Outfit Details:
Oversized salt and pepper cardigan: Available at Cardigan King
Gray henley: Target
Belt: thrifted
Wool plaid skirt: Available at Three Feathers Vintage
Socks: stolen from Grant
Boots: Target

on Friday we took a trip to visit the cutest pumpkin patch in town. I'm pretty sure I took the exact same photos of this patch last year but you can't argue with cute seasonal places .You just can't. I think I go just because there is a bubble machine constantly blowing bubbles all around the patch.

Question: Are you dressing up for Halloween? I know I am but I'm  at a loss for what to be and it's getting down to the wire. Gah!

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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Love the skirt.
    I don't think I'll be dressing up for Halloween this year. They don't really celebrate it here... :(

  2. What an adorable photo shoot! I love visiting pumpkin patches with my boyfriend. :)

    Your outfit is so FALL and I love it!! You look adorable. I'm glad you two had fun.

    I'm sorry I have not been around your blog very much lately. I have been without a computer for a while and therefore have not visited my favorite blogs in a while. I've missed you.

    Oh, and I will probably not be dressing up this year. :( But on Halloween weekend, Rian and I are planning to have a scary movie night and also go to haunted houses another night! I am looking forward to all of it. :)

  3. Cute pics! I've never been to an actual pumpkin patch yet. I figured we'd do it once we have a kid right? We're going to be a playboy bunny and hugh hefner this year! :) Check out my pumpkin post today if you need some decorating inspiration!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love the 90s grunge look you guys have going. As for Halloween, I'm going as dead, wrapped in plastic Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. I'm posting a list of fabulous horror flick ladies on my blog on Wednesday. Stay tuned. You might find a good idea for a costume! :)

    Kara of

  5. Love going to the Pumpkin Patch! Super cute socks. This year a friend of mine and I just made a quick stop at the one in Brea off Lambert, but it was awesome because they had this huge metal carved pumpkin that you could stick your head out of the eyes. So fun yet kinda creepy. :)

  6. ooOoh I still haven't been to my favourite pumpkin patch yet. This looks like a fancy one. Mine definitely doesn't have a bubble machine.I almost didn't notice your halloween socks! They're so so precious. Lovely as always!

  7. That pumpkin patch looks fun! That tipi is so cute. As for Halloween, I'm thinking a movie theme like Bonnie and Clyde or Roman Holiday so that way I'd get to incorporate what I have. (Also,My husband won't go crazy with dressing up.) xoxo


  8. that last picture is sweet. the patch looks like a ton of fun. great cardi and socks

  9. What a fun trip! You both look super cute in your pumpkin patch hunting outfits. Great skirt. I'm going to go check it out now. :D

  10. Love the long plaid pleated skirt w/ the boots & oversized cardi, such a cute, comfy fall look. Looks like an especially fun pumpkin patch w/ the sweet animals.

  11. Pumpkin patch trip! Oh, it looks so much fun! What a lovely place :) Great outfit too, I love your skirt and also your socks haha ^^ I love how they match those beautiful pumpkins.
    Hmm..about dressing up for Halloween I'm still deciding!
    Life is a romantic poem

  12. u cut ur gorgeous hair....and it still looks amazing


  13. i'm pretty sure i'm going to dress up. you'd make a perfect kiki, from kiki's delivery service.

    also, you are so perfecctly 90s/grunge it's ridiculous.

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  15. kinda obsessed with your plaid skirt. my family friend just brought me back a plaid skirt from Scotland but I'm not sure how to wear it without looking costumey because mine is more of a kilt style


  16. This looks like an amazing pumpkin patch, and I love the colors of your skirt! I'm going to be a bat for Halloween if the wings and ears I ordered online arrive in time.

  17. Is that the pumpkin patch on Jeffrey? I use to live near there and would always see the pumpkin patch but never went.


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