Palm Springs why I love you


It's been pretty hot lately in Southern California which has got me thinking about the desert, specifically Palm Springs. These images are from a book I found at the thrift store a few months ago called Palm Springs why I love you by Tony Burke. It's all about Palm Springs in the 1930s-60s and man oh man is everything and everyone so glamorous. Reading through the book has cemented the fact that  all I want to wear during spring/ summer are little high waist pinup shorts and short sleeve collared button downs with sensible shoes. Actually, I have a feeling that I will be borrowing heavily from a lot of these looks for my trip to the Philippines next month since it will undoubtedly be hot and humid. 

 PS. Doesn't that photo with the swimming pool and palm trees look so good?! Too bad that place is for sure gone. Now there is a place that I wouldn't mind hanging pool side at.

To check out more scans of other books in my collection hop on over HERE. 
Palm Springs photos HERE


  1. It just oozes summertime. Check out that super glamorous Mom in her espadrilles and her three little boys. AND not to mention Dad in the back with the beret and cigar. FANTASTIC, pictures like these give me goosebumps.

  2. I adore these photos! Ah to be in Palm Springs in the 30s, how fabulous. I do love Palm Springs. This is such a great thrift find.

    On another note, can you believe it was 75 degrees tonight? sooo nice...


  3. pretty photos! hope you've been well and the new year has been and will continue to be great! i'm sad we never got to hang.

  4. I love all these vintage photographs....especially the shot of the ladies lined up by the pool's edge. Notice they're all in the same swimsuit, just different colors. Hmmm. Greetings from Atlanta! ;-)

    Also, I made 2 purse clutches and I'm giving away one - you can pick which size you like. The giveaway ends really soon - details here!

  5. lovely photos <3 Palm Springs...such great memories! And I know what you mean about the hot weather in SoCal lately...


  6. Palm Springs looks like somewhere I'd enjoy too :) These photos are amazing. I too would like to wear the pin-up shorts and be all glamourous and ignore the heat. Unfortunately, I am not at all graceful in the humid weather and my thighs would NOT like those shorts!

    I bet you're excited about your trip! xx

  7. Wow those shots are so fun!!! I wish I lived back then...haha

  8. the wet dog is hilarious! i love the photo of all the women lined up on the edge of the pool! wish i was one of them too


  9. The pictures are amazing! Love the old glamour :)

  10. LOVE this! my grandma has this book from when she lived in a boardinghouse in washington DC as an intern, that someone published for them with all these photos and journal entries of that group of girls when they lived and worked together. the photos are so priceless.

  11. Love vintage Palm Springs!

    Came across this article today about a restaurant at the foot of a waterfall in the Philippines and thought it would be awesome to check out if I were ever there... but since you're going soon maybe you can check it out!


  12. Adorable post. I love how happy and bright vintage photos look even when in black and white.

  13. i adore Palm Springs as well! these pictures definetly show the old glamour charm that Palm Springs has. i want to visit again one day soon!
    and these looks would be awesome for your trip! i'm sure you'll pull them off very well!


  14. these photos are dreamy! i've been through palm springs a couple times (hey coachella) and i want to go back so so so bad. i was hoping i'd be able to get a job and do it over spring break, but it might have to wait.

  15. also! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v33/betharoonie/_MG_9093.jpg
    close up of that necklace. i hope you made good finds at the estate sale.

  16. Palm Springs is definitely a place I'd love to spend more time, thank you for sharing this!

  17. These photos are quite wonderful! Very nostalgic and inspiring :)

    I've only been to Palm Springs once, a few years back, with my Happy Campers group. It was definitely humid, but the weather was absolutely perfect for just briskly walking around.


  18. Wonderful photos! I also love the one with the swimming pool and palm trees!
    I wish I could be there right now - we have sub-zero temperatures in austria :S


  19. Palm Springs in the Mid 60's was a blast. All the movie stars still hung out there an it was the place for Spring Break !! All the kids walked around in their bathing suits there were hundreds of them lol good memories. Alas several years ago I pass through P.S. a its a mere shadow of itself kinda dirty an ran down,but when the money pulls out of an area,with it goes all the wonderful things that was Palm Springs.....


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