San Jacinto


This building is a KFC!


Ate at the little restaurant at the Ace called King's Highway. Truthfully...it was pretty whatever.

Outfit Details: 
Silk sage green polka dot blouse (borrowed from the store!)
Semi sheer floral skirt: thrifted
Suede oxfords: thrifted
Cat eye sunglasses: F21

The last of my Palm Springs photos. Doesn't the food above look so good? I'm a huge sucker for eggs benedict so of course I had to try the version over at Cheeky's and they did not disappoint.  A little different from the traditional rendition, this version used cheddar jalapeno scones and thick cut bacon and it was delicious. Grant got the the raspberry french toast with creme fraiche...delicious.

Story time: The night before these photos were taken, Grant and I were playing ping pong by the pool. It was dim and hard to see the little ping pong ball while we were playing. Naturally, I kept having to scramble after the ball (since I kept missing shots. Hrmph!) and it would sometimes land by the base of this one palm tree.  I remember looking down for a second  to see, out of the corner of my eye, the biggest, fattest, most disgusting cockroach-esque thing scurry by. A second later, as my eyes adjust in the darkness, I realize that these cockroach things are like living on the palm tree that I keep running to in order to get the ball. Ack!

BUT that is not the point of my story. We eventually make it to the "star gazing lounge" aka a couple of lounge chairs on the roof of the bar and as we are chatting I notice A GIANT COCKROACH scuttling on the edge of his chair.

I jumped up so fast. I don't think I could even choke out the words "cockroach" and as I am standing I feel, what I can only assume to be, another enormous cockroach flutter against my ankle. I'm pretty sure I shouted, "WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW." as I bolted down the stairs and power walked across the grounds to the safety of our room.

I honestly do not remember the last time I felt so repulsed by something. I don't think I'm the type of girl that get's tooooooo weirded out by creepy crawlies but UGH. I know I tend to speak in hyperole but that cockroach was literally the length of a stick of gum (not the Trident or Orbit kind, but like Juicy Fruit or Wrigley's) and as wide as like a jumbo Sharpie pen. UGHUGHUGH. Just no.

So now I will pose a question: when was the last time you were really really grossed out?


  1. Your blog posts always make me want to get in a car and head to California. Ugh. One day.

    That food... oh man.

    Last time I was super grossed out? Probably when I saw a snake. Snakes freak me out. I don't mind bugs or other creatures like that, but snakes... ugh. It's so bad now that I can't even look at a photo of a snake without shivering.

  2. Awesome photos as per usual :) Love the "ACE" building - I am a sucker for photos of blocky buildings like that :)

    Now for the creepy crawlies..
    A long, long time ago some friends and I moved into a shared house and the place had been left in a pretty bad state by the previous tenants. We were laughing when we found a washing machine in the garden with clothes still in it and were a little perplexed to find a bunch of dishes out there too. We were standing in the garden noticing all of this, anticipating a thorough clean up when I noticed that the tree and the ground around it seemed to be flickering oddly. At first I thought it was my eyes but then I realized everything was covered in maggots. I screeched like a little girl and ran for the hills. We only found the chicken bones and plastic bags filled with cat litter later but I am sure that had "something to do" with all those maggots. I think I'd still run from maggots even if I was wrapped in an airtight space suit.

  3. Yummmm.... that food looks amazing!

  4. you look so cute! i seriously love your hair :)

  5. Your blouse and skirt are adorable together! And I love desert photos. This landscape is so familiar to me because I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga and used to commute to Riverside for school and Colton for work. Speaking of which...I think I know what those cockroaches look like. When I worked in Colton, there were a couple times when these long, orangey-brown cockroaches fell down from the ceiling. DISGUSTING.

