she's so heavy


Outfit Details:
Vintage 1970s tweed and leather jacket: thrifted
Peter pan collar blouse: thrifted
Vintage wool trouser pants: thrifted
Felt hat: originally from Target, found at a thrift store
Terrible black cardigan: Urban Outfitters, on super sale
Vintage fringed loafers: thrifted

Kind of a departure from my normal sense of style but you know what? I could get used to dressing like a dapper dude. It's pretty comfortable. I guess I was a bit inspired by images from the Beatles' last photo shoot  and Annie Hall.

Currently, I'm huddled on top of my bed with a fuzzy blanket and the space heater on at full blast. It's raining hard outside and I just finished watching Edward Scissorhands on Netflix. I don't know what it is about that movie but it always makes me teary eyed. Ugh he just wanted to be loved okay!

PS: CardiganKing got a big update so come check it out if you're on the hunt for that perfect vintage cardigan and or sweater.


  1. Love all your blog post titles lately - I feel like they'd make a really awesome playlist. Also, Edward Scissorhands - so good, so sad. Love the daper look!

  2. "he just wanted to be loved okay!" i sniffled. <3 poor edward.

    i love the title of this post. love that song. you do look dapper, indeed! tweed is so awesome. xx

  3. He DID just want to be loved!! Haha Ashley, I would love to kick it with you, you are so awesome and our humor would match so nicely...

    Oh, and YUP you look amazing in dapper dude's duds...you can do no wrong!!!! Love the hate on the UO cardi, and the tweed & leather jacket has me mucho envious...

    I love how you went out of the box and wore it with such a get up, not just a dress, but trying something new!! You are forward, girl, very, very ahead of us all...

  4. I love this outfit post, especially the hat! So very adorable. :)

  5. love your look. very masculine but you still look pretty! <3 and the best part is, everything is almost thrifted!:)

  6. I love this masculine outfit, you look great!
    Wah, Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite movies ever...and yes, I always cry a little too :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  7. Wow...I LOVE this!!!! :D It is perfection, haha, I would never be able to pull this look off and it makes me sad :(
    And yes...poor Edward :(

  8. You look wonderful I love that hat!!

  9. You look a bit like a female version of Indiana Jones ;)


  10. I'm still so in love with your hair. You look amazing! I think this look is fantastic on you.

  11. hey girl! any free time coming up? we can catch up and i can tell you about my wedding plans. i have my save the date video up on my blog :)

  12. What a dapper looking gal you are! Love this look on you.

  13. one of my absolute favorite looks, pulled off impeccably in my humble opinion. its been a while and been meaning to get annnie hall out again-- incidentally i just read an interview with diane keaton and she said evrything she wore in the movie was actually all hers, put together by her. i just loved reading that.

  14. love it! just spent some time looking at tomboystyle.com today and you fit right in over there:) and i've been jonesing for a sweet (second-hand) hat, i really need to get my thrift on!

  15. love the girl, she is so beautiful
    also the outfit, very nice

  16. i was going to say Annie Hall before I even got to the blurb! I love menswear on women, and i know that men love it too lol


  17. love this look!

    will you be dressembering this year Ashley? it's coming soon! let me know if i can add you to the roster!



  18. I am so in love with this outfit! You look amazing from head to toe!


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