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I always get a kick out of when people do these types of posts (fuels the voyeur that lurks within) so I thought I'd make a post of my own. I think that the insides of a purse can tell you a lot about a person so without further adieu,  I present to you the contents of my humble purse:

Brown leather purse: Salvation Army. It didn't have a strap so I unclipped the strap of a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag. I never realized how useful having a purse with both a handle and a side strap is. I don't think I'll ever go back!

Little blue coin purse with the cutest frog zipper: A Japanese thrift store find courtesy of my best pal Natalie.

Vintage red felt and floral embroidered clutch: St. Vincent de Paul. One of my first ever thrift store finds, way back in high school. Houses all of my random makeup

A few loose hair ties (that's how long my hair is now, I can wear it in a bun again)

Small tin of Nivea hand cream: CVS. SO much better than the Nivea from a bottle. I love thick it is and a little goes a long way.

Two 25% off coupons for the Goodwill

My keys (On a cheapo MBMJ keychain that needs to be replaced, along with a Peek-A-Pooh that lost his clothes)

Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Rose: From Sephora. A really great lip gloss/ lip balm hybrid. Love the healthy red color.

Jack Black Lip Balm in Lemon Chamomile: From Sephora. My new current lip obsession, it smells sooo good!

EO Hand Sanitizer Spray in Lavender: From Whole Foods. I am a hand sanitizer freak (kinda  have to be if you do the amount of rummaging I do in dusty thrift stores) and this one is really great. I also use it after I eat anything with my hands (Anyone else get grossed out by the smell of food on their hands after they've eaten? It's the worst!)

iPhone 4: An early Christmas gift from my mom :D

Tide to Go Pen: I'm an embarrassingly messy eater.  I get food stains on places that defy logic.

"Egyptian Goddess" roll on essential oil: From Mother's Market. Silly name but  the scent smells like fresh laundry.

Two random ball point pens

Cat eye sunglasses: From Asos. I think it's the perfect cat eye shape and I love the faux tortoise shell! I think these were like $22

Red faux leather wallet: Goodwill

Question: What are some of your purse essentials?


  1. Great post.I love to watch other people bag content:)

  2. Wow you fit a lot in that purse!
    and I agree...I love these types of posts...I should do one, haha...

  3. i had no idea that Goodwill had coupons! revelation on the year right now. i've always wanted to try that Korres lip hybrid, guess I know have an excuse to. i love these type of posts, total guilty pleasure


  4. i always love these kinds of post!

  5. Hi Ashley!
    Recently I am very busy. I am renovating my house. And Christmas is coming.
    But I visit your blog regularly.
    I am glad that you received my Christmas card.

    I have white Iphone 4 too - for a few weeks. I love it!!! :D


  6. TIDE TO GO FOR LIFE! Yes. I love that purse. What a great find. Also, I love how you keep goodwill coupons with you!

  7. I love that embroidered wallet and the little coin purse. So cute!

  8. great post, thanks for sharing

  9. ah mah gahhh tide pens are my life

  10. great post, thanks for sharing

  11. Those sunglasses are amazing!
    I actually carry very little around with me on a daily basis. Mainly wallet and iPhone. Chewing gum, headphones...that's pretty much it. Oh, and a bottle of water.

  12. A question: is your purse bottomless like Mary Poppins'?? :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  13. i loooooove these posts. school has been messing with what i put in my bag, but yes. thank you.

  14. I second Bethany's comment. I just did one of these posts on my blog this morning because of you :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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