Pretty Pleats and DollyMoo


Outfit Details:
Striped silk scarf: thrifted
Blouse:  Forever 21 from around 5 years ago
Taupe skinny pleat skirt: thrifted
Felt Hat: borrowed from Grant
Nude flats: Belle by Sigerson Morrison C/O Rue La La 

I really love pleated skirts, I always buy them up whenever I shop for the store but I never keep any for myself. That is, until I found this skirt. I love the color, kind of a subdued taupe that has very faint sheen to it,  and the fact that the skinny pleats are reallllly crisp.This outfit sort of made me feel like I was a pioneer ranch woman for some reason, I guess I'll blame it on the bandanna and the hat! When I was in high school I used to wear a lot of bandannas like this and methinks I'll be doing it again this fall.

Next up on the agenda...

DollyMoo! When Nicci from DollyMoo contacted me wondering If I'd like to try out a few products I jumped at the chance. I loves me some bath products, especially those of the handmade variety so I knew that I would be in for a treat. I picked out the lilac body oil  and the tangerine oat body scrub and honestly, they are amazing. And this is a for real opinion, mind you. I only share what I think is legitimately great  regardless of if it's gifted to me, JSYK.

The lilac body oil has replaced my humongous Costco sized bottle of Aveeno and it does a wonderful job of keeping me nice and smooth all over. The subtle powdery scent of lilac definitely lasts and does not dissipate after a half hour (which is important). The tangerine oat body scrub really sloughs of the dead skin cells and the scent is perfect for groggy mornings when you need a bit of a pick me up. It's very refreshing.

Anyway, I always advocate to buy products from small businesses whenever possible and DollyMoo certainly fits the bill. Check 'em out if you haven't already. They definitely get my seal of approval!


  1. That pleated skirt is so cute...and thrifted? how perfect! I'll have to check out DollyMoo! That tangerine oat body scrub looks so good for the skin :D

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  2. what an amazing outfit!! you look sooooo stylish!!
    PS. pass by my blog if u wanna see the teenvogue fashion show! ;)


  3. I love the color combination of taupe and cornflower blue, the bandanna & hat also really help make the outfit unique.

    Your shorter hair looks amazing with the hat, you'll be having fun with fall/winter hats I'm sure!

  4. i'm going to have to check out that line! lucky you!

    this outfit is adorable! i love the hat.

  5. You always wear classic, flattering pieces (whether tailored to you or loose) with such nonchalance.

  6. Your new hair is super adorable!! And I love your skirt

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  7. You really look great! I also love pleated skirts and this one is so adorable :) I also like your nude flats...they seem so versatile!


  8. Love, love, love this look. I have saved it to my inspiration folder :) And still loving your fresh bob!
    Kelly xo

  9. Ohhh lilac body oil! Does it smell good, too? I love the sultry look on your face in the first photo. You make me want to chop my hair off! xx

  10. i love that skirt! i've regretted selling a few perfect pleated skirts so i think its a good move to keep this one for yourself.

  11. Your new hair is beautiful! And I love these pleats, just lovely.


  12. Gorgeous outfit! I especially love your top. That shade of blue is perfection on you. xox

    Want to try that body product now! Sounds amazing. :)

  13. Hello! I'm a new follower and fellow Southern Californian, and I love your style! This skirt is great. I've thrifted several accordion-pleated skirts, too, only I haven't been able to bring myself to sell any of them yet! I do have one that I think I'm going to sacrifice to my Etsy shop soon. Anyway, I love this one that you're wearing and how it looks with your pretty blue top.

  14. your skirt is a beauty. the pleats are such a nice touch, very ladylike but the tee keeps it from being to stuffy. A+ outfit :)

  15. Gosh, you look so lovely, little lady :)

  16. Loving the hair Ashley! I am so jealous!!!! As a long haired girl, I remember reading your post of "why you did it" and I absolutely hate finding my long-ass hair everywhere (our couch is brown and I am constantly picking it off and throwing it away and my vacuum is almost broken due to all the effing hair around it!) But you really, really rock this style...I am enjoying it so!

    And I have been dying for a skirt in that color and in pleats, no less! You hold on to that little number (like a your thrifted Forever21 top from FIVE years ago!) You will use that like cray-cray (oh and basic nude flats? perfection! god you inspire my shopping choices so!)

    And DollyMoo looks amazing!! That scrub, holy moly -- I want to slather myself up in tangerine and then lilac dreams! Great review!! <3 Take care lovely!

  17. omg! you cut your hair!!! i must be living under a rock but it looks so gorgeous! love it xo


  18. Interesting Ashley! I love beauty products. : )

    By the way, I am having a giveaway on my blog!
    Lavender Peasant Shirt Giveaway

  19. lady your hair looks great...it fits you so well. love this outfit. yes you are certainly putting some pioneer ranch vibes out into the universe... congrats on your teen vogue feature!


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