Inspiration: Ginger Rogers

Lately, I've been on a major 1940s style kick. The colors, the tailoring, everything is so good! I've been YouTubing a bunch of videos and I thought I'd share this one. The tap romper that Ginger is wearing is perfection and her hair is flawless (lucky duck!).  If you have three minutes to spare then by all means, check this video out.


This Pulp video for "This is Hardcore" is amazing. Never mind that i'm a Jarvis fan, the video is pure 1940s/ Busby Berkeley eye candy. Thought I'd share this too :)

Now I'm off to watch more HGTV (what have I become?).


  1. oh I love Stage Door! Good movie :) And I agree, Ginger Rogers outfit is perfection (:

  2. I guess I never thought about it before, but look how short that cute little romper is! I didn't realize they went that short back then.

  3. gosh i've been really into everything 40's lately too!
    ever since that miu miu 1940's inspired campaign came out with Hailee Steinfeld i've been in love!
    wonderful inspiration here!

  4. that video is so sweet! love the 40's look. so agree with you!

  5. Thanks for posting these two videos. I'm getting major inspiration! And HGTV is awesome. I'm not embarassed to say that I watch that channel hours at a time hahah


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