black widow

 Outfit Details:
Vintage black velvet belted coat: thrifted
kerchief: thrifted
Vintage button up blouse: thrifted
Vintage skirt: thrifted

A few month's ago I was asked by Lucky Magazine  to come up with a simple little styling trick that was easy on the pocket and perfect for winter. I thought a babushka head scarf fit the bill so that's what I came up with. It's pretty cinchy, just find a thin kerchief (square ones work the best), fold in half to make a triangle,  and tie around your head and neck. Beyond easy, yes?

My nugget of styling advice is in this month's January issue (with Miss Kirsten Dunst on the cover!) but sadly, the photos I took especially for the feature didn't make the cut (cue the womp womps) so I'm posting them over here.

PS: I'm on instagram now! Wanna be pals? Find me over @milkteeths (This  also means that I'm now using an iPhone...pretty crazy stuff. See ya later circa 2005 Blackberry, I've learned a lot of html by reading the e-mails that I've received from you over the years. My thumb can finally take a much needed vaycay)

PPS: CardiganKing is having a pretty sweet sale til the 16th! Take 15% off all items in the store with code "jinglehorse" . Also, most everything has been marked down which means extra savings! Some of my favorite pieces  include a cozy camel shawl collar cardigan , an awesome 1970s space dyed southwestern number , and this perfectly slouchy knit boyfriend sweater.


  1. you are on a roll with the features! congrats again! i remember in fourth grade we had to do presentations on our heritage and since i'm russian i dressed up with a babushka and everyone laughed at me...little did they know you would make it look amazing! you look stunning in these photos btw


  2. I definitely need to rock my vintage scarves more, maybe I'll try this style out soon, it would definitely be practical for Chicago's windy and chilly winters.

    The velvet coat is an unusual find too, I've never seen a long belted one like that before.

  3. I love this on you! Not only the headscarf but the entire outfit. Your coat is just gorgeous. Beautiful lighting and colors in these photos too.

  4. Cool outfit! I love a good head scarf.

  5. I love everything babushka so this look is a major winner in my books... they're crazy for not including that first picture. Am now seriously considering going to work dressed like this!

  6. Oooh yay! So exciting, but poo on your photos not making it :( But at least your tip did, that's still something to celebrate with some jumping :D

  7. Aww that stinks. It's really cute here though! You could be a little Matryoshka doll.

  8. you look so cute and classic! love that coat!

  9. you are a cute thing. i am jealous of your iphone. i love instagram. also,we met a whole year ago in person :( can we hang out again soon?

  10. If Hitchcock had made films in Soviet Russia, this is what the heroines would have worn. RAD.

  11. You look like a glamorous movie queen, Ash! I love it! I really wish I could rock a scarf the way you do. I look so silly in them. Sigh.

  12. You rock that scarf well lady. I love the pattern and that coat with the 3/4 sleeves. Just lovely

  13. Just found your blog and I love it! Fabulous outfit :O)

  14. I saw the feature in Lucky and recognized your name right away! Congrats!

  15. Your idea coincides with mine.and I think it's better.


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