Vintage Scans: Baby Elephant Goes to China

Some more scans for your viewing pleasure! These are from an old 1960s childen's book called Baby Elephant Goes to China that I found at a thrift store a while ago. The book is in pretty terrible shape so I didn't feel too bad taking some of the pages out to frame.

Even though this book is from the 60s, I love that the illustration don't look typically 1960s. The pencil drawings with the shots of deep mustard look so contemporary to me.

Also, I wouldn't mind stealing mama elephant's floral bathing suit and baby elephant's white glasses...or even that teddy bear's striped shirt! Well played, children's story book. Well played.

PS: My monthly column is up on the Karmaloop Ladies blog! This month I give some tips on how to clean your vintage items :)


  1. this is so amazing! i need to start collecting/finding old children's story books. it's true, the illustrations are so lovely!

  2. Whoop this is so adorable. I like the idea of framing it. I'm also pretty jealous of baby elephants glasses! I can't wait to read your column. That's a great thing to write about. Thanks!

  3. These scans are so awesome. I taught preschool aged children for five years and love books for the wee little ones. I love this snippet of the story and the illustrations are so awesome. Great find. Off to check your article.

  4. so cute! love your column on karmaloop


  5. i have a bad habit of collecting childrens books for the sake of the imagery as well.
    i love this one.

  6. Love your column at Karmaloop! It was a super helpful read for my vintage/thrift finds.

    For step 2: "Create a paste made up of baking soda and water. Apply the paste onto the stains and let sit for at least a half hour. Rinse and repeat if the stain is still there."

    Is this done in the sun as well?

  7. @paperwhales You don't *have* to do in the sun BUT I don't think it would hurt!

  8. I would frame these in a heart beat. Big black frames. BECAUSE those are some very stylish animals...I can't pronounce any of the 'non-Americun' words though...and ooooh, keeping clothes looking frrresh? I'm on my way to enlightenment *runs to read Karmaloop*

  9. The illustration of the baby elephant on the beach is too cute. I don't remember stories from my childhood having illustrations as adorable as these!

  10. This is truly great and... adorable. I definitely want the white glasses!


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