  6. Fantastic!!!!;D


  7. woow fantastic combination!!!great look!! :O)

  8. Such a fun location! And I love the outfit :)
    and EEEEW!!! I woulD DIE if I saw a cockroach....

  9. I went from never having seen a cockroach in my life to living in Guadalajara which is kind of their paradise. I used to say goodmorning to them when I got out of bed while Albert ran around spraying them like a madman. But the really big ones... ... even after getting really accustomed when I see one of those on the stairs (or in my bike room--eeep)! I have to run in the opposite direction.
    I feel like we're repulsed by them because they're so much stronger than us... been around for 2 billion years or something!

  10. Yikes, I would have been grossed out too. There's huge water bugs (ginormous cockroaches) in the basement of my building where we do laundry and occasionally in the hall way. They are soo gross and our building is super clean but still those roaches find their way in looking for food or water. On a different note...love your print mixing.

  11. I love the mix of prints and colours! Such a gorgeous combination. The socks and the shoes are such a nice touch.

  12. Thankfully I live in a very cockroach-free place (of course they do exist here but it's a little too damp to see very many of them...saw one in a Starbucks once, though! haha) but a few weeks ago while camping a mouse scratched on our tent for hours and then eventually crawled in. The second we finally saw it up by our heads we were screaming and jumping around like little girls.

    Such a beautiful desert landscape, great photos.

  13. Oh, I found your blog, through a friend, a bit ago, and have since fallen in love with your style and your haircut!

    However, that being said, I don't think I'll be falling in love with cockroaches any time, soon. No, no, no! Last time I was grossed out, was when I Googled "maggots" (don't ask) and made the hideous mistake of hitting the "images" tab. Don't do it!

    Hope you're well, and no cockroaches have invaded your space again. <3

  14. aaah ewwww bugs.

    probably the last time i saw a giant black hairy spider the size of a quarter IN MY SHOWER. i just jumped out and said um spider someone kill it! in a towel, half wet.

  15. cockroaches are my worst - your story gave me goosebumps and made me shiver all over. omg especially when they fly. what could be worse than one of those huge creepy things flying at you?! uurrrrrgggghhhhhhh

  16. These photos are so wonderful!
    Disgusting little story...I had a similar thing once where I was taking the trash down at a new apartment. I was wearing sandals and I thought the ground didnt look quite right (it was dark). Once my eyes adjusted I realized I was standing in the middle of hundreds of water-bugs (which are like GIANT cockroaches). I screamed like a little girl and ran for my life...

  17. johnny's mom breeds french bulldogs and the other day one of the pups had a dead bird flapping around in her mouth. ugh. repulsed.

    on another note, alexa chung giveaway on my blog! spread the word!

  18. This looks like an amazing place and I love how you mixed different patterns. SO pretty!


  19. Great shots. I agree with Holly in that your posts always make me want to go to Cali.

    As for the cockroach thing, oh man I would of lost it. I'm not really afraid of bugs/spiders or whatever, but that sounds gross.

  20. Your floral skirt is gorgeous!! Definitely great for Palm Springs weather. And Palm Springs must have been so incredibly hot, especially nowadays (isn't LA experiencing a heat wave.. or am I completely wrong?)

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  21. Holy. Mother.

    I hate bugs, ALL of them, and roaches are the WORST. I feel creepy just reading your story. Lol.

    On a happier note, I love your mixing of prints. :)

  22. In Spain, we found (with my guy), two huge cockroaches in our.............bathroom I have no aversion to bugs, but this view was not very nice.

    ps. I like to play table tennis. Often I have the opportunity at work. ;)

  23. Even you cheating some here I like your blog, cause I can see America where I will never go.

  24. The last time I was really grossed out? Cockroches and rats scurrying around on the platform in the subways. If they are down by the tracks a good few feet below me, fine, on the platform NOT FINE. EEEEW. PLAGUE! PLLLLAAAAGUUUEEEEEE. It comes from rats.

    Despite the roaches, your pics always make me want to go to California. SO. BAD.

    We also have the same oxfords :) But I don't have sweet color combos like this to wear them with. I love pink+green, but your whole outfit has such a dusty pretty tone that the oxfords match really well.


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