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Outfit Details:
Striped shirt: BB Dakota
Striped full skirt: thrifted
Southwestern beaded belts: thrifted
Penny loafers: thrifted

Something I wore a few days ago. Two belts are better than one, right? Well they aren't really but those little beaded belts are so pretty that I had to treat them like waist bracelets...or something like that. I've been looking for belts like these for years and within a months time I found not only one but two! Yuss!

Question: favorite thing you found at the thrift store lately? Spill.


  1. Those belts are adorable. :) And look at your tiny waist!!

    You ask about thrift store finds at the perfect time right now. Just yesterday afternoon I purchased a gorgeous pair of 1970s cowboy boots from my favorite thrift store. It was a very lucky day for me! I rarely find gems in my size!

  2. A: 1970s dress ... from the markets actually. Such a unique print. I love it.
    PS your hair looks gorgeous like that ...
    Kelly xo

  3. that skirt is so so pretty.
    and what an awesome find on those belts too!

    to answer your question i recently found a pair of boots in the most prettiest shade of gray. i recently did a blog post on them because they are so cool! i got very lucky they weren't even worn and they're the perfect size. all just for six bucks, gotta love thrifting.

  4. I love the stripes on stripes, so cute! and the double belts just add to it perfectly!! =)

  5. I looove your double belts <3 The beadwork is so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

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  7. Love this! Those belts are so fun!!!
    Sadly I haven't been thrifting in a long time XD I don't do it that often because we don't have a lot of good places here

  8. that skirt is the most precious colors. lines and more lines, i love it!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. i love it when i find something i've been looking for forever-- that belt was obviously menat to be yours. also loving your mix of stripes and stripes-- i would have never thought of it, but it works so well.

  10. lovely lines! ; D The belts are awesomeness personified, and two are definitely better than one!

  11. Cute! I had one of those beaded belts when I was little and just remember thinking it was the cat's pyjamas! Good find! :)

  12. I am loving the different stripes. In my opinion anything with stripes on it is fabulous!

  13. love the double belt effect and the lines. sweet loafers too lady!

  14. You look so cute! I love the skirt and those two belts look great together <3

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  15. I love this look on you, the two belts are fantastic!

  16. Love your outfit, especially the belts! And love your blog/s !!!

  17. great pictures! :D Xx


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  19. I had my favorite find this week! These super chunky 90s platforms. The fact that that were in my size was too amazing..I was so happy lol


  20. ahh everyone is finding such a great shoes!! Right now, I would LOVE to find a pair of short ankle booties with a stacked heel. You know, the ones that are popping up everywhere on the blogosphere right now! Want want want!!

  21. I love the use of two belts, the beads are such a sweet touch! Who would have thought of that idea? This is so cleaver, I think I'll have to try this neat idea out someday!

  22. I like the your belt its cute as well as your cutie penny loafers.


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