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I don't wear a lot of jewelry but that doesn't stop me from buying jewels at thrift stores and flea markets. I have a thing for not so serious pieces, the more playful the better! Anyway, here's a small peek at some of my favorite jewelry buys.

The little polar bear necklace....thrifted. I think It's a charm from seaworld.
Vintage St. Christopher medallion necklace...thrifted (I love how long the chain is)
Vintage Pope John Paul II coin necklace....thrifted (this one also has an extra long chain)
Raw stone necklace....Rosebowl flea market
Stone cocktail ring... flea market $1 table
Plastic cocktail rings...from the MOCA gift shop
Little tin bird pins...bought from a little ephemera shop at The Grove
Gold dangley peal pin....antique market
Vintage turquoise and coral earrings....thrifted
Chunky cuff bracelet....NYC flea market
Unicorn pin....thrifted
Polar bear pin... flea market
Girlscout pin...thrifted
Swallow pin...thrifted

Also, the green book that has all the jewelry on top of it is another recent thrift find. I have a huge thing for vintage office supplies/ paper goods so I was really excited to find this hardbound notebook. It was in pristine condition and I almost don't want to write in it...

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  1. those blue earrings are absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Such fun pieces!! I'm not much of a jewelry wearer either but I do have a few pieces that are more whimsical :D

  3. Aw! This is sweet! I've been collecting a lot of thrifted trinkets as well lately. There are so many fabulous treasures waiting to be found at thrift shops. I love all of the cocktail rings. Those are my favourite. Whatever that massive gold thing with the dangley pearly things is, it's so coooool!

  4. oh oh ! these pieces are lovely! love the chunky bracelet! its awesome!

  5. You're so good at rescuing these little treasures. I LOVE the bird brooches.

  6. You really have some great pieces there!! What a good eye. :D

  7. What great finds!! The pair of orange and turquoise earrings are to die for!

    x Aliya

  8. i love girl scout pins. :) i have two from my grandma and another that i thrifted! alas, i often times forget to look at jewelry at secondhand stores though. i need to do that more!

    that notebook is beautiful also!

  9. those turquoise and coral earrings are beautiful! they are have a Native American vibe about them that I can't resist. I also love the pendant necklaces, especially the polar bear


  10. The turquoise and coral earrings are my favorites!!

  11. haha that's funny because I have a bunch of those green notebooks at work in 2 different sizes. I think work orders them or something cuz we have stack fulls.


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