oh hey LA


Outfit Details:
Vintage children's faux leather bomber jacket: thrifted
Mustard silk blouse: thrifted
Corduroy bell bottoms: Pilcro, on super sale at Anthropologie ($30 hollaa)
Leather satchel: thrifted
Minnetonka moccasins: Amazon

Yesterday Grant and I headed up to LA to hang out for the day/ night.  Although I lived in LA for two years...LA isn't my city. At all. I'm not sure if I could ever be happy living in "the city", free parking and evenly paved roads have spoiled me.  OH and, about this outfit, I was wearing a heeled shoe with those pants but I had the foresight to bring flats since I just can't with heels. I think I can spend 2 hours in heels tops. It was kind of annoying that the bottoms of my pants were dragging so much but comfortable feet vs. a dirty hem? The feet win out every single time.  Anyway...


Awesome sunglasses found thrifting. I think these are from the 60s. They're a little crooked but I read that you can bend plastic sunglasses if you hold them over a steaming bowl of water.  Hopefully that works.


We went to the MOCA and jjjuusstt got there in time to check out the Weegee/ "Naked Hollywod" photo exhibit.  If was pretty awesome, I loved how he had a sense of humor when it came to photographing stars.  There was also a little exhibit on Rudolph Valentino/ Hollywood Babylon which was so cool! Wish  it were bigger.  After we headed straight to the museum gift shop (anyone else love shopping at museum gift shops? They always have the best stuff!) and Grant was beyond psyched since he found a Raymond Pettibon print shirt and I found some cool plastic rings. Success!


So the main reason we came up to LA was to check out the 80%20 Spring footwear preview which didn't start until 6. The folks over at 80%20 were kind enough to invite me (and let Grant tag along) and I'm so glad they did. Real talk: I don't go to blogger/ media things a lot because a. they are almost always in LA,  b. I don't care about 95% of the events that I get invited to. The truth comes out!

I really loved the colorways that I saw. The patent coral and turquoise shoes were pretty sweet and I all the fun prints were so cheerful. Ce Ce, the designer, said that she found a lot of inspiration in her travels and I think that definitely comes through.


And hey! I scored a pair of booties. There is a hidden platform in these shoes which I cosign. I like the idea of adding height without looking like you are wearing heeled shoes (sneaky).


PS: I also got to take home this Santeria-esque candle thing. All the candles had different intentions written on them (obviously I picked the one for reeling in the customers) and you're supposed to burn it all the way down and meditate/ think upon your intention AND THEN when the candle is all used up you bring it to this shop in Hollywood and a person "reads" your candle. Kinda cool huh?


After hitting the brownie platter hard it was time to leave.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket and dive in face first to French dips at Philippe's!

Photobucket ...definitely not a photogenic meal but it was so good.


  1. so cool that you get invited to all these blogger events! do you mind me asking how? i love 80%20's shoes, soo cute. mustard is totally your color by the way, it compliments your skin tone and hair color!!
    p.s. i have those moccasins, i've worn them to death


  2. Aw thanks!! And as for how I get invited...I don't really know. I have my e-mail up on my blog so I suppose PR people take note and add me to their media/blogger database. As far as how they find my blog...beats me! I'm always flattered whenever I get an invite though...even if I don't take accept a lot of the invitations :)

  3. The shoes you scored are sweet. I've seen the hidden heel before but it wasn't as well hidden as these. Love the pop of mustard in your outfit.

  4. Oooh I love those pants!! And those shoes are an awesome buy :) I want the sunglasses too, haha

  5. Looks like a fun trip! I've only been to northern California so far, but I'd like to visit LA just to see what it's like.
    Anyway, THOSE PANTS. And don't even get me started on that jacket. Too good!

  6. Aw, this post brings back a lot of memories. I used to love going to the MCA and Philippe's was within walking distance of the gallery where I worked. City living is tough (Chicago wears on me now) but you're lucky to have the best of both worlds!

    You should bring those sunglasses to a smaller privately owned optometrist, they'll likely reshape them for you for free (avoid Lenscrafters/Pearle Vision as they won't deal with vintage frames).

  7. I love that you can effortlessly fit into a children's jacket. :)

    I'm not a big fan of LA but I go there almost every summer because my dad loves it. I guess the LA area as a whole is not a bad place to visit (beaches, fabulous shopping, insanely awesome restaurants, etc.) but I would never want to live there.

  8. great jacket, I just love shopping in kids section :)

  9. oooooh so many amazing shoes :)

  10. great outfit!!!! it seems you had the best time ever!!!! i have never been to la and i can't wait to travel there!!!!!!!!!!
    your blog is seriously amazing!!!! i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!!

  11. Ohh, the exhibition looks amazing <3 I also absolutely adore your aviator style jacket!

    Lost in the Haze

  12. great pics! looks awesome! gah, all those shoes... and i love your outfit! way cute 70's look xx

  13. LA seems like a really cool place. I'd love to visit. Dang those booooots! They're marvellous! Score! That candle is really funny, too. You are great!

  14. lovely post!

    follow me :)


  15. I wanna love Philippe's since it gets so much love, but damn! I can't love it! Every time I get their sandwiches, I get disappointed with the taste. I don't know what it is. It always tastes bland to me? :(

  16. I'm also with you on the heel thing. Two hours is my absolute max before I start finding shoulders to lean on.

  17. I would love to visit your country and especially the west coast.
    I encourage my guy on this trip. So far we have no limits (money - we would manage somehow) and he does not seem to dare to fly halfway around the world ;)

    I like your jacket.

    Grant in the fountain - super :)


  18. Love the silk blouse and this cute jacket!

  19. ah this post is awesome!
    looks like a great shop i love the patterned shoes!
    and i love the part with the candle! haha
    that fantastic! best of luck!


  20. Love that mustard blouse with brown <3
    Also - thank you for the great pictures. I think I'm in love with those great with thoes printed shoes)


  21. Ha ha, yeah the last meal looks gross! My brother bent my glasses back into shape after putting them beside an electric fire for a little bit. It worked!

  22. Agree with you on blogger events, also on heels--can't do it. Those pants are cute btw, and I love that that's a kid's jacket.

  23. Those pants look great on you! Loving the outfit.

    I want to go to California so badlyyyyyyyy. Ugh. One day Keith & I will make our way out there...

    I'm so fascinated by those candles. When I finally do make my way to California, I want to stop at that shop to get one & then have it read. So, remind me... ha.


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