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Outfit Details:
1960s green mini dress: altered, pile sale
Dani Black leopard flats: C/O HSN (find 'em HERE )

Figured that I should give this dress a spin while the weather is still good over in my neck of the woods. It used to be super long but all it needed were some inches lopped off and now it's a cute little  mini dress.

 Since the color of the dress is already pretty bright I thought I might as well do it up proper and bust out these leopard print flats for the sake of going all out. I actually don't really like animal prints used on pieces of clothing BUT I think they look great in small doses. Takes these flats for example. I feel like they add just the right amount of sass without being too vampy.

Come to think of it, after pretty much buying all of my footwear from thrift stores I can say with 100% certainty that these  flats are the nicest shoes I own. I can't wait to paint the town red (leopard?) in them :)

On a random note:
Kale is in season right now and I cannot stop making kale chips! They have big bags of washed and cut up kale at Trader Joes for like $1.99. Finally something tasty that's good for you too ;-) Does anyone else like kale chips out there?


  1. So cute! Love the color of the dress with the leopard flats!

  2. love the color of your dress!

    <3 steffy

  3. Your outfit is a lovely juxtaposition :)

    mmm kale chips sound good...

  4. I totally loathe leopard print clothing BUT I think these flats are cute and look awesome with this dress. Was going to add "and your hair," but will save my broken-recordness for another time. ; )

  5. this is so sweet! love how shiny that dress is!

    xx kaitlyn

  6. This seems kind of different from what you usually wear, but its cute just the same. I feel like a lot of vintage clothing should have animal print, but i guess not! Maybe it was kind of last revived in the 80s/90s era..I don't even know lol

    my current shoe favorite is from a thrift store but i loooove them.

  7. I love kale chips! Try this recipe too, it's more complicated than just olive oil and salt but they taste amazing. http://thecopycatcook.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/sour-cream-and-onion-kale-chips/

  8. the color of this dress is just awesome and it looks great paired with the leopard flats. Never heard of kale chips before but they do sound yummy

  9. Fuck yes to Kale Chips!!!!!

    How do you make them spicy!? And already chopped, ready to go at Trader Joe!? Blah, I want some now...

    And this dress is adorable, you look like you should go sip some mimosas and brag about how normally you don't wear leopard but it just looks so damn good on your feet you can't help it.... its the truth anyway :)

    Love love the eye makeeuppp!!

  10. Looooovely! This is such a simple outfit, but such a lovely one. Those flats are perfection! Pointed and leopard print. I love how they're textured like real hair. The lace detail on the dress is so precious!

  11. I adore the color of your dress, and I can barely tell that you altered it to make it shorter. The hem looks very professional. If I tried to hem any of my clothes there would be ripped seams and threads hanging out everywhere.

    I never tried Kale chips before, but I love dried seaweed (it's like flat pieces of seaweed that are so, SO delicious). Are kale chips anything like that?

    - Sharon

  12. green goes so well with leopard, yes i've had spicy kale chips and love them i'm sure it's even better homemade.

  13. absolutely in love with this and your blog! amazing :)


  14. your hair is perfect, wish I had enough courage to cut mine!

  15. Big fan of those flats. You always find the best vintage pieces! I hope I have the same luck when I move to LA!


  16. Today was the first day that it was below 60 (it was 42--- what the heck!?) and I'm already shooting evil vibes at everyone who is wearing lovely summer frocks. You look absolutely beautiful.

  17. the green of this dress is so awesome! you pull it off so well and the hem came out great!

  18. i kind of love these photos because you look like a cute little girl.
    like the shape of the dress with the color and your long skinny legs. it's adorable.

    I AM GOING TO TRADER JOE'S NOW. TO GET KALE. i love kale chips.


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