tweed and polka dots


Outfit Details:
Vintage tweed and leather blazer: thrifted
Silk polka dot blouse: thrifted
Men's trousers (made into shorts): thrifted
Leather loafers: thrifted

I have nothing of real substance to say about this outfit except that I saw a lot of photos of short suits on tumblr  and thought I'd give it a whirl.

In other news, I've been watching a lot of the tv show Skins on my computer since it's on Netflix instant watch. I watched the first generation about a year ago and swore to myself that I would stop watching the series (because the first generation was the best one blahblahblah) BUT I found myself bored a few weeks ago during my evenings and started watching again.

Anyway, I know this is probably old news to anyone who actually watches the show but can I just say OMG at the finale of Season 4. I don't think I have ever been so unfulfilled by a season finale in my life, so much so that I feel the need to say something about it on this blog. Just...what.the.heck??  Watching that episode  gave me the same excruciating feeling of (and if there is anyone reading who has ever studied music or voice maybe you understand where I am coming from) annoyance that could only come from a scale not being completed. You know? Like singing do re mi fa so la ti ____.

Do. Do. DO!!!

Annoying beyond words.


  1. You've been looking out-of-control fantastic lately. Love this look. I really want a polka dot button up!

    North Country Girl

  2. Ahhh I'm lurving your short suit!! You are working it like non-other I've seen -- its so feminine but effortless at the same time! And the details on your blazer *drool*

    And girl, great minds DO think alike! I'm sporting navy and white polka dots today!! We must stop this mindbending style relationship... (just kidding, I'm loving it - bababababaaa!)

    And I hope you gain some closure on your show soon! I've heard great things about Skins!! They love to leave you hanging at the end of seasons... I enjoyed Party Down on Netflix, and have been obsessed watching Community over and over again on Hulu. I love watching a series back to back!

  3. I've never actually gotten into watching Skins, but I have considered it for a while... Whenever I start watching a series I always seem to get addicted, and waste too much time watching it.

    I really like your blouse (i love polka dots) and the blazer is so nice, too! Looks like a great thrifted find!

  4. Love the mix of tweed and polka dots! I'm so impressed with the shorts having been men's trousers too. such an effortless, cool and put together look. xx


  5. LOVE this outfit! It's so cool! :D
    And I'm not a fan of shows like that, I'm boring hahaha :p

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh man, the season finale was CRAZY. Seriously. I knew that something was going to happen to that person because someone let it slip, but I didn't know HOW or WHY. So crazy.

    Still love the first two seasons of Skins, though. Haha. They were the best.

  7. love the blouse and beautiful blazer

  8. Love this, such a sophisticated look :)

    xo Jennifer


  9. menswear perfected! love the polka dot blouse as well


  10. I only watched the two season's of Skins. I liked the second season, but it just wasn't as fantastic as the first, so I stopped. I've wanted to pick it back up again, but judging from your comments I'm glad I didn't. That first generation just can't be topped...

  11. Ah! I know the feeling! I've been wanting to start Skins... maybe I'll have to skip the finale of the fourth season?

  12. I think this a great approach to menswear, and the shoes are necessary to drive it home.

  13. Lovely! A short suit, what a refreshing idea. I also like the polka dot button down, it gives the suit a touch of femininity.
    Hmm I never watched Skins, but if you say it's worth it I think I should begin, even if the finale of Season 4 is so unsatisfying ;)
    Life is a romantic poem

  14. Well, your outfit was a complete success. You look amazing.

    Also, yes, way too ambiguous.

  15. Agreed. on basically all aspects. damn british teen television, my weakness! season 5/6 is much much better than 3/4. but I will be a gen 1 fan forever.

    oh. and i like your nod to the "short suit" thats popping up everywhere. huzzah!

  16. was season 4 the I'M FOOKING COOK! cuz that season ended terribly. stupid stupid.

  17. So cute! I love those polka dots underneath that blazer!

  18. love your take on a short suit and you can never go wrong with a good tweed jacket and a some funky polka dots! xx

  19. That is a splendid tweed! Have you watched the UK version of Skins? It was massive here about five years ago.


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