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Outfit Details: 
Vintage coral wool sweater: thrifted
Flannel button up: thrifted
Jeans: Levi's
Sunglasses: Asos
Socks: Target
Saddle Shoes: DIY

Keeping things cazsh (not too sure how to spell out the shortened form of casual...), my favorite part of this outfit is how the stripes in the socks and the black plaid sort of clash. It's really  the little things.

So in other news, my hair has grown out a ton. I'm debating on whether or not I should get it trimmed shorter NOW or wait a few more weeks. My biggest hair debacle as of late is keeping my hair from getting into Connie Chung circa the nineties territory. Since the cut isn't layered at all it has the tendency to mushroom out and look frumpy and huge (NAGL). Thinning shears and tons of scrunching my hair with mousse has been helping. I've recently taken to doing my hair in sloppy french braids when it's semi dry and that has helped to give it some definition and keep it flatter against my head.

Ooh! A crazy thrift score: the other day Grant and I were at the Goodwill and as I was passing the men's aisle I saw these Sam Edelman booties in the men's shoe section! Practically unworn! I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for booties like these and how much I was prepared to pay to get a similar pair. They are about a half size too big (and of course they're not really mens shoes but the workers thought they were) but I think that some insoles should fix that problem. $8.99 beats $160 any day ;-)

They also had these Tory Burch sky high booties in the womens section, again basically unworn, but TB has never really been my thing (and they shoes were wayyy too high for me) so I passed. I'm sure whoever found those booties was extra excited though.

Best recent thrift score?


  1. Nice! I paid $160 for those and they have even been worth it at that price so congratulations! I found a brand new pair of brown Ariat boots for my mom a couple months ago...brand new. Definitely a good thrift score.

  2. You want to cut your hair in a different way? If so, then wait some more. If not, then do it now, if their length bothers you.

    I recently changed my way of undercutting the bangs, but I haven't showed jet.


  3. love these pics!

  4. Yeah for awesome thrifted finds. I think 2 pairs of socks & you'll be fine. I love finding anything leather for a steal of a price ...
    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  5. SCORE on the booties!!!! I would have LOVED to get those TB shoes, haha, I'm not obsessed with her but she makes some darn good shoes :)
    I've only really been thrifting a few times and only have 2 things so I don't really have a best find XD

  6. Ah, go back and by the TB shoes and send them to me ;)

  7. can't believe you got such a good deal on those Sam's. love the outfit and how retro 50's it look.


  8. cute painted shoes. Don't cut your hair!! I miss it long. :(

  9. This is such a cute casual look! I agree about the two patterns, and I love how the socks look with the shoes too. Those booties really are an amazing thrift store find...I haven't scored anything super special lately, but I did find some black velvet low heels that I love.

  10. Cute! My favorite find is probably a trench coat with detachable hood that I scored for 4 bucks! Made my day.

    I also wanted to tell you that I appreciate how often you post! Always something to read and it's nice to know how dedicated you are to your blog.

  11. yess agreed. love the black and white checkered shirt under the red sweater!
    loves it!


  12. Love this outfit my best find was a plaid Marc Jacobs coat also found in the men's section of the Goodwill, I thought I'd grab it for my husband but found it fit me.

  13. i will steal your spectator idea. also, i like "milk teeths" though i've always called them "corn teeths", who knows why. good job.

  14. I love the simplicity of this outfit, the socks are definitely the best part ;p


  15. my best recent one has beennn. the shirt i'm wearing. it's just a silk/cotton blend striped long sleeve sailory shirt. but i'm kind of in love with it.
    also this look. super cute and caaazzzssh.

  16. I always love your outfits, they are so cool and comfy looking and your backdrops from California are amazing. My best thrift score this week would have to be a few micro mini slips from the 60s, dead stock with the original tags. Me and my man are planning our honey moon and we are looking for a beachy romantic spot in California any suggestions?

  17. So happy I found your blog :) Loving your Etsy store as well.
    Definitely a new follower :)


  18. i love those striped socks so much!)) And everything else too - plaid shirt, red sweater, skinnies and comfy sneakers.


  19. this is an outfit I often find myself recreating but I feel that I haven't yet succeeded in looking as cool as you. weirdly enough I chopped off my hair on Friday, and it's close in length to yours, but I swear I'm not trying to turn into you! I was going to respond to a comment you left me on Nov. 26 but it doesn't fit here so I'm going to start it on another post.

  20. The socks make this outfit! I love it!
    Love from SF

  21. love this casual and fun look :)



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