Outfit Details: 
1970s navy blue floral wrap dress: thrifted
1950s knit cardigan: pile sale
Orange socks: C/O Falke
Leather loafers: thrifted

Hey, hey! Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone had a nice NYE. As I mentioned before, Grant and I spent it up in the mountains with some friends and we had a blast. It was super low key and very relaxing, I'll be posting pictures later in the week you can bet you're bottom dollar on that!

So is anyone trying to stick to a New Years Resolution? Mine is to eat better and to make more food at home.  The amount of money I spend  eating out is frightening so I'm going to try to tame that beast. Wish me luck.

In other exciting news, my trip to the Philippines is all set! We leave mid February and come back the first week of March. I am so excited. The last time I went to the Philippines I was like 11 so suffice to say I will be appreciating the time I spend there much more. Grant's coming with so that will also add to the fun. Maybe I can brush up on my Tagalog? Although I can understand a lot of Tagalog (and I speak Kampangpangan fluently) I can't really speak it back. If all else fails, everybody over there pretty much speaks English anyway so I should be good. Can't wait for this blog to turn into a travel journal again :)

PS: If anyone has any suggestions of cool places to visit near Manila or in Pampanga please let me know! Off the beaten path things, restaurants to eat at, stores to check out, you name it--I'm all ears!


  1. amazing your going to the philippines. these photos are gorgeous lady. i love the shot of the cyclists.

  2. Great photos. You look so lovely in that beautiful dress :)

  3. Glad to hear your New Year's was relaxing :) & ahhh! The Philippines! I haven't been there since I was like, 12 lol but I too don't understand Tagalog very well, so I just smile and nod at my relatives hehehe


  4. your bright socks add a special spark to your outfit. where were these photos taken? It looks a lot like Whiting Ranch in Lake Forest where I went to hike today. How exciting about your trip to the Philippines!

  5. I spend so much money on food too...I hate it! I love your outfit though :) The sock and shoe combination is adorable. Such enchanting and beautiful photos, the lighting is gorgeous.


  6. gorgeous outfit! i love the dress!


  7. This is lovely!

    (My million resolutions are on my blog)

  8. amazing location!!
    love the socks

  9. Amazing photos, i love the outfit too, i have similar cardigan!


  10. Lovely look,so cute dress!:)
    Happy New year,wishing you all the best!

  11. Loving the location of these photos and your outfit!
    Happy New Year!!!! Those are both great resolutions! I "cook" at home but I'm too lazy to actually cook...aha...I don't make much...I should start
    And woohooo, yay for your trip being all set!

  12. I love your floral dress. You always have the best vintage finds!


  13. I hope you have lots of fun on your trip, how exciting!! One of my New Years Resolutions is also to cook more at home. Maybe we can swap recipes some time. :D
    Love your dress, and the shoes are killing it!! Happy New Year doll.

  14. Even by your high standards, that cardigan is pretty awesome! Love the whole outfit. Also, where I worked in Mexico there was a pond, and one of those white herons constantly standing in it. Such a beautiful bird and always made me a bit happier on my way to work.

    I can't wait to see your travels to the Philippines. Never been there but maybe you'll convince me... : )

  15. Your adorable little twiglet legs are just perfect for socks-and-shoes combinations. Super cute! :)

  16. I love the feel of these photos...looks so peaceful, dreamy, but filled with fun!! Happy New Year! Can't wait to see and read about all your adventures this Februrary! Looks like 2012 is off to a good start :)

    Oh, and I want to rip those amazing loafers off your feetsies...as always... <3

  17. beautiful photos! loving the colors in this outfit...lovely.

  18. Comfortable. Effortless. Lovely.

    Those are the words that ALWAYS pop into my mind when I see your outfit posts. These are also the reasons why you are one of my favorite fashion bloggers hands down. :)

  19. I just came across your blog and I love it!! Love this look! Now a follower :)


  20. really cool hair cut. thank you for visiting,

  21. i'm excited for your trip! yay! i'm glad you had a good nye. mine was ~chill~.

  22. i cant get over how great ur hair looks

    gorgeous shots

    all the best in 2012

  23. such beautiful photos! i love the shoes with the socks!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  24. the socks are ace. lovely photos, lady :)


  25. The colors chosen for this outfit were very different yet they complimented each other. Nice :)

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  28. These are lovely shots, your hair is making me want to cut mine shorter again but I really want to grow it.
    Oooh, the Philippines! I hope you enjoy your visit here :) I have a few suggestions of where you can go:

    For places to eat, you can try Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (http://www.mercatocentrale.ph/), it's a weekend market (open Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 2 pm)with tons of food stalls, some of my favorites are Merry Moo Ice Cream (so delicious sea salt caramel ice cream) and Manang's chicken, they also have a spin off, Midnight Mercato (http://www.midnightmercato.com/) which is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm to 3am. While you're there, you can also visit Serendra and Bonifacio High Street for some shops and places to eat also (Chelsea in Serendra is one of my favorite places, you can also try Chuck's Deli)

    Cubao Expo is also a good place to visit for food and a wonderful artist community, it's in Quezon City near Araneta.

    For a bit of history, Intramuros is always nice. Carlos Celdran does an amazing tour of Intramuros in Manila (http://celdrantours.blogspot.com/)

    Chinatown/Binondo (Ongpin) also has a lot of great places to find amazing Chinese food at really affordable prices (here's a good link to start with: http://thecreativedork.com/2011/02/4416/the-ultimate-binondo-food-trip/)

    You can also try trekking Mt. Pinatubo, I'm not that good with geography, but I think it's in or near Pampanga (http://www.trekkingpinatubo.com/)

    Okay, I will stop rambling now. Excited to see your pictures :) let me know if you have any questions :)


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