Outfit Details:
Southwestern Blouse: pile sale
Levi's Cut offs: thrifted, hacked up a pair of 1980s mom jeans
Socks: Target
Suede oxfords: thrifted
Cat eye sunglasses: F21

Palm Springs, while blazingly hot, was such a nice getaway. If you live in Southern California I'd say the time to go is NOW if you want to get a cheap room at the Ace Hotel. Ours was like $60!

We did lots of thrifting, architecture ogling, lounging, eating, (highly recommended: Jakes for dinner and Cheeky's for breakfast. AND they're right next to each other! So delicious and most likely the best food deal in the area) swimming, and desert exploring.

Let's see...I also had a great birthday yesterday! The big 2-3. Yikes. I know that's not old at all but honestly, after you turn 21 all your other birthdays are pretty much "womp womp, another year older". Maybe that's just me, though. Pessimism aside, 22 was an amazing year, 21 was a terrible year, and let's  just hope 23 is one for the record books!


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! I love that shirt.

  2. Great outfit, hair, and background! I really want to visit out West ♥

  3. Haha, architecture ogling. I'm gonna start using that! Lovely blouse! The print is rad. Happy b-day!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  4. you're so lovely!!

  5. Ooh love that last photo!! :D
    I know what you mean, I'm 23 next month and it feels sooo old, but its not old at all XD

  6. happy birthday! those shorts look so great on you! xx

  7. happ 23rd lady! lovely top and awesome trip

  8. Ashley, you are my true and only hero ^^

    See U !

  9. First, this shirt epitomizes everything I love about you. I could NEVER get away wearing a shirt like that. I would look ridiculous. But you make it look SO FAB. I want to own that shirt now, after seeing how gorgeous you are in it!

    And second, I cannot believe you are only 23! For some reason, I thought you were more around my age (27). I think it's because you have such cool style and I look up to you fashion-wise, and that kind of threw me off. Lol.

    Happy birthday! xoxo I hope it was a magical day. :)

  10. Happy birthday!! Your shirt's print and colors are just awesome. You look rad!

  11. this outfit is super carefree and casual, and I love how you wore your socks! perfect for the first day of fall. thanks for your comment the other day - estate sales are a lot scarier than thrift stores in my opinion but that's kind of what makes them fun. and happy 23rd!! I just hit 23 in August and so far it's still peachy... hope you had a great week!

  12. happy birthday! this look is perfection.
    i'm so jealous that you went and stayed in palm springs! i so want to stay at the ace hotel!

  13. Happy belated birthday! I feel the same way, there are no other milestones except maybe 25 when you can rent a car from major rental places. Meh, whatever. Hope you have a great year and cute shirt.

  14. Happy late birthday lady.
    these photos are amazing. Seriously some of my favourite. I love that southwestern print shirt, the pastels are devine!!!

  15. These pictures are so good, love the cut offs and the shirt, you make me want to go snatch up a pair of those shades!




  16. yess i turned 24 this yr and was like... :(!! but age is just a number. um btw palm springs looks incredible. take me with! the east coast is so much uglier scenery wise!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

  18. A very happy birthday too you! Love this look on you too!


  19. Happy birthday! 23 will be a good year. :] Ohh what a perfect shirt to go with your lovely southwestern backdrop.

  20. Gorgeous blouse, I adore the pattern! Hope you had a great birthday :)

  21. I dream to be 23 again!!! :)I'm so old,old lady :(

  22. Gimme yo legs, girrrrl!!!!

    And your mini-vacay sounds like so much fun!! Ace hotels are pretty swanky, I've been to the one in NYC - even more swanky since you scored such a deal!

    You are a desert hottie.

  23. You look AWESOME. Perfect desert outfit. Perfect desert photos. I don't know if I've commented recently but I loove your new hair.

    Happy 23rd too! I am turning 22 very soon and I am freaking out because like you said, "womp womp another year older". All of my friends are older than me though so they just tell me to shut up & I'm a baby. haha

  24. Happy belated birthday sister! I love this outfit and these photos so much, they seriously look like an editorial from a swanky magazine.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looking gorgeous as ever!

    23 was a great year for me....I met the love of my life, threw caution to the wind and started a family. It's young I know for that kind of responsibilty but it was the start of a glorious adventure that I'm still living and loving. You have your best years ahead of you yet! xx

  26. happy birthday! mine was on the 21st :) I turned 24...looks like the perfect birthday getaway.


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