the clash


Outfit Details:
1960s short sleeve blouse: Three Feathers Vintage
Blue polka dot shorts: thrifted
Minnetonka Moccasins: Amazon

Sort of a summer-ish outfit but you know what? It is seriously summer in Southern California. I don't think it was ever this hot during June-August. Makes sense that these temperatures are happening mid October. Not.

Anyway, I like when prints clash but more importantly, I subscribe to the idea that when it's hot out...anything goes. Amiright?

Moving on, here's a blog pet peeve that I just saw a few minutes ago and thought to see if anyone else notices this: when you look at someone's blog and see that they've written a sort of serious/ poignant post and you skim the comments and see people, who clearly have not read said post but have glanced at the photos, comment with, "SO CUTE! XOXO" or "Love your blog! Following you! Wanna follow me back? <3". THAT IS THE WORST. Copy and paste comments get under my skin, they always have. But such blatant self-prommotion and blog foolery? I just can't. For shame!


  1. gee, wouldn't that be awkward as all get out if I hadn't read that and just said cute shirt? I agree...my blog is pretty tiny, so I'm in no position to be picky, but I almost never respond to posts that feel like they just want me to go follow their blog or 'join their giveaway'

    bu seriously though, I like your shirt.

  2. totally agree on the "blog foolery"! big pet peeve for me too. you just KNOW that they haven't even skimmed the written content of the post when their comments are as plain as "so cute" or whatever.

    the lighting in your photos is beautiful here! i adore that first one. it was really hot for october in the bay area today too! jeez. where's the fall weather?

  3. The beading is cute...I totally want some moccasins but I don't want to pay retail for them...hoping I'll thrift them one day lol

    and that comment thing..I just started blogging last weekend, and the great majority of the comments I get are the "copy-paste" type that you're talking about. I know some people blog because they want to document what they wear each day, just to look back on later. For me its like, if I wanted to do that I wouldn't bother with posting it online. I was hoping that blogging would be more of a way to converse with people who like the same kinds of things? It hasn't even been a week but I'm feeling kind of discouraged by it; I'm wondering if it's because I'm getting started at a time when so many bloggers are here just to get lots of followers. egh.

  4. I HATEEE the comments like that! or when someone is like "oh nice whatever" and if they would've just read the 'details' about the outfit, they would've seen that it was a dress not a skirt or whatever.

    seriously, i wish i could mix and match stuff as well as you. and we have matching shoes :D

    california weather is making me super mad.

  5. Can't stop loving polka dots! Love your pants! I really enjoy your styling of mix and match; pattern, texture and all. Jelly for Californian weather. xoxo


  6. omg so cute!

    Just kidding. I agree, it's terrible.

  7. Ha, I get that all the time (must be because of all the super amazing, poignant posts I write!) I find it's a good way to separate the wheat (people who actually read your blog) from the chaff (serial commenters who just drop by to say LOVE THIS! all the time).

    Definitely anything goes in summer. Love this look with your hair. Just generally love your hair with everything!

  8. Uggh, that is one of my pet peeves too. With me, I read so many lovely blogs and I usually comment when I feel a sincere feeling. Sometimes I feel so lame commenting "I love your shirt" because it's so short and doesn't contribute to anything (so I usually end up writing a paragraph of a comment).
    But anyways, I do like your shoes. I bought the normal mocs and was wavering between the beaded ones and the normal one, and seeing you with your beaded ones makes me wish I bought them. Oh wells.

    (oh and another pet peeves, when they link their blog address underneath their comment :) )

  9. Dear, I agree with you 100%! It's always sad when you write something serious and people shamelessly skip it.
    I love your look btw and I'm so envious it's still summer there! It's getting colder and colder here.
    Life is a romantic poem
    My first giveaway

  10. Haha, I absolutely agree! I especially hate the "wanna fallow each other?"! Those kinds of comments drive me insane. Also copy and paste...
    But I have to admit that I don't always read the text on every blog...I do on my favorites but sometimes but sometimes people just write so much! ;)

    I wish it was still hot here. Super cold now, more like late November! What is going on in the world?! Weather chaos! Love your outfit! The blouse especially. And the little Moccasins.

  11. The lighting in these photos is perfection! I totally agree ANYTHING goes when its hot!!!
    and YES, I hate hate hate when people leave comments like that! I usually comment back on any comment on my blog but I make sure I skip those if I notice them *rolls eyes*

  12. "follow me back" IS my ultimate pet peeve. Like, take your "follow" and go away. I follow blogs that I want to remember to read and FOLLOW. SHEESH!
    That being said, the blatantly UNREAD blog post used to annoy me until I realized that sometimes I just don't comment bc I don't feel like reading and I just wanna see the pics and I don't wanna be that person but at the same time I get it. I peruse blogs when I'm supposed to be doing other stuff haha.

