me and the electric sea


Right now the beaches around these parts have got a case of the red tide. For those unfamiliar, a red tide is basically when there is an overproduction of algae in the water and it literally turns the water into a gross rust color. It's weird to see (and I couldn't even imagine getting into that water, but it doesn't stop Grant from surfing in it!). However, a red tide at night is really cool because the water becomes luminescent as you can see in these photos. These pictures haven't been tampered with at all...that's really what the water looks like right now! Eerie electric blue waves crashing  on dark beaches. It's a trip to see and very beautiful.

Also, on this night the stars were actually out at the beach for once. The long exposure really helped to bring them out. The long exposure also made some of these photos look like they were taken at dawn but it was just city lights making it look lighter.

Ever seen a red tide at night?


  1. Woah, the first picture is amazing. The red tide sounds kind of gross, but also kind of cool.

  2. There's a certain dreamlike quality in these photos. I love them.

  3. Cool! I've never seen a red tide (I think the water in Oregon is too cold to have that happen) but I've seen phosphorescent algae in Puget Sound up in Washington. One of my favorite natural phenomena.

  4. Wow! These photos are pretty amazing ... & I had never heard of a red tide before.
    Kelly xo

  5. ehm.... wow.. this pictures are magical.

    love your header btw :) pretty awesome!

  6. Wow, I've never seen that but I've never really lived by the sea. I love the blurry photo of you with the stars in the sky. It's so dreamy!

  7. these are really such beautiful photos, the sea doesn't even look real it's amazing! i also love how they're all blurred, the top two look almost ghostly


  8. Pretty awesome pictures, Miss Ashley. Oh, and red tide = nasty. I remember swimming in Vancouver at sunset one time and it did start to glow (not like this, but still). Ewwwww.

  9. woww, these pictures are amazing!

  10. Those photos are beyond awesome! Great job capturing stars and cool way to show some city lights. xoxo


  11. These photos are beautiful. Especially the one of the city lights. Love it!

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    xo Sherrie
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  12. I love these photos! It makes me miss seeing the red tide over at Seal Beach growing up.

  13. I have never seen a red tide at night, but now I definitely want to see one!

    These pics are beautiful Ashley!

    Embracing Style


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