Garden Estate


Outfit Details:
 Bow print 3/4 sleeve maxi dress: thrifted
Leather penny loafers: thrifted
brown belt: thrifted

A real quick post with a dress that's making its second appearance on this blog. I wore this out to run errands the other day and got two compliments from two different lady barristas so suffice to say I was feeling preeetttyyy good. It's funny, when I bought this dress I was really iffy about it but I think I love it more and more every time I wear it. Don't you just love when that happens?

 Anyway, tomorrow Grant and I are off to the Ace Hotel Palm Springs for a small birthday vacation. This also means I get to eat at Cheeky's!! One of my favorite Palm Springs restaurants (so excited). Anyway,  expect lots of dreamy desert photos to come.

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  1. No wonder you got 2 compliments on it, it is quite awesome. 3/4 length dresses are a weird length on me, but your rocking it!
    Kelly xo

  2. What a gorgeous look! I love your new hair too!


  3. You do look lovely! I know what you mean about being unsure about a garment. Last year I bought a white dress at a charity shop even though I never wear white, but it has become one of my favourite dresses to wear.

  4. i love ACE hotels. My friend stayed at the palm springs one last year and said it was awesome. Have an amazing time!

    Dude, your dress is adorable...the length is spot on and so is the darling print


  5. oh my gosh you look so adorable - i'm in love with your hair! xx

  6. I love getting compliments from strangers about my style.
    That dress does look really cute on you!

  7. You look especially elegant in that dress. Have a good trip! I can't wait to see the dreamy desert photos, and get inspired to plan my own trip out west. :]

  8. looove the look!

    xoxo from rome

  9. i've heard so many great things about the Ace Hotel and Palm Springs in general that I can't wait to get down there myself one of these days. looking forward to seeing your photos.

  10. This is a lovely dress. Your entire look reminds me of the 1930s for some reason. I think it is just the natural beauty you exude, along with the simple elegance of the dress itself...

  11. I remember this dress! I'm taking kind of a shine to your idyllic looking garden too, and you are looking the epitome of 1930s meets 70s chic with the dress and the hair!

  12. Hey girl!

    I came back! :)

    Unfortunately still no new post. Still unpacked after my trip. It's nice to visit your blog again.
    Birthday trip? This will be your birthday?

  13. I love the dress. Super glad you wound up thrifting it.

  14. See now you can rewear everything simply because you have that new hairstyle.

  15. Ohhh, your blog = CHIC!
    Wonderful post!!


  16. Umm...I LOVE that dress!!! Perfection!
    I know what you mean, sometimes I'm not sure about a purchase and then it ends up being one of my favorite things

  17. I seriously miss Palm Spings so much! I can't wait to hopefully go back this year. have fun!! :)
    The first picture is just so beautiful, lovely dress!

  18. hey! happy birthday soon! what are you doing for your big day tomorrow? i'll be in the area :)

  19. Happy early birthday! Sadly I never got to go to Palm Springs but would often go to Joshua Tree. Fun print on your dress; it's funny-- my most complimented vintage dresses are the ones I think are the oddest/most unusual, guess people are attracted to something that's different.

  20. It's such a beautiful dress, I love when a dress we aren't sure about became a favorite...I love too when that happens.


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