  13. The weather is kinda crazy everywhere. It's still in the 80's in the northeast. So much for proper foliage. Totalllly agree with your 'anything goes' when it's hot idea. things don't have to be matchy matchy, it's hot, be half naked in random patterns. You'll still look awesome.

  14. you have found the perfect clash of prints! love it!

    <3 steffy


  15. omg follow me back, i luv ur blog so much. cute dress.

    Haha. I love you so much Ashley! Your style is impeccable as always (you always have so much fun with your style) and you look brilliant. I feel like someone should do a rules post on commenting etiquette and that you shouldn't be allowed to start a blog until you read it!

  16. hahaha. I get those type of comments all the time on my blog. I mean. . who really wants to read about modern-day slavery anyway when there are totally cute outfits being shown off?

    You do look lovely though!

  17. I love your style ! We follow each other ?!

  18. Agree! When I see comments like that I just feel like "Why do I even bother blogging? Clearly no one cares about my voice if they're just skimming my blog to leave their link." It's very disheartening :\

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  19. yeah, i get those comments too sometimes, and while i'm grateful for comments, those ones are always kind of a downer, are't they. i've gotta give you props for calling them out.
    p.s. along the same lines of the disingenious: i've long been a fan of minnetonkas myself and was under the impression they're actually made or owned/operated by native americans. come to find out its owned by just another non-native american company in Minneapolis. was kind of bummed that once again native american imagery and craft are being exploited for somone else's profit. anyway, sorry for the long downer comment but i thought you may be interested to know. :)

  20. yes, i've also seen this and sort of accept that some people don't really want to take the time to read and just prefer to churn out quick comments on as many blogs as possible. love this color clash getup and lucky you with the shorts weather (everything is all screwed up as far as the climate goes) it looks like fall here...the leaves are changing but it's still quite mild and has been raining a bunch the chill that i'm use to during this time of year hasn't arrived yet.

  21. Your blog is so cool! I love all your pictures so much! That shirt is great and the pair of shorst is adorable!!

    x Aliya

  22. Agree agree agree! I've noticed a few comments like that on my blog :( but I don't know what to do about it. Anyways, loving the outfit! Such a pretty pairing of prints.

    ps. I loved that "FOR SHAME!" quote :) lol

  23. I have to admit that sometimes out of laziness or lack of time, I put a comment that you talking about. :)
    But it is a sing that I remember, that I still visit and I'll be back. This is not my way of getting another observer.

    summer in California? Really? ;)))))


  24. i am so envious that you can wear shorts! love the mixed patterns -- these shorts are too cute! xo


  25. I love clashing prints! Partially because I don't think I have two articles of clothing of the same print...

    And I agree - copy&paste posters are my HUGEST pet peeve. They just need to stop; I never visit the blogs of posters like that.

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  26. I wish it still felt like summer here, but, sadly it feels almost like winter. Blah. Time to pull out my grandpa cardigan collection.
    It seems we have a mutual pet peeve! I'm still quite new to blogging, but I've noticed comments like this and they definitely bug me, too. I take great pleasure in reading people's posts and seeing what they have to say. If I'm not interested or inspired, I don't comment.

  27. The first photo is amazing...and nothing like polka flowers! When you put that shirt in the shop I was instantly drawn to it...now its worse *wallet cries* I'd give anything for more warm sun on my bare skin! But alas, its been raining men, cats AND dogs here in PA...

    And yes, that is a pet peeve of mine too - but I am a nooob blogger so I'll take any comment I can get -- hyuck!

    But I always absolutely love stopping by Milk Teeths and get so giddy when you stop by my world! And thats sincereity, my dear!

    And BTW - there is nothing like some good ass Moccasins!

  28. Haha the 'follow me back' reminds me of MySpace and the PC4PC? phase. On another note, ever since I started reading this blog I have wanted to buy a pair of moccasins! x

  29. I love these different prints together! You look gorgeous!
    Amy xxx

  30. Amazing look! I love minnetonka moccasines! I just discover your blog and i´m totally in love with your style <3
    Come to visit my blog:


  31. this outfit is great! somehow the polka dots and island print don't seem to clash all that much - I love it! it's too bad california hasn't decided to turn into autumn yet. I love what you've been blogging, as usual, especially with THRIFT FILES! (I'm following!) oh noo, more blog fodder and reasons to stay on the Internet...

  32. Ooooh, The Clash. Big fan. One of my guilty pleasures is to have my post titles referring to songs and always get so excited when someone gets it. Anyway. Yes, those comments. Big sigh. I just see it as something rather lazy, copy and paste or whatnot. Then again, some posts that are mainly visual can't really ask for more sometimes.... Sometimes I just go "swooooon", wipe the drool out of my mouth and can't find words that describe what I just experienced anyway.


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