cream tangerine


Outfit Details:
Gray pull over sweater: thrifted
Peter pan collar long sleeve: thrifted
Old Levi's cutoffs (that were originally pants): thrifted
Ancient Converse high tops

I live by an old military base that has, in recent history, been semi transformed into a park (the not so Great Park of OC, ahem). It used to have a bunch of old abandoned barracks and houses and one time, when Grant and I were exploring the ruins a few years ago, we walked around the side of a barrack and happened upon a parliament of Great Horned owls (btw, thank you Elliott Smith for teaching me what a group of owls is called). They were HUGE! It was a bit disconcerting to see so many of them together but it was definitely cool.

Well, it's the present day and I'm here to tell you that nothing really cool is left standing at the base. There's an orange hot air balloon that you can ride for free, a carousel, and a small community garden but other than that it's pretty desolate.

I think they should have just left the area alone. I wonder where those owls live now.


  1. wow i would have loved to see a group, i mean a parliament of owls. that's incredible. i adore this outfit clean and simple.

  2. yeah i got caught up on the whole parliament of owls thing. that's crazy cool. bahah...
    i love your little collar popping up. :)

  3. I will forever have a silly obsession with collars under sweaters. People don't do that often enough nowadays. Love how you've downplayed that with the shorts + converse. Also, I finally finally posted up a post wearing that beautiful coat I bought from you.

  4. You make that gray sweater look so great...great casual outfit.

  5. your chuck taylors totally make the look! love love love it x


  6. Converse, yeah!

    Owls are very smart animals, I hope that they found a very happy home. :)

  7. This remembers me that there's a military base in disuse near my house and my brother and I went exploring it...so exciting :)
    Love this look, it's so simple but the peter pan collar and the chucks make it so interesting!
    Life is a romantic poem

  8. Love this outfit! And poo...that's too bad that the owls and other cool things are gone...

  9. What a great story. I loved exploring old abandoned spaces when I was little, but don;t have an oppotunity now. Such a pity, I'd love to meet a parliament (had no idea it's called this way)) of owls one day)


  10. great post, these pictures are amazing, I like the Levis cutoff and the grey sweatshirt :)

  11. wow this outfit is too cute!!! <3 im just inspired to try and wear one!!
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  12. Amazing writing, eff yess to Elliot, and I love your shorts showing the pockets and the CONVERSE! So much love. All around.

    Its so nice to explore with those you love, and also be old enough to have time pass by and the scenery changing. Makes you appreciate things, I suppose...like owls just chillin' and what a rare treat it was to see that!

  13. Super cute outfit! I love the collar! And I wish I could stumble upon some owls hanging out! Although I might be scared! What were they planning?

  14. I thing it is the first time when I see your legs. Great legs!!! :)

    Unfortunately, civilization destroys everything. Owls probably have disappeared. They have lost home so there was no place to breed. ;(((
    In my area there are a few bats, but probably they extinct in the near future. Their environment is systematically destroyed. :/

  15. can you look any more perfect? i dont think so.

    collegiate chic at its best!!!

    i need a pair of levi cut offs!

  16. Great outfit, love the vintage peter pan collar blouse. Too bad about the base makeover. I grew up near a military base too, so I can totally relate.

    If you are ever in L.A., let me know. I'd love to meet up!


  17. I love these pictures, the light is so pretty! The peter pan collar and cut-off shorts of your outfit are so nice!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  18. Thanks :) I really like that collar, and pairing this outfit with Converse is cool and unexpected...love it!

  19. stunning shorts and sneakers

  20. SO adorable. I love these shorts!


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