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Outfit Details:
Lime green cardigan: thrifted
Navy blue embroidered dress (shortened): estate sale
Light pink woven leather belt: (from the store. Find it here)
Leather penny loafers: thrifted

This is probably my most favorite color cardigan that I own but I never wear it because the proportions are so awkward. I think it really only looks good with skirts or dresses because when I try it on with pants the band of the cardigan just hits a little above the waist and ack. Not a good look.

Also, I'm not sure if you can tell but I took a ~walk on the wild side~ and slapped on some dark purple-y burgundy lipstick.  I mean, it is fall after all so I thought, "hey. why not?" It's not as terrifying a shade as I thought it would be so who knows, maybe I'll give the ol' red lipstick a rest now and then for this goth approved shade.

Oh and the last photo shows off the pins I got at the flea market today. It was really hot so Grant and I didn't stay long but I'm glad that I snatched up these pins. I've always loved enameled flower pins and I don't think it's possible for me to turn down a cute vintage button so this is the outcome.

So now ima devour some left over  massaman curry. I used to be such a curry hater but not anymore!


  1. I love this look. has like a mexican zing to it lol. and I love the whole dark lipstick for fall as well!


  2. This pins are gorgeous! I'm currently watching a few on eBay in hopes of snapping them up! And massaman curry is my fav ... yum :)
    Kelly xo

  3. I always pick up enamel flower pins when I see them, you found two pretty examples. You're also sporting a fun transitional look, I like the pattern (embroidery?) on your dress and the green of the cardigan paired with the dark blue.

  4. Just reading massaman curry has made my stomach grumble. I use to be blase about curry (having grown up on those Japanese brown curry) but Thai curries have changed my mind. I love them all and the massaman has to be my favorite.

  5. you look gorgeous! I know what you mean about slightly bulky cardis though, I never really wear them with jeans. This one is such a great colour though xo

  6. Ooh I love all those pins! Great buys :)
    and I hate when pieces I really love fit funny like that! But I agree, it looks great with that dress :)

  7. Love the shade of lipstick, it looks like nice weather in California, it was rainy and windy and chilly all weekend, I did not get a chance to take some shots outside :(

    I hear you on the cardigan, but it does look lovely with the dress. I like the color of the cardigan.

    p.s I have to say that your blog is one of my favorites, you seem so genuine and nice keep it up girl ;)



  8. I love that cardigan! I think it looks really nice on you. That color is very interesting. It's pretty, but I don't think I have ever owned anything in that color!!

  9. I love Thai curry! Ah, the burgundy lipstick and the green cardigan go so well together. My lips are so chapped right now, and I can't wear lipstick until I work on that first. :/

  10. You look absolutely amazing, nice outfit! ;-))


  11. the cardigan is for sure the BEST color!

    <3 steffy

  12. LOVE the cardigan! I have a very similar one in mustard yellow and can never seem to find the right piece to wear with it.

  13. Love the lime green of your cardigan! The burgundy lipstick is not too wild at all - it looks good on you!

    P.S. Enter our giveaway for a Vintage Coach bag! :)
    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  14. the lipstick definitely works and love that embroidered dress. i am a big fan of curry glad you've been converted

  15. That flower pins are beautiful. Especially the yellow-green one. :)

    Photos of the electric sea of the previous post are amazing:)
    How did sea get this effect?


  16. I love the lipstick on you! It is a perfect shade to wear with that outfit. Also, glad you've been converted to curry (now I'm hungry...)

  17. I love your dress, you look beautiful :)

    I have a giveaway on my blog, you should have a look if you want :)

  18. LOVE the burgundy lips! i was thinking about giving it a try too!
    and what a lovely find, that dress has wonderful detailing!

  19. the print of the dress is amazing!


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