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Outfit Details: 
1970s vintage plaid dress: From Three Feathers Vintage
Beaded skinny belt: thrifted
Yellow tights: Target
Moccasins: Amazon

When it's gray and ugly outside I tend to wear more color, for kicks I guess. Anyone else do that? Let's see...nothing really new to say. I got a scanner which is something I'm excited about because it means I can scan a lot of the illustrations in the old books I have.

Something else I'm excited about: going to the Philippines in February! I haven't been in over 10 years. We're all going to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday so that's cool. Grant's coming with annnndd we may just hop on over to Japan while we're in the area to visit one of my best pals ever Natalie. Hopefully that works out. I hate flying but I love to travel. I think most people feel this way, though.


  1. I agree, I love love travel but the stress and time it takes to fly, blegh. When are they gonna mainstream a teleportation device? :) That is awesome, though, to have a trip to look forward too! And Japan?! Take me with yoooou!

    And bless you heart for braving those yellow gams...you look amazing though! You pull it off! I think wherever I would go in them I'd scare everyone, I even get nervous in my purple tights --

    This is look is fabulous, and definitely lightened up my cloudy day!! <3

  2. very cool news! sounds like such a fun trip! I grew up around a lot of people from the Philippines, both in saudi arabia and switerzland during my adolescence, where LOTS of members of our church were phillipino. they always made such amazing food for parties, and I've always wanted to visit there someday! cool cool.

  3. Yellow tights are the loveliest. That is a cool belt, too! When it's grey out I feel sad, so I usually wear more black and grey. Maybe I should try your method. OoOoh I'd love to go to the Philipines or Japan. That is really far away, though. That's really exciting!

  4. I love that dress! And wow, you are going to have an exciting February!! So fun :)

  5. Hope you have fun in The Philippines!! And I love that dress, especially with the brightly coloured tights!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. wonderful styling!


  7. Philippines! That's so exciting. I've only heard the best things about traveling there. I've always wanted to go. I hope you can stop by Japan, too. I think you'd love the deer park in Nara. :] P.S. I love the yellow tights!

  8. take me w you to the phillipines! i love seeing new places! and such a cute dress!
    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. i love bright tights-- they really make a great outfit even better.

    that's cool that you're going to the philippines-- i'm part philipino (my mom grew up there) but i've nevr been over... one day hopefully. i've heard the beaches are just amazing.

    and yes i agree with you, flying these days just sucks.

  10. What a coincidence, I finally got around to posting photos of my trip to the Philippines (that I took back in May!). What region is your family from? You're lucky to be going when it isn't so hot and humid. We really wanted to go to Japan too but it was right after the earthquake happened so it was a no go. :(

    Lovely plaid dress, I like the way you paired it with yellow tights. It's been gray and disgusting here, my solution is to wear lots of red!

  11. oh lucky! i haven't been to the PI since i was 2. i went for the summer and remember nothing. :( send me a postcard to add to my collection?

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  13. wow, i've been following your blog for months now but i didn't know your also part-pinay! where in the Philippines will you visit? btw, i really love your vintage style! p.s. don't forget to post pics that you'll visit here in PH!

  14. Cute dress - love the colours..!



  15. Oh my goodness this has got to be my favourite outfit of yours! I'm in love with this dress! And you've styled it perfectly! Love th beaded belt and mocassins!

    xx Aliya

  16. I most definitely dress obnoxiously bright when it's dreary out, trying to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder!

    I love all the brights here, and I am excited for you to travel. I haven't gone anywhere new in quite some time, I'm itching to leave my city.

  17. have funn in the Philippines! sounds like an awesome trip!
    btw you sure can pull of those yellow tights! looks great!!

  18. yay asia trip! I like your hair parted this way :)

  19. The dress is so cute! I tend to wear more color in autumn and winter too - when it's so grey outside bright colors make me feel great)


  20. This dress is sweet. Wow Philipines in Feb lucky you I'm sure it'll be an amazing trip.

  21. that belt is super duper cute! it goes so well with the skirt.

  22. love your dress and your belt is super cute.


  23. I tend to do that too! The colors help me get through the gloom. I LOVE YOUR BELT! I have a really similar one, but I love that yours is yellow!!

  24. I am very flattered to see your comment in my blog post. I have been following your blog for a while and you are one of my inspirations :) thanks!

    btw, very cute look! i love this very preppy!!:D

  25. Oh, I love these tights and dress :) when it's grey outside I tend to wear red lipstick, I don't know why, maybe it helps cheering me up!
    Lucky you! You're going to the Philippines AND to Japan?? I'm so envious.
    Life is a romantic poem

  26. Love this look. the mocassins and the belt are a great touch.



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