Scans: LIFE Nature Library, The Desert


Hello! I just wanted to share a few scans from one of the many books I've thrifted over the years. This selection being from the LIFE nature library book that focuses on the desert. If you're ever out thrifting I do reccommend flipping through the LIFE books, they always have cool photos and graphics. PRO TIP: they're easy to spot, just look for the colorful spines ;-)

Happy Friday!


  1. when i went to the southwest earlier this year. the desert and badlands were my favorite. so this book is pretty amazing. i got a life book of the first few years? of life. it's got tons of cool black and white photographs. so i always keep an eye out.

  2. this is gorgeous. i'm always intrigued by desserts as well.

  3. I looove this! LIFE books are so great, as are Golden Book encyclopedia sets. any old nature reference books get me all excited! regarding the vintage Philco fridge - we found it at a St. Vincent de Paul in L.A. close by the Dodger's Stadium! I think I remember reading somewhere that all the St. Vincents by you closed down? :( this St. Vincent is a little pricey in a weird way & usually picked over a lot by hip people. also, if you decide to go to the Long Beach Flea tomorrow a faster way in is to go through the 'exact change' line ($10 early admission $5 general). I can't make it this month but it'd be super cool to see you there someday! :)

  4. this is beautiful. i love the photo of the kids jumping!

    xx kaitlyn

  5. I've never thought of myself as a desert child, but as I've grown older, I can imagine myself happily living in an old Airstream trailer, with a garden of succulents cacti plants, somewhere out in the white desert.

    What a lovely post! And thank you for your sweet comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the entry. <3

  6. Gorgeous. Vintage books and magazines are so interesting. I love that they include drawings (hand rendered ones) along with the photographs. Thanks for sharing—I would love to see more of your collection.

    — Lea

  7. dessert flowers are so fascinating great scans

  8. I don't know but I never seem to catch the wildflowers when they are blooming mad in the desert. I like to go in the Spring time. Maybe one of these days I will behold a field of desert flowers like the ones in your scans. That fox is just the cutest. Looks like a Keane painting with his big sad eyes.


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