotte things, particularly in contrast with that tiled staircase. And I have to say, it sounds like LA has some of the best food....

  4. love your style girl! i have pants like that too. i love your shoes as well, I wish I can go thrifting in California too.

  5. I love the print on your shorts, especially how they kind of match the cool tiles behind you! The ice cream sounds delicious too; I love unusual flavors. :D

  6. your pants are an amazing pattern and the ice cream looks yummmy!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. Ooh love those shorts!!! And it sounds like you had a pretty awesome time, except for the traffic :(

  8. I wore a pair of gauchos around that time ('06). My good friend's grandma bought them for me. I then used the excuse that they were too small so I never had to be dressed in them again.

    The Anneberg exhibit you visited sounds so impacting and interesting. :)))) @ Obama then. Goodness, do those ice cream flavors sound delicious. So unlike anything I have ever had.

  9. Hahaha gaucho pants...horrible! Your pants are just fun and cute because of the pattern :)

  10. a cup of ice cream is surely a perfect way to end the day! and i love your pants! i was about to say skirt!!

  11. Kewt as always...I am visiting LA this week and went to the show at the Annenberg, too! Very interesting.

  12. Your blog posts always make me so freaking hungry, ha.

    LOVE those steps you are sitting on. There is nothing like that around here, and that's a huge bummer. Love 'em.

  13. Always love your style of writing! OH and I'm loving all the new goodies in your shop :)

  14. Really nice shorts!! You grandfather made your shirt!! That´s great!! And I love the color and print of those stairs!! hehe!!
    See u soon!!

  15. Oh dear, I miss everything about L.A. except the horrid traffic. I love the setting of the first photo, all those tiles look wonderful.

    I used to rock culottes a lot in elementary school/junior high, would be fun to wear a pair again!

  16. it's hard to resist getting anything else when mac n cheese is on the menu. the exhibit sounds really interesting...too bad i'm on the other side of the country. not sure how long you'll be around but if you want to link up in brooklyn for some pretty amazing ice cream let me know. congrats on your refinery 29 gig too!

  17. You look great, and how fantastic are those tiled stairs?!

  18. i remember the goucho pants fad... how frightening. but your outfit is just as lovely as those beautiful stairs and looks so comfortable.

  19. those culottes are awesome! that print. I love that your grandma made that blouse, those items are so precious.

    On a side note, I saw your video on your last post about your thrifted finds. Such a good idea dude. You come across wonderfully, so appreciable and fun.


  20. Sounds like you spent a "fantastic" day, haha ^^
    Those pics are beautiful and I also adore the look-especially the skirt!
    Also, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)


  21. Sorry, I meant culottes -_- they actually look like a skirt!

  22. the best culottes ever, you totally rock them! and the pictures are wonderful, very summery :)

  23. Great look! Love how your culottes match the print of the tile on the stairs!

  24. Thanks for your comment
    I'm happy that you like my chair :)

  25. We love your always adorable use of vintage here at WhoWhatWear HQ! Good luck with your Refinery29 trip at NYC!

  26. How lovely are your floral culottes! <3 Gosh, I haven't seen culottes since I was in primary school, although they were A LOT less stylish than your lovely pair. I adore the colour scheme of the print! x


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