Win A Free Fall 2011 Outfit From Jack and Karmaloop!


Outfit Details:
Clothing C/O  Jack BB Dakota  Fall 2011
Leopard scarf: thrifted
Kork Ease sandals: thrifted

Wanna win some free gear for Fall courtesy of Jack and Karmaloop? Can you style an outfit like nobody's business? Better yet, do you have a mastery of the English language that surpasses "lol sooooooo cute omggggg!"?

Well, listen up (read closely) because Jack and Karmaloop are throwing a contest right now and I'm picking the winner (which will be announced Monday). All you have to do in order to win a free outfit is:

1. Take a look at the Jack BB Dakota Fall 2011 collection that is available at Karmaloop over HERE

2. Then go to  THIS PAGE in order to describe what sort of great outfit you've dreamed up.

That's it!

A caveat: this is a contest based on WORDS and WRITING (as well as impeccable fashion sense),  so make sure to really let your personality shine through because I ain't picking anyone who writes "Top A would look good with Skirt B and Jacket C because I think they're really cute" NO. WRONG. 

Good luck and the winner will be picked on Monday! 

EDIT: Up on the Karmaloop Blog and the BB Dakota Tumblr!


  1. Great idea for the contest. Unfortunately, my English is too weak ...

  2. Ashley, this is right up my logophile alley, but I have one concern. Do I HAVE to fill out the form with my last name? I like keeping my blog semi-anonymous, so will Karmaloop publish my full name?

  3. You look so glamorous! And this photo locations is pretty swanky too! Right, so I'm off to have lunch to fuel my writerly abilities, and hopefully once I've entered this I'll have the flow going to continue with my evil theeeesis. Or maybe I'll be reduced to writing, "public bicycle culture is so cuuuuuute! lol" ; D

  4. Hmm you know I really don't know. I feel that for any contest that's sponsored by a legitimate business, a first and last name would be required in order to verify that the person isn't just spamming the system with made up names--that you are who you say you are. If you win, someone will contact you via e-mail I'm sure you could ask them to not include your last name if they do make some sort of winner announcement :)

  5. i love the peachy blouse! super cute. i want! i think i'll enter. i haven't done any fashion editorial writing in a while though. it's been all fiction/short story and music journ. maybe i can use it to my advantage somehow :)

  6. oh also do we need to use only the bb dakota collection to make the outfit?

  7. Ooh awesomenesss!!! I love all three of your outfits! I'll have to enter the contest after work :D

  8. Thanks, Ashley! I also didn't see any residency restrictions, so it's up for Canadian grabs, eh?

  9. I want that jacket. Ahhhhhh. I have been looking all over for a jacket like that.

    AND! First thing I saw when I opened their website is that they ship to Canada. WOO.

  10. I just entered but the entry rules said you picked the winner Aug 1st. Hope that's incorrect and I win!

  11. What a great prize. I've chosen my outfit but need to actually enter! I don't know if you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm but the other week there was a character who said 'L-O-L' out loud instead of laughing! My boyfriend and I have been joking about it so much now I'm afraid I'll actually start to say it. 'lol' :-)

  12. you're such a beauty! loving all these outfits on you:)

  13. you look GORGEOUS in all of these outfits :)

  14. love your blog girl!!! you have an amazing style! :D
    I'm following here and in bloglovin


  15. That's a great transition coat!


  16. i'm pretty much in love with these outfits! i think i'll have to sharpen up my writing skills and give it a shot :) xo

    visit soon! and join my giveaway!!


  17. You really do look quite lovely. I also adored your guest post on Emily's blog! I know I've been rubbish at commenting lately, but I'm in the midst of a move (excuses, excuses).

    Anyhow, I've entered and my fingers are crossed.
    I hope you're having a delightful week Ashley! xo

  18. What a great give-away! So much more fun than the usual "leave a comment with your favorite item"!
    And you look absolutely gorgeous!

  19. This is an awesome giveaway! I'll definitely be popping over there and thinking up a cute outfit. Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog too!

  20. Ugh, I think I accidentally ended up submitting it a few times. It kept going to an error page afterward but apparently I'm signed up for the email list so it went through? Hope that doesn't decrease my odds as I didn't intend to annoyingly post it multiple times.


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